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El Compadre Tequila Price, Sizes & Buying Guide

Charl Joost
Last Updated: February 24th, 2023

The El Compadre Tequila price is interesting and will be discussed further later on, but first, it is important to look at what goes into the tequila.

The tequila is a twice-distilled tequila that is produced in the Jalisco region of Mexico. It has average alcohol by volume of 35% to 39% (70 – 79 proof) and is made with 100% agave. 

The mixture is extracted using a screw and roller mill and is aged in Stainless steel tanks. Tequila is a distilled alcoholic beverage that is made from the blue agave plant.

300 million blue agave plants are harvested each year to produce tequila. Tequila originated in the Mexican region of Jalisco in the 16th century. 

The average alcohol by volume is between 38% and 55%. It comes in clear, brown, or golden colors and has a sweet and fruity taste.

A Brief History of Tequila


Tequila was first produced in the Jalisco region in the 16th century. Since then, the production of tequila has improved, making it one of the most widely drunk alcoholic beverages worldwide.

It is produced primarily in the area around the Mexican city of Tequila. 

The city of Tequila was not officially established until 1666 so the region has been recognized as the initial point of origin of the beverage. The soil in the region has nutrients from red volcanic soil which is suitable for growing the blue agave plant. 

Agave grows differently depending on the region it is situated in. blue agave grown in the highlands is larger and has a sweet aroma and taste. The valley region produces agave with an herbal taste and aroma.

The first factory to mass produce tequila was built in the territory of modern Jalisco by Don Pedro Sánchez de Tagle. Since then, the production of tequila has expanded immensely, with more than 3307 tequilas worldwide which are produced by 1680 brands.

El Compadre Tequila Prices, Variations & Sizes

tequila history

The El Compadre tequila price is interesting as it differs between the US and Mexico. is offered as a Reposado (aged) tequila. The Reposado tequila is offered in a 750ml bottle at $142. It has an alcohol by volume of 25% and has notes of cooked agave and a liqueur-like sweetness. 

The one-liter variation has a cost of $249 per bottle. These costs are the US costs that incorporate import duty. If you were to find El Compadre tequila in Mexico, it is much cheaper. The 750ml bottle costs as little as $2,50 while the one-liter variation costs $5. 

This is the standard of most tequila brands, where the Mexican price is roughly half the price in the United States.

Alternatives to El Compadre Tequila

  1. Roca Patrón Burdeos is a twice-distilled Tequila that is aged in used American barrels and new French Oak barrels. It finishes its aging process in vintage Bordeaux barrels. It has a high price point (at roughly $500) which reflects the extensive production process and aging process the beverage undergoes.
  2. Casamigos Tequila is popular among the Hollywood elite due to the notoriety of its founder, George Clooney. It is made in the highlands of the Jalisco region with 100% agave. Each batch of tequila is distilled for a minimum of 2 months in stainless steel barrels. It has finishing notes of sweet agave, hints of vanilla, and light citrus. The silver tequila variation retails for $49,99 while the Añejo costs $59,99 per bottle.
  3. Fortaleza Blanco Tequila is a silver tequila produced in the lowlands of the Jalisco region. It does not have the same sweetness as the aforementioned tequilas. Rather, there is a strong palette of black pepper, citrus, olives, and dried herbs. A 750ml bottle of this tequila costs $57 pre-tax.
  4. Casa Noble Marqués de Casa Noble is an Añejo tequila by classification. It is made with a blend of 12 Extra Añejos and nine Añejos which are aged in new French oak barrels for 1 to 5 years. It has strong notes of ripe fruit, white chocolate, roasted nuts, spice, and vanilla. The tequila has been certified organic and there are a limited number of bottles available in certain cities across the United States. This tequila costs $169,99 per bottle, putting it on the higher end of the scale.

How to Drink El Compadre Tequila

tequila drink

El Compadre makes a good base for a mixed and refreshing drink. Combine 1.5 US fluid ounces of El Compadre tequila with half a teaspoon of Maraschino Liqueur in a mixing glass.

Add in 2 dashes of orange bitters and a teaspoon of Grenadine and half fill the glass with ice cubes. Stir or shake the combination to mix the ingredients. Strain it into a cocktail glass and garnish it with a slice of orange.

Otherwise, tequila mixes well with orange juice, soda, or grapefruit soda for a mixed drink. Agave syrup can be combined with tequila to make a tequila Old Fashioned without using bitters.

Finally, tequila can be combined with vermouth as a base for various cocktails.


Does Amazon sell tequila?

Yes, Amazon does sell tequila. Simply type in the name of the tequila you are looking for, and if Amazon has it available, a list of offers will come up.

Is it cheaper to buy tequila in Mexico?

For many brands, you will be able to find them in Mexico at half the price that they are sold in the United States.

What is the best tequila?

Some of the best tequila brands on the market are Hornitos Plata Tequila and Avión Añejo.

What tequila is only available in Mexico?

El Jimador tequila is one of the cheapest tequilas on the market even though it uses 100% agave in all its tequilas. It is only available in Mexico.

Is clear tequila better than gold tequila?

Clear or white tequila is best used for cocktails as the pure form of the beverage can be harsh to drink straight. Gold tequila is best consumed as a shot as it has a smooth taste.

Interesting Facts & Myths

There are several interesting facts about tequila that may surprise you.

1. Tequila has a point of origin

Tequila, like cognac and champagne, can only be produced in five regions in Mexico. These regions are Guanajuato, Nayarit, Jalisco, Michoacán, and Tamaulipas. The largest producer of tequila within these five regions is Jalisco.

2. Tequila must be made from the blue agave plant.

To classify a beverage as tequila, 51% of the beverage must be derived from blue agave. The rest of the beverage is usually made from another neutral spirit.

Some brands on the market use 100% blue agave which tends to make them more expensive.

3. Agave harvesting takes time.

It can take between 8 and 12 years to harvest blue agave plants (which ate also known as Agave Tequilana Weber) and these plants can grow up to 7 feet tall.

4. Agave plants are not classified as cactus.

Agave plants have a spikey appearance reminiscent of a cactus, however, it is technically a succulent which is closely related to a lily plant. This is due to the agave plant belonging to the Agavoideae family.

5. The only part of the agave used to make tequila is the heart of the plant.

The heart of the agave plant, the piñas, is cut out, cooked, ground down, and then fermented to make tequila.

This means that it cannot be harvested seasonally and regrown from the same plant such as wine and other similar beverages. Rather, the agave plant is fully used after it is harvested and a new plant is grown from scratch.

6. Tequila is an old beverage

Tequila has been perfected and derived from ‘pulque’ which was consumed as a beverage from 150 BC. This was done by a civilization that pre-dated the Aztecs and inhabited the area of Teotihuacan.

7. There are 5 classifications of tequila.

Silver tequila is known as Blanco while Gold tequila is classified as Joven these are the youngest varieties of tequila and are ‘rested’ for 1-2 months to smooth the taste of the beverage. Resposado tequila has the least aging, with it sitting for 2 months to a year at most. 

Añejo is aged for 1 to 3 years while Extra Añejo has the longest aging with a minimum of 3 years in a barrel.

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