How Much Rum To Get Drunk?

How Much Rum To Get Drunk

How much rum to get drunk? The amount of rum you should drink depends on how much you like it. If you’re a light drinker and prefer lighter rum, then you will probably be okay with one or two shots. If you simply don’t mind getting a little tipsy, then …

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How Much Hennessy To Get Drunk?

How Much Hennessy To Get Drunk

It’s Friday night, or Tuesday afternoon we’re not here to judge, and you’re ready to let your hair down and enjoy some Hennessy. You want to enjoy yourself and take a break from your worries for a bit but not get too out of control. How much Hennessy should I …

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Can You Mix Rum and Tequila?

Can You Mix Rum and Tequila?

Mixing alcoholic drinks can be fun, but you must know your liquor. You don’t want to ruin a good cocktail by putting the wrong liquor in it. Therefore, mixing alcohol has risks. So can you mix rum and tequila?  Mixing rum and tequila is one of the easiest ways to …

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Tequila vs Vodka Calories – Which Has More?

tequila vs vodka calories

One common argument that comes around every now and again is whether or not drinking is unhealthy. While there is an obvious discussion involving alcohol content, there is another subject under this umbrella topic. This subject is about the number of calories that are in each drink. Two popular drinks …

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Hendricks vs Bombay Sapphire Gin

hendricks vs bombay sapphire

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when prompted with the word “botanicals?” Odds are a botanical garden or a bottle of shampoo are the first things that pop into people’s brains. That even includes people who otherwise love fine beverages and spirits. It’s another bottle full of botanicals …

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How Old Is Johnnie Walker Blue Label Whiskey?

How Old Is Johnnie Walker Blue Label Whiskey

Have you ever wondered how old is Johnnie Walker Blue Label Whiskey? Now, before I answer that question, let’s get something straight. It’s always important to know the age of the whiskey you’re drinking. After all, when it comes to Johnnie Walker, three things that matter: great taste, smooth finish …

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Hendricks vs Tanqueray Gin

hendricks vs tanqueray

Of all the major types of spirits, Gin may be the most mysterious. The mystery lies in the botanical flavors. Most of the other major liquors are made from grains or fruit, but Gin is different. Trees, flowers, and spices are all elements that can be found in Gin. There’s …

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How Much Jim Beam to Get Drunk?

how much jim beam to get drunk

While partying, the idea of drinking without restraint sounds appealing, but it is always wise to be aware of how much you drink to prevent any long-lasting harm to your health. Most people prefer those drinks that are favorable enough to sip neat, and it is often easier to drink …

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Jack Daniel’s vs Bulleit Rye

Jack Daniel's Vs Bulleit

Jack Daniel’s vs Bulleit is a million-dollar question everybody wants an answer for! These are two of the most famous American brands of whiskey that successfully initiated the American whiskey boom in the 1960s. However, it is also true that they’ve been battling each other ever since. Some people think …

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Don Julio vs Jose Cuervo

don julio vs jose cuervo

When it comes to quality tequila, few brands are held in higher regard than Don Julio and Jose Cuervo. Both of these tequila producers have been crafting premium products for decades, and both of them have loyal followings that swear by their product’s superiority over the others. For over 200 …

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