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The 5 Best Tea Advent Calendars

Ryan Marshall
Last Updated: March 10th, 2023

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Using an Advent calendar this holiday can be a fantastic way to count down the days of December until Christmas while enjoying new and interesting varieties of tea each day.

There are many different options on the market today to choose from, and we have assembled a helpful guide to simplify the shopping process, and help you determine which is the best tea Advent calendar for your needs!

Choosing the Right Tea Advent Calendar

choosing the right tea advent calendar

While homemade projects used to be the only available options for tea-based Advent calendars, there are a number of different companies that specialize in this niche today.

There are a handful of factors that are the most important to compare when choosing the best option for you.

Price and Budget

Price is an important consideration to weigh when it comes to any item, and staying within your budget is especially important when it comes to the holiday season. November and December can be expensive for many people, making budgeting very important.

When it comes to determining whether any given tea Advent calendar is a good value or not, there are two primary factors to look at. The first is the amount of tea that is included, as some Advent calendars include a full 24 days while others only include 12 selections.

The second factor to take a look at when weighing the value of a tea Advent calendar is the quality of the actual tea that is included. Some companies focus on providing a wide variety of holiday flavors, but the quality of the tea isn’t always considered to be very high.

Fortunately, there are many different options on the market today at a number of different price points, ensuring that every customer can find a tea-based Advent calendar that fits their taste, needs, and budget.

Selections of Tea

Some of the best tea Advent calendars on the market use high-quality selections of tea that are imported from all over the world. These high-quality selections make any given choice much more valuable, and they generally come with a higher price point.

There are some casual tea drinkers who are more interested in interesting flavors and wide variety as opposed to high-end teas from around the world. For this reason, it is important to look at the brands and suppliers of the included teas in any given selection.

It is also important to take a look at how the tea is packaged, and if there is any special equipment that is needed to make it. While the majority of options use tea bags, there are some loose-leaf teas that require the use of special pots or reusable capsules.

There are options that include caffeine-free varieties of tea, which is great for those who either do not consume caffeine or prefer to enjoy their cup of tea in the evening or before bed. There are also options meant for two people, which include two servings of tea each day.

Theme and Aesthetics

Each company takes a slightly different approach when it comes to the construction and decoration of their boxes, and while all are holiday themed, there are many differences in themes of the way these tea Advent calendars are themed and decorated.

Some tea-themed Advent calendars are designed to be sleek and slim. While these smaller styles are great for gifting and help to keep shipping costs down, some people prefer larger versions that are a bit more festive or “over the top.”

There are certain versions of tea Advent calendars that are shaped like Christmas trees, and many of them feature perforated edges that allow customers to “punch out” new tea selections on each day of the holiday season.

While the design and look of the container are less of an important consideration with other types of holiday gifts, Advent calendars are a bit different. While other gifts stay wrapped with beautiful paper, tea Advent calendars stay on display for all to see for nearly the entire month of December.

Delivery Time and Price

delivery time and price tea advent calendar

Advent calendars are designed as a fun way to keep track of time during the Advent season, so it comes as no surprise that they are particularly time-sensitive items. Even the best advent calendar is useless if it arrives late due to shipping issues.

There are many different ways that companies use to ship out their advent calendars, and some options are available for in-person pickup at major retailers. Some companies offer flat-rate shipping options, while others charge different prices based on location.

When it comes to choosing the best company to supply your tea-based Advent calendar, it is best to stick with a company that offers a variety of different shipping options, with different expected delivery windows and different prices.

There are also options that are available through purchases from major online retailers like Amazon. These options can generally provide quick and affordable delivery due to their partnership with large brands with established infrastructures.

Company Reputation and Reviews

It is also important to take into account the reputation of each company that is assembling these tea Advent calendars. Choosing an established option with a long history of on-time deliveries and quality products is one of the best ways to avoid major issues.

It is also a helpful practice to take a look at different online review platforms including Yelp and Google to see what others have to say about each option. Keeping an eye on the most recent reviews is a great way to see how the company has been performing as of late.

It is also best practice to choose a company that has an established reputation in the tea industry or one that is partnered with a large company like Amazon or Etsy. Larger entities tend to offer money-back guarantees and shorter delivery windows that newer upstarts can not.

Quick Overview: Our Top Picks for Tea Advent Calendars

dstblcr-table__imageEnglish Tea Shop Joyous Xmas Advent Calendar
  • Organic Hand Picked Teas
  • Packed in Lush Tea Bags
  • English Breakfast Tea
dstblcr-table__imagePukka Tea Advent Calendar
  • Organic Herbal Teas
  • Recyclable Packaging
  • Calming Herbs to Help You Relax

Top 5 Tea Advent Calendars

For many years, the only options for those who wanted to enjoy tea Advent calendars were homemade versions.

Today, there are many different high-quality tea Advent calendars on the market, and we have highlighted five of the best options available.

1. English Tea Shop Joyous Xmas Advent Calendar


  • Features high-end selections of all organic teas
  • Beautifully designed holiday box with individual boxes for each day
  • Pyramid shapes mesh tea bags are classy and simple to use
  • Offered through amazon for quick and free shipping
  • Holiday-themed teas such as “Gingerbread Man” and “Sleigh Ride”
  • Vintage-themed holiday image that blends with most holiday decor


  • Each flavor is duplicated at least once
  • While the tea is high quality, it does not come from a large and recognizable producer
  • No option to choose from different featured images on the front of the boxes

2. Around the World in 24 Teas Advent Calendar


  • One of the most beautifully decorated Advent calendar boxes on the market
  • Comes equipped with front flaps that swing out and individual boxes for each day
  • Premium high-end selections of tea from around the world
  • Includes interesting flavors such as “Moroccan Mint” and “Maui Madness”
  • Features teas from all over the world including Japan, Croatia, and South Africa
  • One of the best premium tea options on the market


  • Cost of $75 is significantly higher than other options
  • Included loose-leaf tea that may come with a learning curve for some
  • Includes duplicates of each flavor

3. 24 Days of Caffeine-Free Tea


  • Best caffeine free option on the market by far
  • Includes a variety of interesting flavors including Apple Cider and Caramel Shortbread
  • Beautiful package is shaped like a gingerbread house
  • The entire calendar opens in the middle and folds open
  • Includes high-end selections of tea from name brand David’s Tea
  • Includes 24 selections for a full-length advent calendar


  • Not everyone is familiar with how to prepare loose-leaf teas
  • Fairly high price of $55 compared to other caffeine-free selections
  • Some flavor infusions are too adventurous for certain palates

4. Pukka Tea Advent Calendar


  • One of the most popular and recognizable options on the market
  • Clever packaging that folds out and hangs on the wall like a true calendar
  • One of the slimmest and sleekest options available
  • Available through amazon for fast and reliable shipping
  • 24 unique individual selections of tea
  • 100 percent of all tea used is certified organic


  • Featured tea selections are not considered to be high end
  • Some flavors are too adventurous for many people
  • Some customers reported the tea to be fairly weak in strength

5. Warming Joy Advent Calendar


  • One of the most striking and uniquely shaped options on the market
  • Large Advent calendar that is shaped like a Christmas Tree
  • Makes for a great holiday centerpiece and talking point
  • Uses pyramid infuser bags for simplicity and easy cleanup
  • Each day is individually numbered in its own cardboard pyramid
  • Includes unique and high-end tea selections from all over the world


  • Price tag of $60 is higher than many other options
  • One of the larger options on the market
  • While the teas are high quality, they are not from a recognizable brand

Final Thoughts

While there are many different options on the market today when it comes to tea-themed advent calendars, the best option for the widest variety of customers is the “Around the World in 24 Teas Advent Calendar” from David’s Teas.

Click here to take a look at this year’s calendar design, and take a look around their website to see some of the other available holiday-themed tea selections! Also, check out our list of the best coffee Advent calendars.

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