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The 8 Best Canadian Vodka Brands

Charl Joost
Last Updated: February 17th, 2023

Vodka is clearly one of the most popular spirits in the world. It is also one of the most versatile liquors and can be mixed in countless cocktails, such as the martini or bloody mary.

While vodka does not have a whole lot of flavor, depending on the brand you purchase, it could vary from being very smooth to having a slight bite.

The best Canadian vodka brands have the added benefit of using local ingredients for that distinctive taste you can’t find anywhere else.

Best Canadian Vodka Brands The Lineup

  1. Georgian Bay
  2. Spirit of York
  3. Dillon’s
  4. Beattie’s
  5. Top Shelf
  6. Banu Vodka
  7. High Stick Vodka
  8. Iceberg Vodka

1. Georgian Bay

georgian bay
Image: Georgian Bay

Georgian Bay vodka is made with a one-of-a-kind combination of malted barley vodka as well as corn-based vodka, yielding notes of wheat, spice, and vanilla.

This vodka is produced at an Ontario distillery. It has been designated among the world’s finest by Forbes and even the International Wine and Spirits Competition – you won’t be dissatisfied if you purchase it.

Georgian Bay aimed to develop a vodka that works equally well in a blended cocktail as it does by itself or on ice, so it’s safe to assume they succeeded.

Its presence is crystal clear. While the aroma is sweet and slightly pungent. The aromas here have been dominated by peaches and fresh bread, which accounts for the grains used.

Once you take your first sip, the berries strike you initially, followed by the grain, but predominantly that iconic light malt flavoring that many beer drinkers associate with. There is a gentle heat from the alcohol, but it isn’t uncomfortable; it is very neutrally solid and consistent.

The aftertaste is Light heat with berry notes. It’s also very neutral in a vodka soda or when utilized in a cocktail. This is simply because it mixes well and doesn’t add any undesirable flavors.

Essentially, Georgian Bay vodka is precisely what you desire for a vodka soda.

2. Spirit of York

spirit of york

Spirit of York begins with 100% Ontario-grown Rye, a specifically culled variety of distiller’s yeast, as well as crystal-clear water sourced from the town of Springwater, Ontario, to produce its top-quality vodka.

The water is regarded as some of the purest in the country, and when combined well with the small batch, single distillation method, it’s no surprise that this vodka is exceptional.

Like the majority of distilleries, Spirit of York, named after old Toronto, began with white spirits, particularly vodka and gin.

Unlike many other vodka brands, Spirit of York takes pride in only distilling its vodka once (compared to the many times other brands do to strip out every bit of nuance of taste to accomplish smoothness).

Spirit of York not only produces excellent vodka but has a spectacular craft endeavor with glass walls that allow the public to see the grain-to-glass method. They were even once renowned for having been the world’s biggest distillery.

This perfect vodka is as flavorful and fragrant as they come, with gentle nutty notes and indications of spice and butter.

At 40% ABV, it’s suitable for cocktails like a dry martini or even a straightforward vodka and soda.

3. Dillon’s


When it comes to Dillon’s, there are five distinct varieties of small-batch vodkas from which to choose.

For diehards, there’s Rye or Method 95, which is distilled utilizing a traditional method with a foundation of Niagara wine grapes.

Individuals searching for something slightly more artisan can opt for Maison Selby Niagara, which again is produced from 100% Niagara grapes, Maison Selby Strawberry Rhubarb, and otherwise, for the truly daring Canoe Dill Pickle.

Generally speaking, at first whiff, the aroma is immediately sweet. The dominant fragrances are butter rum lifesavers, heavy fruity sweets, and light bread. On the nose, there is minimal to no tartness.

It enters the palate smooth as silk and gradually piles up to a spicy crescendo. However, the tongue experiences a significant heat that ensures a lengthy exit.

Having said that, there is barely any throat burn. It has a sweet and sour flavor on the tongue, which is enhanced when served with ice as well as a lime slice instead of neat.

4. Beattie’s


Beattie’s is a small craft distillery in Alliston, Ontario, about an hour north of Toronto. The company produces potato-based vodka at its distillery, resulting in a sleek, inherently gluten-free spirit.

Their potato foundation gives the final product a distinct texture – a denser, glycerin-based sensation. The distillers, who are fifth-generation potato growers, are enthusiastic regarding potatoes and spirits produced from potatoes too; they also have a potato gin and a great sweet potato vodka.

Like most vodkas, it has a clear liquid appearance and a balanced alcohol aroma with gentle notes of potato skins and strawberry as its primary fragrance.

The taste is lightly sweet on the palate, with a highly creamy, nearly decadent mouth feel accompanied by strawberry and blueberry notes – the texture shines through because of the potatoes.

However, the mild potato chip aftertaste starts to fade early on, and the hard liquor burn takes place.

If you want to branch outside of your comfort zone, attempt to give Beattie’s sweet potato, strawberry, or blueberry lemongrass vodkas a go.

5. Top Shelf

top shelf
Image: Jessica Watkins

Top Shelf Canadian Vodka is distilled from a local produce corn base from Perth, Ontario, and tastes seamless and bright with a subtle sweetness.

This delicious brand of vodka was awarded the prestigious double gold accolade at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition in 2018, demonstrating its popularity with consumers in Canada and worldwide.

The vodka is slightly thickened and has light grain spice and citrus fragrances. The first sip is smooth and gently sweet, with the delicate spices from the nose refreshing the palate. There is a slight note of lemon, but when the vodka is warmed, this flavor does not intensify. Making for the minimal collapse of the soft, light, and spicy grain flavor.

For each and every bottle of Top Shelf Vodka purchased, the distillery promises to seed one tree within 100 kilometers of the purchase location. It is their way of helping preserve Canada’s forests and woodlands.

Ultimately, this vodka seems to be a crowd-pleaser.

6. Banu Vodka

banu vodka
Image: are you gonna eat that

If your pals are vodka connoisseurs and you’d like to introduce them to something refreshingly new, purchase some Banu Vodka. Only 400 bottles of this vodka are manufactured yearly at a small-batch distillery in Concord, Ontario.

It is only available at Toronto’s Banu restaurant and market, so you might have to travel to get it – but trust me, it’s worth it.

7. High Stick Vodka

high stick vodka
Image: Beth

The classification of ultra-premium comes from the care taken to produce the highest quality vodka, and High Stick is no exception.

One of the finest ultra-premium vodkas in Canada, High Stick Vodka, is available in an exclusive edition hand-blown glass hockey stick, making it as Canadian as you can get.

Don’t be duped by the quirky packaging; High Stick Vodka has received prestigious recognition by being awarded numerous international awards for its quality and flavor.

That said, If the fun bottle design does not appeal to you, you can also select their basic 750ml bottle. Whatever you choose, this vodka is a winner – four times distilled as well as corn-based, strikingly pure, and astonishingly smooth.

Locally produced grains are used and distilled to flawlessness using cutting-edge technology to create the purest of spirits.

This award-winning vodka has a magnificent smooth finish when mixed with filtered mountain glacier water.

8. Iceberg Vodka

Iceberg Vodka
Image: Randy McDonald

Iceberg Vodka is created from 20,000-year-old icebergs off the coast of Newfoundland, containing some of the cleanest water on the planet.

After the ice is collected, it is melted down to the water and mixed with a three-times distilled neutral spirit before being charcoal-filtered to create a gluten-free vodka with citrus fragrances.

Ultimately, Iceberg Vodka is a corn-based vodka with a gentle and sweet nose of vanilla, citrus, and spices. The nose has few edges and is also devoid of vapor. On the palate, Iceberg Vodka is dominated by vanilla and sweetness from sugar.

It’s soft, sweet, and drinkable, with a pleasant mouthfeel from spices like black pepper and then some gentle fire from the distillate. This contributes to creating such a lovely framework but communicates slightly acidic way.

The finish is mildly dry, with spice, powdered sugar, and vanilla notes. It retains a hint of the acidic quality of the midpalate.

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