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Amarula Price, Sizes & Buying Guide

Charl Joost
Last Updated: February 25th, 2023

Amarula or Amarula Cream is a creamy liquor made from dairy and the fruits of the Marula tree. This brand has been around for some time, yet still entices new customers as a truly unique alcoholic beverage.

While there are other cream liquors on the market, Amarula Cream is one to be reckoned with. Its popularity is well-deserved as this liquor allows the drinker to travel to Africa with just a sip of it! The flavors take hold of you and entice you to continue to indulge in it.

Despite being uniquely, and proudly, South African, Amarula is available in various locations around the world. If you haven’t yet, this alcoholic beverage is definitely one to add to your list of things to try!

A Brief History of Amarula

history of amarula

Introduced in 1983, the Amarula brand has been around for almost forty years!

The first bottle of Amarula that was produced and sold was a bottle of clear spirit. This spirit was distilled from the marula fruit and was the entrance alcohol for this company.

Following its first creation, the Amarula company introduced cream into its recipe. This introduction created the iconic Amarula Cream, which was unpacked onto shelves in 1989.

Shortly after its development, Amarula Cream was introduced to the world. In 1994, Amarula was first taken to Brazil and its exportation spread from there.

In 2014, the brand celebrated its twenty-fifth year of existence with the creation and release of Amarula Gold. After this, Amarula began to explore new tastes and flavors and began developing new and distinct combinations.

Their first flavored bottle of Amarula Cream was released in 2018. The flavor was branded as Amarula Vanilla Spice. This flavor, just a year after its launch, won The World’s Best Cream Liqueur. This was not the only they have won awards.

Now open to a whole new world of possibilities, the company launched another new flavored liqueur in 2019.

Raspberry, White Chocolate, and African Baobab were introduced globally after the success of their first flavored release. And, continuing with their flavor rollout, in 2020 the Ethiopian Coffee Amarula was launched in Europe.

A Proudly African Product

Amarula is made exclusively in South Africa, and it is known as The Spirit of Africa. But how exactly is this liqueur made?

Well, the creation of this creamy drink starts with the marula fruit. Interestingly, the Marula trees only grow across Africa’s subequatorial plains. Additionally, this tree only bears its fruits at the height of summer.

Once ripened, the marula fruits are hand-picked for use in the creation of Amarula. Although the exact process is not known, this delicious and wholesome liqueur is made from sugar, cream, and of course, marula fruits.

The spirit is distilled and then aged for two years in French oak.

When complete, Amarula is a creamy light brown or tan color, almost like milky coffee. It features a citrusy, orange note with rich vanilla and toasted nuttiness smell.

On the tongue, this liquor feels like velvet and tastes of vanilla, light and creamy orange, and hints of toasted hazelnuts.

We know the history behind this brand and the basics of how the smooth liqueur is made, but what does a bottle of Amarula Cream cost? And what is the price difference between the different flavors?

Amarula Prices, Variations & Sizes

amarula prices, variations

After the launch of Amarula’s first flavored liqueur received so much hype, the company continued to create and produce new, distinctive flavors.

The brand also offers a selection of quantities. Amarula varieties available for purchase include:

Type Size Price
Amarula Cream Liqueur 750ml $22
Amarula Cream Liqueur 50ml $2.34
Amarula Cream Liqueur 1L $25
Amarula Cream Liqueur 375ml $12
Amarula Gold 750ml $21
Raspberry, Chocolate, and African Baoba 700ml $16
Ethiopian Coffee 750ml $24
Vanilla Spice 750ml $22

Although some stores may still have stock, Amarula Gold is no longer being produced by the company.

The company also produced a limited edition Amarula Fifa Edition. This variety is also no longer produced and cannot be found for sale.

Amarula Alternatives/Comparisons

Despite its distinctly delicious taste and texture, Amarula Cream may not be the liqueur for everyone. If this is the case, there are a number of rival companies that produce alternative alcoholic drinks.

Some comparative brands and beverages available include:

How To Drink Amarula

how to drink amarula

There are several ways to drink Amarula. The most common and classic way to drink this liqueur is straight. It makes for an excellent sipping drink and can also be enjoyed over ice. If you wish for a warmer treat, you can even add Amarula to coffee.

Alternatively, there are a number of cocktails and mixers you can add Amarula to. Some of the most popular drinks that include Amarula are:

  • Amarula Don Pedro
  • Frozen Peppermint Amarula
  • Red Velvet Cake
  • Citrus Crème
  • Raspberry and Cream
  • Raspberry Float
  • MJ’s Amarula
  • Citrus Amarula Cocktail

Several of these recipes can be found on the Amarula brand’s website. When sipping straight or over ice, Amarula is best served in a coupe glass. Alternatively, depending on the mixer it is blended into, the glass requirement may vary.

Once opened, Amarula should be kept in the fridge. It is also said to have a shelf life of just six months, however, it is not likely you will need that long to polish a bottle of this delicious drink.


Is Amarula wine or spirit?

Amarula is neither wine nor a spirit. It is in fact a cream liqueur.

How long does unopened Amarula last?

A bottle of unopened Amarula has a shelf life of up to twenty-four months. If it is kept refrigerated, however, it is likely to last longer than just twenty-four months.

How many calories does Amarula have?

In one shot of Amarula, there are 103 calories. One shot is equivalent to about 28.35ml.

What does Amarula taste like?

Amarula has hints of vanilla bean, caramel, roasted nuts, and citrusy orange. It is smooth and creamy on the palate and has a delightful but light lingering taste.

Is Amarula Keto-friendly?

Interestingly, Amarula is safe for those living on a keto diet!

How strong is Amarula?

Amarula has a 17% alcohol volume. It is considered a mild liqueur.

Is Amarula gluten-free?

No, Amarula is not gluten-free.

Interesting Facts & Myths

interesting facts

  • The Marula tree is nicknamed the Elephant tree. This is because elephants travel huge distances to reach these trees and get a taste of their delicious fruits.
  • Amarula harvesters only begin harvesting the marula fruits once ‘the elephants have raised their trunks in approval’.
  • As elephants are such an integral part of this brand, the company started a trust in 2008 to protect the elephants. The trust is known as The Amarula Trust.
  • In 2016, Amarula released a new bottle shape named after an orphaned baby elephant who was reintroduced into the wild, Jabulani.

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