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Can You Mix Vodka And Tequila?

Charl Joost
Last Updated: February 24th, 2023

There are a lot of types of alcohol on the market. Even more than the number of alcohols around is the number of brands of alcohol.

With so many brands available it can be hard to choose just one. Who said you had to have just one favorite anyway?

With such a large variety of drinks to choose from it can be easy to mix drinks. While mixing drinks can sometimes be fun, it could also end badly. Two popular drinks are Vodka and Tequila.

The question is, can you mix Vodka and Tequila? In short, yes, you can absolutely mix Vodka and Tequila.

glasses of tequila with lime and olives

Can You Drink Vodka After Drinking Tequila?

If you have been drinking Tequila, there is no rule stating that you have to stick to just that one type of alcohol. Although some people have different beliefs, you can drink Vodka after drinking Tequila.

Will Mixing Tequila and Vodka Cause You to Get Sick?

Mixing Tequila and Vodka is not likely to make you sick. There are plenty of cocktails and drinks that are a mix of different types of alcohol.

Drinking Tequila on the same night you have been drinking Vodka is not a crime and, if enjoyed responsibly, will not cause you to get sick.

Stick to the rule of all things in moderation and drink responsibly. Have a bit of water every so often to ensure you are hydrated. You will be glad you did this the next morning.

What Drinks Have Both Vodka and Tequila?

Tequila and Vodka are often mixed together to make different types of drinks. One popular cocktail that includes both Tequila and Vodka is the Mexi-Tini Cocktail.

A drink known as the Soul Taker also includes both types of alcohol. Another interesting drink to use both Vodka and Tequila is the Long Island Iced Tea.

basil vodka gimlet martini cocktail

Is Vodka Worse for You Than Tequila?

Where calories are concerned, Vodka is worse for you than Tequila. This is because Vodka has more calories than Tequila does.

Is Vodka Stronger Than Tequila?

Interestingly, neither alcohol is stronger than the other. Vodka and Tequila are both bottled with the same proof of 80. This means that both Vodka and Tequila have the same amount of alcohol in them.

What Is the Difference Between Vodka and Tequila?

Although Vodka and Tequila are both defined as distilled spirits, there is one main difference between them. This difference is that Tequila is made from a plant known as the Blue Agave, whereas Vodka is made from a sugar-rich plant or a starch.

What Alcohol Should Not Be Mixed Together?

Combinations that are likely to have you regretting pairing them in the morning are as follows:

  • Beer and wine
  • Red wine and Vodka
  • Beer and Vodka
  • Beer and Tequila

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Mix Alcohol with Water?

It is not recommended to mix your alcohol with water. Alcohol and water do not mix together fully. Because of this, you will likely end up with a concoction of liquids that are trying to act like they do when they are not mixed together.

How Many Shots of Vodka Does It Take to Get Drunk?

On average it takes about three shots of vodka to get a little drunk. The maximum amount of Vodka shots for a man is ten shots which will result in him being very drunk.

You can read more about that subject here as well as our guide on how many shots of tequila it takes to get drunk.

Is Tequila Healthy?

Tequila is generally the healthier option compared to other types of alcohol. This is because it contains fewer calories, no sugar, and no carbohydrates.

gold tequila with salt

Can You Mix Vodka And Tequila – Conclusion

Mixing drinks or different types of alcohol is often thought to be a dangerous thing to do. What most do not consider is that their favorite cocktails are exactly that, a mix of different alcohols to create a special drink.

Despite what many may say, it is not dangerous to mix Vodka and Tequila. You are not likely to get sick if you drink in moderation either.

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