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The 5 Best Chasers for Tequila

Charl Joost
Last Updated: February 24th, 2023

Tequila is a drink for grown-ups. It’s got a complex flavor and a distinctive bite. It goes down smooth – but only if you’re drinking it right. If you’re used to pounding tequila shots with your buddies, you might feel queasy in no time.

The solution? A chaser that won’t weigh you down. You’re not going to want to chase your tequila with just anything. If you’re drinking the good stuff, you’ll want to make sure it’s paired with something that complements the flavor. So what are the best chasers for Tequila?

Tequila is made from blue agave plants, and the taste is a natural earthiness. Your shot can be smoothed out with some sweet citrus or spicy heat.

Top Chasers for Tequila

1. Apple Juice

apple juice

In cocktails, you usually use citrus to complement the flavour of your liquor. Still, when dealing with tequila or other hard alcohol, the aftertaste is sometimes harsher than what you are used to.

Apple juice is a great way to cut the burn on a shot of tequila, but why use it as a chaser? As we all know, the world is made up of unique relationships. The relationship between apple juice and tequila is no different.

After you down your shot, pouring some refreshing apple juice into your shot glass won’t have you dealing with the intense flavour your taste buds are assaulted with.

The sugar in the apple juice will make the spiciness of the drink less noticeable and help clear out your mouth.

2. Grape Juice

grape juice

You’ve heard by now that tequila is better when chased with a shot of apple juice, but you can also chase it with grape juice.

It doesn’t seem like they would complement one another, but this pairing makes for a seamless transition from the taste of tequila to that of grape juice.

Tequila has spicy citrus notes that blend nicely with the grape sweetness. Of course, the sugar in grape juice makes it less than ideal for those watching their weight or blood sugar levels, but for everyone else, it’s an excellent choice.

If you want to take your drink from good to great, try adding grape juice to your tequila shot. You’ll get even more citrus flavor from the grape in this recipe than you would from lemon or lime juice, and the sweetness will help balance out the tartness of the fruit in your drink.

3. Lemonade


One would argue that tequila and lemonade go hand in hand. Lemonade is a sweet and tart concoction that has long been a favourite summer beverage.

Lemonade is the perfect chaser for tequila. It’s refreshing, light, and not too sweet. The flavours of lemon and sugar pair well with tequila and help you forget about whatever ails you.

Not only is lemonade refreshing on its own, but it also works perfectly with tequila’s flavour profile. It’s both tart and sweet, with brightness and pucker that perks up your palate.

The next time you have a shot of tequila, grab a tall glass of lemonade and enjoy the magic.

4. Tonic or Sparkling Water

tonics or sparkling water

It may seem like a no-brainer to sip your tequila straight and enjoy that Mexican agave’s full, rich flavour. But what if I shared with you a new way to drink tequilas that will make your experience even better?

Ditch the lime and salt and try sipping a glass of tonic or sparkling water as a chaser.

Tonic water has quinine, which is the ingredient that gives tonic water its distinctive flavour. The tonic water’s quinine helps neutralize the tequila burn as it goes down your throat, making for a more refreshing and satisfyingly smooth drinking experience.

In the case of sparkling water, the bubbles cut through the burning sensation of the alcohol in your mouth and throat, replacing them with a tingly, effervescent feeling – it’s like putting it on mute.

Plus, sparkling water has no calories, so it’s conducive to taking these shots in rapid succession without feeling guilty about your caloric intake.

5. Salt and lime

salt and lime

The idea of salt and lime as a chaser for tequila is old-timely, but it works.

The idea sounds pretty simple: take a piece of lime, cut it into quarters, then sprinkle salt on each side. Take your shot, then follow it with the salt-covered lime wedge.

The effect is something like a margarita without the fruit juice – it makes the tequila taste more like a margarita and less like an alcohol bomb. The salt helps smooth out that harsh taste at the back of your tongue, while the tangy lime compliments the flavour of tequila well.

It will not turn your shots into sips, but it will make them much more palatable if you can’t stomach tequila any other way.

Chasers for Tequila – Conclusion

There are many ways to enjoy tequila and experimenting with chasers might be the best way to enjoy this popular drink.

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