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Crystal Head Price, Sizes & Buying Guide

Will Beck
Last Updated: February 28th, 2023

After a long and tiring day at work, sometimes all you need to relax and calm your nerves is a glass of premium liquor.

Crystal Head Vodka is an ideal option for those looking for temporary relaxation without the fear of consuming a product rich in additives. Since its introduction in 2008, this prime quality liquor has amassed many consumers worldwide.

Because of its ever-increasing popularity Crystal Head has developed even more and has launched three different varieties of vodka in November 2020.

Surely there must be something unique about this brand that has aided its constant success. To learn more about this brand, continue reading below.

About Crystal Head

about crystal head

Crystal Head falls under the label Globefill Inc. and manufactures a selection of excellent quality vodkas.

The genius behind this brand was the famous actor Dan Aykroyd and supporting him in his efforts was the renowned artist John Alexander.

In September 2008, the company was established officially, with its main headquarters located in Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada.

What is so Special About Crystal Head Vodka?


There are plenty of alcoholic beverages available in the market, promising excellent flavor and variety. However, they are often heavily laden with additives.

Crystal Head Vodka is unique because the company claims that all its products are made using real ingredients and are devoid of all additives.

The management promises that every type of vodka at Crystal Head has no added sugar, citrus oil, or glycerol to enrich or conceal the flavors.

By using premium ingredients and avoiding any artificial enhancers, Crystal Head ensures the purity and richness of liquor in every bottle. This factor also explains why Crystal Head Price may be slightly higher than other vodka brands.

Healing Quality

Another factor distinguishing Crystal Head Vodka from others is the use of Herkimer diamonds during its filtration.

Many people believe that quartz crystals radiate an optimistic aura and bear certain qualities that boost the restoration of the human body while promoting general wellbeing.

Since the vodka passes through these crystals during its making, people claim that it has a healing effect on the human body.

As the company uses diamonds in the filtration process to enrich the quality of the liquor, it is only fair that Crystal Head Price may be higher than other brands.

Manufacturing Process

The distillery where the manufacturing of Crystal Head Vodka takes place is called Rock Spirits and is present in Newfoundland, Canada.

The making of this vodka is quite complex to ensure high quality. Experts at Crystal Head take great care to guarantee that the process of manufacture is thorough and uniform every time so that each bottle has amazing taste.

Crystal Vodka Price may vary depending on the product, but the company provides excellent liquor every time so that your money does not go to waste.

How is it done?

For the making of Crystal Head Vodka, the company sources fresh sweet corn farmed in the area of Chatham-Kent in Ontario.

Next, the sweet corn undergoes complex processing in which experts distill it four times. They take immense care to ensure that the grain does not age.

Ultimately a neutral grain spirit is obtained containing 95% alcohol by volume. For the distillation process, Crystal Vodka utilizes clean water taken from the glistening water bodies in Newfoundland, Canada.

The Newfoundland water causes the dilution of the raw spirit until it reduces to 40% alcohol by volume. Towards the end, the liquor undergoes strict filtration seven times to guarantee the removal of all impurities.

Out of the seven times, it undergoes filtration, the vodka passes through Herkimer diamonds thrice which are considered semi-precious crystals of quartz.

The final product is Vodka that has a smooth texture and clean taste and is free from all adulterations while being kosher and gluten-free.

What’s the Story Behind the Bottle’s Design?

story behind the bottles design

Crystal Head Vodka has a unique packaging that appeals to many people. While other varieties of liquor usually come in the conventional bottle, Crystal Head Vodka does not.

It flaunts a striking and uncommon packaging that makes people want to buy it. There is also a complete story behind this extraordinary design, based on a famous legend.

Skull Legend


In Native American mythology, several tribes in America, such as the Mayan, Aztec, and Navajo tribes, believed in the profound power of thirteen Crystal skulls.

These tribes claimed that the crystal skulls could cast positivity and vitality on the people bearing them.

This legend inspired the design of Crystal Head Vodka’s packaging. Bearing in mind the power of the crystal skulls, the two notable founders of Crystal Head Vodka, namely Dan Aykroyd and John Alexander, were determined to create an unorthodox packaging suitable for carrying one of the most refined vodkas the world would ever taste.

Since Alexander was an experienced and talented artist, he tried to formulate the design while taking ideas and approval from Aykroyd.

Ultimately their hard work paid off, and they invented the exquisite design of the Crystal Head. They believed that the crystal head symbolized life and portrayed spirituality, strength, and culture in accordance with the famous legend.

The extravagant design of the bottle is such that it requires great skill to mold it perfectly every time. This clarifies why Crystal Head Price is on the higher side.

Varieties of Crystal Head Vodka

varieties of crystal head vodka

Dan Aykroyd began his business by introducing one type of vodka to the market in 2008. After receiving a favorable response from the public, the company decided to experiment with its products and present a range of exciting new spirits for the consumers to try.

Hence by late 2020, the company had successfully developed three unique types of vodka for the market.

Crystal Head Peaches and Cream

This was the first type of liquor produced by Crystal Head. It was crafted from the highest quality sweet corn from the lush farms of Canada.

This original concoction was presented to the public in a transparent bottle that Alexander designed in Europe. The glass used to make the bottle had pieces of crystal dissolved into it.

The idea was to guarantee complete transparency, which would convey the purity of the colorless liquid inside.

Crystal Head Aurora

While creating the second product, the company wanted to use a distinct raw material altogether to provide a distinguishable flavor.

Revolutionary vodka named Aurora was derived from a different grain. The company sourced wheat from England and processed it to make this type of vodka.

Because it had a separate flavor, Aurora was also packaged differently. The bottle for Aurora had an iridescent metallic appearance resembling the pearly impression of the aurora borealis.

Crystal Head Onyx

The latest product in the line was presented to the public in October 2020. It is vodka founded on the exciting flavor of blue agave and is famously titled “Crystal Head Onyx”.

It is packaged in a black-colored bottle which intrigues people. The blue agave used to produce this type of vodka is sourced from the Jalisco area in Mexico, where it thrives.

People consider this particular variety very special because it is one of the vodkas based on the agave flavor in the markets. Hence it is in high demand among consumers.

Description of Each Variety

Crystal Head Peaches and Cream

It has a transparent appearance and carries the pleasing aroma of vanilla bean under the essence of the alcohol. After the burst of flavor at first, consumers report that there is the sweetness of vanilla that follows.

Consumers also declare experiencing tantalizing sensations from citrus fruits like lemon and corn. After sipping this variety of vodka, there is a slight tingling feeling in the throat with the essence of vanilla lingering in the mouth.

Some people also experience a slightly peppery finish on the tongue after drinking this vodka.

Crystal Head Aurora

Consumers describe the flavor and finish of Aurora as being quite different from the original type.

They claim that it has a flavor that has more spice and feels drier in the mouth. This is a much more potent variety of vodka appreciated by the best connoisseurs of wine.

Hence Crystal Head Aurora received a GOLD medal accolade at the International Spirits Challenge conducted in 2019.

Crystal Head Onyx

It also has a colorless appearance with a smell that feels invigorating and pure. In addition to conveying freshness, the aroma also carries hints of zestiness from citrus fruit and grass, with a dash of spice from black pepper.

Crystal Head Onyx also promises a diverse flavor profile. With this beverage, you can taste agave, a touch of clove, and a mildly sweet flavor one after another in a single sip.

The sensation that lingers in your mouth after drinking this vodka delivers freshness because it has a grassy feel.

Best Cocktail Recipes using Crystal Head Vodka

OG Martini

  • Fresh Baby Corn
  • ¼ oz. Dry Vermouth
  • 2 ½ oz. Crystal Head Vodka

Take a mixing glass and add ice cubes into it. Pour in Crystal Head Vodka and dry vermouth into the mixing glass and stir the ingredients for 15-20 seconds. Use a sieve to pour the cocktail into a cold martini glass and toss in some baby corn.

Crystal Cranberry Skull Cocktail

  • Sparkling Wine
  • fresh cranberries, mint, and cucumber wedges
  • 1 oz. Cranberry Syrup
  • ½ oz. freshly squeezed lemon juice
  • 1 ½ oz. Crystal Head Vodka

Take a cocktail shaker, and toss in two cucumber wedges, some mint leaves, and a handful of fresh cranberries. Then pour in the rest of the ingredients, such as Crystal Head Vodka, lemon juice, Cranberry syrup, and lots of ice.

Mix well by shaking the container for 10-15 seconds. Pass the concoction through a strain two times. Then pour it into a chilled coupe glass filling the rest with sparkling wine. Decorate with more mint leaves and cranberries.

Crystal Head Vodka Price, Variations and Sizes

Crystal Head Prices can vary depending on the size of the bottle and the volume of vodka it contains. Similarly, the type of vodka can also influence the average Crystal Head Price per bottle.

A table is given below to make it easier for you to comprehend the differences in Crystal Head Prices.

Serial No Type Of Vodka Size Price in dollars
1 Crystal Head Onyx 750ml 67
2 Crystal Head Pride 750ml 50
3 Crystal Head Vodka Original 750ml 50
4 Crystal Head Vodka Original 1750ml 110
5 Crystal Head Rolling Stones Limited Edition 750ml 130
6 Crystal Head Aurora 750ml 60
7 Crystal Head John Alexander Limited Edition 750ml 120



If you want your drink to have a compelling history based on an enchanting legend that you can boast about in front of your friends, Crystal Head Vodka is ideal for you!

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