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Best Espresso Machine Under $1000 (2024 Guide)

best espresso machine under 1000

When it comes to shopping for a home espresso machine, a budget of up to $1000 allows for full flexibility and keeps nearly every home espresso-making appliance on the table. The most high-end home espresso machines can rival commercial machines both in quality and durability, allowing you to bring the …

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11 Best Coffees For French Press (2024 Guide)

best coffee for french press

The best coffee for French Presses is a little subjective, but not as much as you may think! This old-fashioned brewing method favors certain types of coffee and for good reason. The French Press forever seems frozen in time. With its whimsical design and immersive approach to the brewing process, …

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Best Espresso Machine Under $500 (2024 Guide)

espresso machine under 500

When it comes to high-quality home espresso machines, there are many different options on the market at the $500 and under price point. These machines offer some of the highest quality features in small packages that produce professional-level cups of espresso without breaking the bank. We have put together a …

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The 7 Best Starbucks Trenta Drinks

Starbucks Trenta Drinks

Starbucks has several cup sizes available, with the hot coffee sizes differing sometimes from the cold coffee sizes. The largest size available for cold brews, cold drinks, and refreshers is Trenta, which is equivalent to 30 US fluid ounces. Other sizes include Venti (24 ounces), Grande (16 ounces), and Tall …

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The 8 Best Almond Milk Drinks At Starbucks

almond milk drinks at starbucks

For many people, their morning latte or iced coffee is something they look forward to. However, for those who have lactose intolerance or allergy, this can be a difficult thing to deal with. Starbucks, therefore, offers a wide range of milk alternatives, with the most common being almond milk, oat …

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The 8 Best Mint Starbucks Drinks

mint starbucks drinks

Mint and chocolate are classic flavors to pair together, but mint can go well with espresso-based drinks just as well. The resulting flavor is a sweet and minty hot or cold beverage that hints at the festive season. Additionally, mint breaks up the richness of chocolate so that the final …

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The 8 Best Brown Sugar Starbucks Drinks

brown sugar starbucks drinks

Brown Sugar is a sweet syrup that can help elevate most espresso-based drinks at Starbucks. Starbucks has a wide variety of espresso drinks which can be improved and elevated by adding Brown Sugar syrup. This includes Starbucks hot drinks, Frappuccino, and iced coffee, all of which will be looked at. …

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Do Starbucks Refreshers Have Caffeine? And How Much?

do starbucks refreshers have caffeine

Starbucks refreshers are one of the most popular non-coffee iced beverages sold by the company, and there are many different flavor combinations to choose from. With these colorful iced drinks becoming so popular over the last few years, many people have wondered “Do Starbucks refreshers have caffeine?” Do Starbucks Refreshers …

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The 8 Best Hot Drinks At Starbucks

best hot drinks at starbucks

For many people, hot coffee or fresh tea is the best way to start the day. However, Starbucks has created a separate section of hot drinks for those who do not want an espresso-based drink to start their day. These drinks include a line of steamers, hot juices, and flavored …

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The 17 Best Starbucks Oat Milk Drinks

Starbucks Oat Milk Drinks

If you are one of the many people that are looking for a great alternative to milk products in your coffee, you may have considered oat milk. This creamy drink uses processed oats to make a delicious non-dairy substitute for milk. It is also a great addition to your morning …

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