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How Much Patron To Get Drunk?

Will Beck
Last Updated: February 28th, 2023

Figuring out how many shots of Patron tequila you need to get drunk can be a difficult task, given that everyone’s metabolism is different. Similarly, everyone’s tolerance to alcohol differs as well.

However, there are some basic formulas that can help you figure out how much patron to get drunk and hit your desired level of intoxication in the fastest possible way, which is the point of this article!

A person who weighs between 100-150lbs is expected to get drunk after consumption of 2-3 shots of Patron tequila. If you weigh up to 200 lbs., then the tequila will start kicking in after 4-5 shots. For anyone above 200 lbs., it will take 6-7 Patron tequila shots.

How Many Shots Of Tequila Gets You Drunk?


It really depends on the person. Some people can drink a lot more and not get as drunk as someone who drinks less.

There are a lot of factors that play into how drunk someone gets from alcohol. Their weight, what they’ve eaten that day, their tolerance, etc. all play a role.

As a general rule of thumb, though, an average person will start to feel drunk after about two or three shots of tequila.

Factors that Affect your Tequila Consumption

The factors that affect your tequila consumption are:


According to studies, as you start to age more, your rate of alcohol consumption may vary as compared to when you were 10 years younger.

Your body has a harder time processing the alcohol and you might even feel a greater effect of the same amount of alcohol.


Male and female bodies react to alcohol on different levels. Generally, women have less alcohol dehydrogenase and a higher percentage of body fat.

As a result, the alcohol remains in the bloodstream for a longer time compared to men.

Body Size and Composition

Your body size and stature heavily affect the amount of alcohol you can consume. Smaller stature individuals succumb to the effects of tequila much more quickly than a buff person.

How Much Alcohol Does A Shot of Tequila Have?

tequila shot glass

A shot of Patron tequila has 45% ABV. So, if you want to get drunk off of Patron tequila, you’ll need to drink at least 1.5 shots.

A single shot of tequila is equivalent to one regular beer in terms of alcohol content, so you can calculate how many shots of Patron you can take accordingly.

However, keep in mind that your tolerance for alcohol will affect how quickly you get drunk. If you’re a lightweight, you may only need two shots.

And if you’re a heavy drinker, you may be able to handle four or more shots before feeling any effects.

Does Tequila Make You Drunk Fast?

tequila has 40% ethanol, which is much larger compared to wine (12%) and beer(5%). This means that you need to consume less tequila to get the same blood alcohol concentration as other beverages.

So if you take tequila in shots then there is a high chance that you will be highly intoxicated in just a few hours

How Many Shots Is Patron Tequila?

A standard shot of tequila consists of 1.5 ounces of liquor. Most bottles of liquor, including Patron, come in a typical full size that holds 750 ml of alcohol.

This is equivalent to approximately 17 shots of tequila, which are more than enough to get drunk on a night out!

Is Patron Good For Beginners?

patron glass

Patrón Silver is a great option for beginners. It’s smooth and not too sweet, making it easy to drink. It has a richer flavor that’s perfect for sipping. 

However, if you’re planning on doing Patron tequila shots then you might want to rethink because Patron is slightly expensive and you can have the same experience with cheaper options.

How Long Does It Take For Tequila To Kick In?

The effects of tequila can be felt within thirty minutes of taking your first sip. But, how quickly you get drunk depends on a variety of factors like the strength of the tequila, and how much food you’ve eaten.

If you feel dehydrated after a few minutes of having a tequila shot (one of the effects of alcohol) then you can take a glass of water before you continue your drinking spree with friends!

How Much Patron To Get Drunk – Drink Responsibly!

Now that you know all the guidelines for drinking tequila, it’s time for you to give in to your curiosity and try Patron! Remember that your tolerance level will affect how quickly you become intoxicated, so always keep that in mind when drinking.

If you use Patron to make the most of each shot, you don’t have to drink that much in one night to get three sheets to the wind. This is good for keeping your head on your shoulders but is a terrible decision if you have anything important going on in the morning!

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