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Hendricks Price, Sizes & Buying Guide

Will Beck
Last Updated: February 28th, 2023

If you’re looking for Hendricks price guide, we’ve got you sorted. Hendrick’s Gin is one of the youngest gin brands on the market today. In fact, Hendrick’s would only be a couple of years older than the legal drinking age in the U.S.

That’s right folks, Hendricks Gin wasn’t launched until 1999, making it around 23-years-old. The brand marketed itself as the “brand made oddly”, launching in southwestern Scotland a little over 2 decades ago. Honestly, in the world of gin, Hendrick’s needs no introduction.

The brand’s gin was listed, number one, on Rolling Stone’s Best Gin Brands 2021. Hendrick’s Gin draws you in with the aroma of rose petals, chamomile, and elderflower. The juniper is the subtle star of the show with this recipe.

Hendrick’s gin recipe also infuses eleven other botanicals, as well as utilizing two different stills for the distillation process. The Hendrick’s distillery is appropriately named “Hendrick’s Gin Palace”, as it’s built in a Victoria Palm House style.

In an interview with ABC Food & Wine, Lesley Gracie, Master Distiller, passionately describes what the Palace is like. The grounds surrounding the Gin Palace are surrounded by beautiful, lush gardens, and greenhouses full of botanicals from all over the world.

A Brief History of Hendrick’s Gin

The name Hendrick’s can be traced back to its Scottish roots. Hendrick was Grant’s family gardener; William Grant, his seven sons, and two daughters are behind the creation of Hendrick’s gin.

However, Lesley Gracey, the master distiller, is the brainchild behind the brand’s signature formula. Gracey spent 11 years working on the recipe, starting back in 1988. From there, a top-shelf brand was born!

How It’s Made: The Secret To Their Success

The distillery, or ‘palace’ where Hendrick’s Gin is made, was built in Scotland in 1860. Something that sets the brand apart is that the distillation process is done using two different stills: the Carter Head still from 1948, and the Bennet still, the same one used in the original distillery in the late 1800s.

Differently from bourbon and whiskey, gin isn’t aged. The Carter Head is a rare still. It holds the botanicals in a copper pot above the grain spirit and water. The alcohol vapors roll up and infuse the herbs, resulting in subtle, yet fragrant flavors.

The Bennet is used for boiling botanicals directly to extract a strong, robust flavor. It isn’t as old as the Carter Head and can be found in most distilleries around the world.

Unlike some other distilleries that pump liquor out by the barrel, Hendrick’s is produced in 500-liter batches, preserving the quality of the gin. The Master Distiller supervises the entire process, and every bottle is routinely checked for quality.

Producing in small batches is part of how the brand perfectly balances two spirits from two stills. Hendrick’s has come a long way in such a short time; with five different varieties coming out of their distillery. Hendrick’s Original needs no introduction.

It’s the brand’s OG. Midsummer Solstice, Orbium, and Lunar Gin all seem to draw in a crowd. Their latest limited release, Hendrick’s Amazonian Gin, is a tropical infusion with the perfect flavor profile for specific cocktails.

hendricks prices variations

Hendricks Price, Variations & Sizes


Size Proof


Hendrick’s Original Gin 750 ml 88 $33.99 – $37.99
Hendrick’s Lunar Gin 750 ml 86.8 $36.99 – $38.99
Midsummer Solstice 750 ml 86.8 $45.99 – $159.99
Hendrick’s Orbium 750 ml 86.8 $39.99 – $59.99

Original Hendrick’s Gin

Hendrick’s Gin’s original recipe was created by Lesley. The botanical blend used to infuse and distill Hendrick’s Original Gin includes botanicals.

There are eleven plants used in Hendrick’s gin recipes. Out of all the ingredients, the cucumber and rose notes are what hits the palate first. And that is what sets it apart from other brands of gin.

From my understanding, there are only four people that know the precise gin recipe, one of them being Lesley. The words “impeccably smooth” and “uniquely balanced” tend to come out of a more significant percentage of gin connoisseurs.

Hendrick’s Lunar Edition

Hendrick’s Lunar, limited edition, was released on the first full moon of January 2021! It’s the brand’s second limited-edition release by Master Distiller, Lesley Gracie.

Lunar gin offers a balance of gentle spice, subtle floral notes, and a citrus-twist finish. Let’s say, it’s floral, aromatic, and the baking spices are subtly warming. It’s perfect for stargazing and chill!

Hendrick’s Orbium

Hendrick’s Orbium Gin is a part of what sweet dreams are made of. Imagine, the original Hendrick’s Gin recipe combines with the essence of wormwood, quinine, and lotus blossoms. Juniper, wormwood, and bitter quinine take the forefront with flavor.

It’s a rather acquired taste due to the tart, bitterness of wormwood, and quinine. In days of old, gin was considered medicinal, and it was infused with quinine to treat malaria. If I were you, I’d mix it in a cocktail that runs sweet.

Hendrick’s Gin Alternatives/Comparisons

Brand Origin Date Size Typical Price Point
Ableforth’s Bathtub Gin 2011 750 ml $50
Plymouth English Gin 1793 750 ml $29.99 – $34.99
Tanqueray No. TEN 2000 750 ml $34.99 – $55.99

Ableforth’s Bathtub Gin

Bathtub Gin looks like it was pulled out of a history book. Every bottle is wrapped in brown paper lined with historic font styles and sealed with a strand of twine. The notes of cinnamon and cardamom are strong, and some palates find it slightly offensive.

Plymouth English Gin

Plymouth English is much more juniper-forward than Hendrick’s. Hardcore gin lovers have an appreciation for Plymouth’s gin. Juniper is the star flavor with decent hints of pepper, orris root, and coriander to complement it. Plymouth English Gin has links to the Royal Navy.

Tanqueray No. TEN

Something Hendricks and Tanqueray have in common is that they use flowers in their gin recipe. Instead of rose petals, Tanqueray uses jasmine petals. The result is a beautifully fragrant, citrus-forward gin.

All of these gin brands are top-shelf products. The difference is the drinker’s palate and flavor preference.

How To Drink Hendrick’s Gin

how to drink hendrick’s gin

Gin’s flavors stand out best when mixed in cocktails. However, Hendrick’s brand is an exceptional choice for sipping, especially if you chill it slightly. The copa is the authentic gin glass. Copas are sometimes referred to as balloon glasses.

A highball glass also works well for sipping gin. Enjoy your gin with juice that accents the natural flavor pallet of the gin so they work together to suit your preferred flavor profile.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is gin vegan?

Yes, the ingredients and processes are free of animal products and byproducts.

2. Is gin gluten-free?

Yes! The distillation process removed any gluten that may have been present.

3. Is Hendrick’s gin Scottish or Irish?

Hendrick’s is Scottish and darn proud of it.

4. Where is Hendrick’s gin distilled?

Girvan, in South Ayrshire, Scotland.

5. Why is Hendrick’s sometimes served with a slice of cucumber?

Adding a slice of cucumber to Hendricks helps complement the flavor already present in the gin.

Final Thoughts

Hendrick’s gin is affordable top-shelf quality. It’s found in most liquor stores and bars in the United States and Scotland, not to mention wherever else they have a good taste for gin. New releases come and go, with limited editions rolling out rarely.

That’s on top of the brand, only producing 500 liters at a time. If you’re new to gin, go easy on it, it’s an acquired taste.

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