NOS Energy Drink Price, Sizes & Buying Guide

If you’re looking for an updated NOS Energy Drink price guide, we’ve got you covered. Revving engines, adrenaline, and the cheer of NASCAR fans alluding to the beverage that represents it all: NOS Energy Drink.

Though having gone through the hands of many companies- changing and adjusting its brand- this energy drink has maintained its notoriety and served its niche market through and through.

A Brief History of NOS

history of nos
Image: Mike Mozart

In February 2005, Fuze Beverage, also known as Fuse, diverted from its production of vitamin-enriched tea and non-carbonated beverages to step into the world of energy drinks.

The introduction of NOS brought with it an image of vitality and cemented its roots in motor sport as the fuel for professional drivers. The name “NOS” stands for Nitrous Oxygen Systems, which is a brand of automotive nitrous injection systems.

It was given the license for its name from Holley Performance Products, which is an automotive performance company that manufactures this automotive system.

This is an internal combustion engine in which nitrous oxide (N2O) is broken down into oxygen molecules, which helps burn fuel. The system increases an engine’s power output because it allows fuel to be burnt at a rate that is higher than normal.

In the same sense, NOS Energy takes on this dynamic of drive and vitality and instills it in its exhilarating flavors. Two years later, in February 2007, Fuze Beverage was purchased by The Coca Cola Company and the NOS license was under new management.

Following an eight-year run with Coca-Cola, NOS, along with the rest of the company’s energy drink division, was transferred to Monster Beverage, and the rest is history.

Team NOS

NOS has been actively involved in motorsports since its inception, so much that it formed its own team- a dream team if you will – Team NOS.

The current team consists of ARCA Menards Series driver Riley Herbst, Formula Drift driver Chris Forsberg, NASCAR driver Riley Stenhouse Jr. and automotive YouTuber and drifter TJ Hunt.

The legacy of Team NOS is remembered in former members Kyle Busch and Brian Deegan who raced to victory a record number of times in the emblazoned NOS Energy Toyota Camry.

World Of Outlaws

The World of Outlaws is an American motorsports sanctioning body, and in 2019, NOS became its official sponsor.

Along with being the official sponsor, NOS is also the primary sponsor of Sheldon Haudenschild, who is a driver in the World of Outlaws NOS Energy Drink Sprint Cars Series.

This series has a full lineup of races and NOS gets hundreds of drivers from across the United States to compete.

NOS Energy Drink Price, Variations & Sizes


NOS has had an assortment of energy drinks under its belt, while some are officially discontinued, others can be found on the internet.

Despite the various discontinuities, at the end of 2021, a report of U.S. sales of NOS energy drinks amounted to an estimated  $91.76 million. In total, NOS has eight flavors, two of which were sugar-free options.

A brand phenomenon is the NOS ‘CMPLX6’. This distinct word represents the mixture of six ingredients that give NOS its boosting effect (Caffeine, Taurine, Guarana, B6, B12, and L-theanine). NOS flavors include:

Name Flavor Profile
NOS Power Punch A powerful blend of fruity flavors tasting all kinds of sweet and tart.
NOS ‘GT’ Grape A refreshing grape flavor with a resounding sweetness and tart taste.
NOS Sonic Sour A vibrant sour apple flavor to enliven your senses.
NOS Nitro Mango A combination of sweet mango flavoring with nitrous technology for a unique drinking experience.
Original NOS The original offers the refreshing flavor of tropical citrus, mango, and passion fruit.
NOS Turbo The same tropical blend of fruits in Original NOS but sugar-free

Flavors Not Mentioned/Discontinued:

Discontinued NOS Energy Drinks
NOS Cherried Out/Loaded Cherry
NOS Charged Citrus
NOS Charged Citrus Zero
NOS Rowdy

NOS Energy Drink Prices

Name Size Average Price
NOS Original Energy Drink 16 Fl Oz, (Pack of 8) $9.98
16 Fl Oz (Pack of 24) $45.88
16 Fl Oz (Pack of 48) $117.89
16 Fl Oz (Pack of 72) $175.32
NOS Turbo 16 Fl. Oz. (Pack of 24) $45.88
NOS ‘GT’ Grape 16 Fl. Oz. (Pack of 6) $24.99
NOS Sonic Sour Energy Drink 16 Fl. Oz. (Pack of 6) $24.99
NOS Nitro Mango Energy Drink 16 Fl. Oz. (Pack of 6) $24.99
NOS Power Punch 16 Fl. Oz. (Pack of 6) $24.99

NOS Alternatives/Comparisons

NOS is one of the top ten energy drinks worldwide, although it maintains itself as a crowd favorite in motorsport. Its influence has managed to score it a position among some of its large competitors.

NOS vs Red Bull

nos vs red bull
Image: Like_the_Grand_Canyon

Red Bull is iconic in many ways. As of 2019, it has the highest market share among energy drinks, and since its launch 34 years ago, it has sold 82 billion cans.

There’s a lot to say about its allure, especially its emblematic slogan “Red bull gives you wings”, which gives the brand a myth-like quality. Although the original blue and silver can is its global symbol, Red Bull has six variants, namely;

  • Red Bull Sugarfree (different flavor but sugar-free)
  • Red Bull Total Zero (original flavor but has zero calories)
  • Red Bull Zero (original flavor but sugar-free)
  • Red Bull Energy Shot (Higher concentration of caffeine)
  • Red Bull Editions (featured flavors blueberry, cranberry, and lime)
  • Organics by Red Bull (organic soda with flavors; bitter lemon, cola, ginger ale, and tonic water)

Much like NOS, Red Bull has an active involvement in sports, however, Red Bull has hosted a handful of extreme sporting events such as The Red Bull Air Race, Red Bull Crashed Ice, and Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series.

Aside from sport, Red Bull has garnered itself celebrity endorsements and a hand in music through its Red Bull Records label. Red Bull is roughly half the size of a can of NOS and, on average, NOS Energy Drink costs $5 less for every pack of 24.

NOS vs Lucozade

nos vs lucozade
Image: Like_the_Grand_Canyon

Lucozade is probably the oldest energy drink of the lot, first introduced as an energy drink for the sick. It is now the UK’s number one energy drink and one of the most popular drinks around the world.

First named Glucozade in 1927, the energy drink was created by a pharmacist from Newcastle and was then acquired by a British pharmaceutical company to be sold as Lucozade.

Lucozade was deemed an energy drink for the sick and was sold mainly in pharmacies up until the 1980s, when it was sold as a sports drink.

From medicine in the 1920s to a pick-me-up in the 1960s to a sports drink in the ’80s, Lucozade has been molded with time and now boasts a variety of flavors that pay homage to its history and its ability to diversify. Its flavors include:

  • The Original
  • Orange
  • Apple Blast
  • Pink lemonade
  • Wild Cherry
  • Brazilian Mango and Mandarin

Along with the bottled drinks, Lucozade has canned energy drinks and tablets that come in the flavors; original, Pink Lemonade, and orange. Unlike NOS, Lucozade has adapted its classic flavors to be enjoyed in many forms to fit well into a person’s lifestyle or meet their preference.

Due to its isotonic component, Lucozade has involved itself in the English Premier League by supplying its sports drink to replenish the players of the teams Arsenal and Liverpool. Regarding price. NOS Energy Drink costs $15 less than Lucozade per six-pack.


Hailing from Japan this is probably the healthiest energy drink of them all. Oronamin C Drink first debuted in 1965 in a small, sealed 120ml bottle. Its ingredients include essential amino acids, vitamins B2, B6, and C, honey, salt, and caffeine.

It was first sold as a medical health drink that had been carbonated, however, the Japanese Ministry of Health and Welfare filed a claim against Oronamin C and the claim that it was a medical drink.

The ruling was in favor of the ministry, which greatly impacted Otsuka Pharmaceutical Co., which created the drink. Not long after, a comedian got hold of the drink and it was featured in an advertisement where its iconic slogan was touted: “Genki hatsuratsu! (元気ハツラツ)- Full of Vitality!”.

This advertisement boosted its notoriety across the country and similar campaigns would run for 10 years straight. From then on, Oronamin C grew to be the best-selling health and energy drink in Japan.

Other than its original flavor, another variation is Oronamin C Royalpolis. This elaborately named variety has the original honey and citrusy taste but with the addition of royal jelly and anti-oxidizing bee propolis added in the mix for a creamier finish.

It’s definitely not the average energy drink, but it does contain 18 mg of caffeine, making it a light pick-me-up beverage.

Oronamin C has been endorsed by celebrities and sports stars alike, namely baseball player Tsuyoshi Shinjo, Nigerian mix-martial artist Bobby Ologun, and actor and martial artist Jackie Chan. Price wise, NOS Energy Drink costs $10 less than Oronamin C on average.

How To Drink NOS

Have it chilled

Being a popular beverage in the fast-paced and rugged motorsport arenas makes NOS a source of energy and refreshment. The best way to reap its crisp flavor is to have it chilled.

How to Store NOS

how to store nos

Store unopened cans in a cool, dark place. To extend the shelf life of unopened cans of NOS, keep them away from direct sources of heat or light. If it is open, refrigerate it.

If it’s not in the refrigerator, it’s best to throw it away. Opened cans of energy drinks need refrigeration to maintain the freshness of their taste, so an energy drink that’s been opened and at room temperature for longer than a day should be discarded.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is NOS Energy Drink discontinued?

No, although there are many misconceptions around this. When Coca-Cola transferred NOS over to Monster Beverage, it did so to simplify its range of products and focus on traditional drinks, which are usually fast sellers.

NOS is still being sold but, as mentioned before, many flavors have been discontinued with four flavors currently available.

2. Where can I buy NOS?

NOS can be purchased online on platforms like Amazon or Instacart. It is also available in stores such as Walmart, Sam’s Club, and Kroger.

3. Does NOS contain any artificial sweeteners?

Yes, NOS does contain Sucralose, which is an artificial sweetener that has been approved as safe for consumption.

Sucralose is somewhat of a magic ingredient in that it’s much sweeter than sugar, yet it enhances the taste of drinks and food without tipping the scale on calories. NOS, in particular, has both artificial sweetener and sugar in its ingredients, which isn’t common for an energy drink.

4. How long does NOS last?

On average, the caffeine in NOS takes 30 minutes to take effect, this boost can last between two and three hours. Remember that caffeine stays in the body for five to six hours, so while its effects may not be apparent after two to three hours, it’s still in your system.

Interesting Facts & Myths

Drinking three cans of NOS exceeds the daily recommended caffeine limit

The daily recommended caffeine limit is set at 400 mg, however, drinking three 16 fl. oz NOS cans is 480 mg of caffeine.

NOS has two slogans

The first one is: You only live NOS and the second one or legal alternative is No nonsense energy for the gym.

The NOS tank bottle

In its earlier days, NOS was also distributed in a 650 ml bottle designed to look like a Nitrous Oxide Systems (NOS) tank. Its features included a blue opaque bottle with bright orange labeling embellished with radioactive insignia, but this bottle has been discontinued.

The inspiration behind NOS Rowdy

NASCAR and NOS Energy driver Kyle Busch, whose nickname is ‘Rowdy’ (inspired by his wild driving style), had NOS Rowdy named after him upon its release in the fall of 2016 till its discontinuation in 2018.