Rockstar Energy Drink Price, Sizes & Buying Guide

Looking for an updated Rockstar energy drink price guide? Rockstar energy drink presents itself as a drink for the hustle, for the busybodies that need replenishing after a hard day’s work.

Boasting a myriad of flavors and ranges, this energy drink giant has been tending to different tastes and refreshment needs for the past 21 years in the most eccentric way possible.

A Brief History of Rockstar

history of rockstar
Image: Brent Moore

In 2001 Russel “Russ” Weiner founded Rockstar during a time when energy drinks were the fastest-growing segment of the U.S. beverage market.

From its inception, Rockstar presented itself as an alternative to the market leader Red Bull, it differentiated itself in size and price being 16-fl. oz in comparison to Red Bull’s 8-oz can yet selling for the same price.

Rockstar also claimed to have a mixture of ingredients that were scientifically formulated to aid in fast recovery for those who led fast-paced and exhaustive lifestyles such as rock stars and athletes.

This rejuvenating elixir features caffeine, sugar, Panax ginseng, ginkgo Biloba, milk thistle extract, and guarana seed, among other herbal ingredients. As stimulating as the combination sounds, Rockstar did have a few issues with health authorities over its previously high levels of guarana.

It had even been named the Worst Drink by health Magazines and had been replaced by Monster in terms of status. This led to a reduction in the amount of guarana in their drinks.

Three years later, in 2004, Rockstar had a 155% growth in sales and by 2007 it was one of the top three energy drinks in the U.S. having sold over a billion cans.

Amid the success, Rockstar switched distributors from the Coca-Cola Company to PepsiCo in 2009. 11 years down the line, PepsiCo purchased Rockstar Energy for $3.85 Billion.

Festivals and Sponsorships

Much like its competitors, Rockstar has an active involvement in action sports as well as music events; this is manifest in the Mayhem and Uproar Festival which Rockstar sponsors.

Mayhem and Uproar were rock and metal festivals that toured the U.S. in July and August, and September and October. These festivals included events such as the Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series (LOORRS) which was a short course off-road racing series.

Rockstar has also sponsored many action sports competitors from all across the world such as; motorcycle riders Jorge Lorenzo, Gautier Paulin, Graham Jarvis, and Formula One Drift World Champion Fredric Aasbø.

Rockstar Energy Unplugged

Rockstar Unplugged is Rockstar’s latest promotion that began on the 31st of January 2022 and features prizes to be won. The campaign sets out to inspire people to unplug and uplift themselves as they pursue their ambitions.

Popular streaming service, Spotify, has been added to the Unplugged campaign, and participants can share their mood and get a Spotify playlist tailored to match their mood.

The promotion is headlined by hemp seed oil-infused drinks that come in three flavors, namely; Passionfruit, Blueberry, and Raspberry Cucumber. Unplugged comes in sleek 12-ounce cans and has less caffeine than other flavors for a subtle boost “when you need it”.

Rockstar Energy Drink Price Guide, Variations & Sizes

Image: Mike Mozart

Rockstar has had over 30 different flavors with more than 10 ranges under its belt. This diversity has played a great part in its success because there’s probably a Rockstar drink for every kind of lifestyle.

Name Flavor Profile Size Price
Rockstar Original Contains B-vitamins, guarana, taurine, and caffeine with an invigorating taste 16 fl. oz can $1.99
Rockstar sugar-free A powerful herbal blend of caffeine, guarana, B-vitamins, taurine, ginseng, and milk thistle. Sugar-free. 16 oz. Can $1.50 – $2.29
4 x 16 oz. Cans $5.98 – $7.49
Rockstar Zero Carb Sugar and carb-free with an assortment of sweet fruity flavors. 16 oz. Can $1.50- $1.99
Pure Zero Punched 16 oz. Can $1.99
Pure Zero Silver Ice 16 oz. Can $1.50 – $1.99
Pure Zero Watermelon 16 oz. Can $1.50 – $1.99
Pure Zero Mandarin Orange 16 oz. Can $1.99
Pure Zero Grape 12 x 16 oz. Cans $17.99
Pineapple Orange Guava Tropical flavors made to fuel you with 50% real juice. 12 x 15 oz. Cans $34.99
Island Mango 12 x 15 oz. Cans $34.99
Organic Island Fruit This is Rockstar in its most organic form. Made with organic cane sugar and natural flavors still containing caffeine and a great taste. 12 x 15 oz. Cans $32.99
Lime Freeze No amount of bracing can overcome these bold and unapologetic flavors packed with caffeine and taurine. 16 oz. Can $1.99
Rockstar Hardcore Apple 12 x 16 oz. Cans $25.93
Boom Whipped Orange Savour this  creamy, indulgent range of Rockstar energy drinks 12 x 16 oz. Cans $25.99
Boom Whipped Strawberry 12 x 16 oz. Cans $17.99
Xdurance Blue Raz Xdurance contains BCAAs that stimulate the building of protein in muscle and reduce muscle breakdown, COQ10 which is an antioxidant that cells use for growth and maintenance as well as 300 mg of caffeine to provide a boost of energy that prepares you for top performance. 4 x 16 fl. oz Cans $19.99
Xdurance Kiwi Strawberry 4 x 16 fl. oz Cans $19.99
Xdurance Cotton Candy 4 x 16 fl. oz Cans $19.99
Xdurance Sour Apple 4 x 16 fl. oz Cans $19.99
Recovery Lemonade Rockstars only non-carbonated drink, formulated with electrolytes for taste, 160mg caffeine, and your daily dose of Vitamin B. 16 fl. oz. Can $1.50-$1.99
Recovery Lemonade 12 x 16 fl. oz Cans $16.99
Recovery Orange 16 fl. Can $1.99
Recovery Orange 12 x 16 fl. oz Cans $16.99

Notable Discontinued Flavors

1. Horchata Energy

Horchata is a traditional Mexican drink made up of white rice soaked in water that is flavored. Rockstar Horchata was an energy drink version of the popular Mexican drink made with milk, rice, and cinnamon.

It had more caffeine than the original Rockstar and had a distinct creamy and spicy taste that complimented the base ingredients of the original flavor. It was discontinued in 2018.

2. Rockstar Roasted Mocha

This was Rockstars 15 fl. oz can of coffee caramel goodness. The Roasted Macha blend consisted of premium coffee, caramel flavoring, milk, sugar, and caffeinated ingredients such as Guarana and Ginseng.

It came in two ranges; dairy milk and almond milk, respectively.

The dairy milk flavors included:

  • Mocha: a mix of coffee, milk, and chocolate along with Rockstars energy blend.
  • Light Vanilla: coffee, milk, vanilla flavoring, and Rockstars energy blend.

The almond milk flavors included:

  • White Chocolate: a mix of Rockstars energy blend, coffee, and almond milk.
  • Caffe Latte: contains the energy blend, coffee, and almond milk.
  • Light Vanilla: contains vanilla flavoring, the energy blend, coffee, and almond milk but with less sugar.
Image: Mike Mozart

Rockstar Alternatives/Comparisons

Rockstar is one of the oldest energy drinks in the market and continues to reinvent itself to be on par with its competitors.

1. Rockstar vs Xyience Energy

Contrasting the eccentricity of Rockstars brand is the cutting-edge vigor of Xyience Energy. A play on the word science, this brand of energy drinks gets down to the details regarding energy and focus and has crafted drinks to ensure the best of both.

Xyience drinks contain caffeine and L-Theanine which is an amino acid found primarily in green and black tea. It helps ease anxiety, stress, and reduces insomnia. Xyience comes in 10 flavors, all of which are sugar-free. They include:

  • Fruit Punch
  • Cherry Lime
  • Frost Berry
  • Blue Pomegranate
  • CranRaspberry

When compared to Rockstar Energy drink prices, Xyience Energy is $10 more on average for a 12 pack of 16 fl oz cans.

2. Rockstar vs Celsius

Another drink to fuel active lifestyles is Celsius, this brand regards itself as “A Movement That’s All About Movement.”.

Celsius extends its health-conscious brand to its ingredients in that it is made with healthier ingredients such as ginger, guarana, green tea, and 7 essential vitamins. It is also sugar-free, contains no aspartame, high fructose corn syrup, and no artificial preservatives, colors, or flavors.

Celsius also has a wide range of products, namely:

Celsius Essential Energy

These are a range of carbonated and non-carbonated drinks perfect for replenishing the body after a workout. Their 13 flavors include; sparkling mango passion fruit and raspberry acai green tea.

Celsius Heat

Containing 2000 mg of L-citrulline that helps relax the arteries and improve blood flow, Celsius Heat is the ideal performance drink. Flavors include jackfruit and inferno punch.

Celsius BCAA

Celsius’ recovery beverage that contains BCAA and vitamin D3 to help reduce inflammation. Flavors include sparkling blood orange lemonade.

Celsius also has a Stevia range as well as two On-The-Go ranges, which are powder stick packets that are easily dissolved for a quick energy boost.

When compared to Rockstar Energy drink prices, Celsius is about $5 less for a 12 pack, however, its cans are 12 fl. oz in comparison to Rockstar’s usual 16 fl. oz.

How To Drink Rockstar

how to drink rockstar

1. Have it chilled

Rockstar is flavorful enough to have as it is and what better way to enjoy Rockstar flavors in all their variety than to serve them chilled.

2. Have it in a cocktail

Rockstar is a popular feature in cocktails and pairs well with Absolut Vanilla vodka, Vodka Blue, and Jagermeister herbal liqueur. It must be noted that when mixed with alcohol, Rockstar can obscure your level of intoxication.

A notable mention is Rockstar Vodka, if the brand wasn’t bold enough, cue their own alcoholic beverage. This original blend consists of guarana seed as a source of caffeine, herbs, and vodka.

Bearing a sleek jet black and red design, this ‘rocking’ variety comes in a 15 fl. oz can. Although it is still widely available in Canada, it was discontinued in the U.S. in 2007 due to concerns about underage drinking.

How to Store Rockstar

Store unopened cans in a cool and dark place. To extend the shelf life of unopened cans of Rockstar, keep them away from direct sources of heat or light. If it is open, refrigerate it.

If it’s not in the refrigerator, it’s best to throw it away. Opened cans of energy drinks need refrigeration to maintain the freshness of their taste.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How long does Rockstar last?

One can of Rockstar provides you with 4 to 5 hours of an energy boost. Thereafter, it takes 4-5 hours for your bloodstream to flush out 50 percent of the caffeine that you consumed.

2. How much caffeine does Rockstar have?

It depends on the flavor but generally, Rockstar has 158 mg of caffeine per 16 fl. oz can which is 100 to 2 mg less than fellow competitors NOS, Spike Hardcore Energy, and Monster.

Flavor ranges such as Rockstar Punched can have 240 mg of caffeine per 16 fl. oz can.

3. Can Rockstar trigger jitters?

Rockstar can cause jitteriness due to the sugar content in the drink. What happens is when you have a lot of caffeine in your system, your norepinephrine levels (the stress hormone) increase by 100 pg/ml in your blood.

This is why it’s best to stick to one or a maximum of two cans per day.

Interesting Facts & Myths

Rockstar’s 2021 Super Bowl Debut

In 2021, following their purchase, PepsiCo rolled out their new Rockstar branding and products in an ad at the Super Bowl.

A 30-second ad spot is $7 million and The Super Bowl has an estimated 100 million viewers, which are a substantial audience size and the best way for Pepsi to introduce their latest product.

The advert featured rap star Lil Baby and first responders, which gave the energy drink a new appeal. Before Rockstar was mostly exclusive to sports and action stars, the Super Bowl advert strove to be inclusive and relevant to current worldwide events.

  • Rockstar Energy Drink’s slogan is “Party Like a Rock Star” and the drink certainly lives up to the name.
  • Rockstar Pink or Perfect Berry, known for its bright pink color with black embellishing, used to come with a straw before it was discontinued in 2021
  • According to customers, the top four Rockstar flavors are Rockstar Silver Ice, Rockstar Fruit Punch, Rockstar Watermelon, and Rockstar Hardcore Apple.
  • In 2015, a team of cardiovascular researchers at a clinic in Rochester, Minneapolis reported that a single can of Rockstar energy drink can boost your blood pressure and cause the fight-or-flight hormone norepinephrine to increase in just 30 minutes.
  • When Rockstar was sold in stores and bars for the first time, Russel Weiner drove around San Francisco in an old limousine painted with Rockstar’s logo to promote it.