What is The Strongest Coffee at Starbucks?

Starbucks offers just about every caffeinated drink you can think of on their rather lengthy menu. However, if you are looking for a real caffeine kick, you need to know what is the strongest coffee at Starbucks. So, in this guide, we’re going to take a look.

So, what’s the strongest coffee at Starbucks? Here’s the definitive guide to what to order, what size, and how many shots to make the strongest possible drink.

Brewed Blonde Roast Coffee

If you’re looking for a hot drink that gives you a lot of energy, Starbucks’ Blonde roasted coffee is the way to go.

No, I don’t mean the blonde espresso (although I won’t knock that – it tastes great). I mean the plain old, brewed blonde roast.

Its caffeine content is higher than that of medium or dark roast coffees because the beans have been roasted less.

During roasting, the caffeine breaks down. Because a light roast has a shorter roasting time, it contains more caffeine than a dark roast.

Unlike the strong flavor of dark roast coffee beans, the blonde roast is light and airy. If you love taking your coffee with milk and sugar, this is the way to go.

Clover Coffee

Clover Coffee

Clover Coffee is a special coffee-making technique that’s only offered at certain Starbucks stores. However, if you’re looking for a caffeinated coffee, I’d recommend you seek out a store with a Clover machine.

Just like how the roasting process can affect the caffeine content of your coffee, so can the brewing method.

Clover brewed coffee generally has high caffeine content, ranging from 155 mg for a short cup to 470 mg for the Venti size.

The Clover brewing system also creates the strongest iced coffee at Starbucks. These drinks contain 120 mg to 470 mg of caffeine.

So, if you’re looking for a major caffeine boost, I’d recommend you go for a Clover. Bonus points if you get a blonde roast!

Pike Place Brewed Coffee

pike place brewed coffee

Pike Place Roast Coffee is a classic Starbucks blend that has been around since 2008. Today, it’s sort of like the McDonald’s breakfast blend – it’s your standard, smooth, medium roast coffee.

The blend is made from coffee beans from Latin America. The medium roast tastes of hazelnut and subtle chocolate. It’s not just a simple cup of coffee, however. It’s also got a fairly high caffeine content!

Your standard cup of Pike Place Roast has about 300mg of caffeine. That’s not as much as a Clover coffee, but it’s still a decent amount of caffeine.

How to Increase the Caffeine in Your Starbucks Drinks

Alright, alright. You now know what the strongest coffee at Starbucks is. But, how can you make your drinks even more caffeinated?

And, if you’re drinking a latte, is there a way for you to kick the caffeine up a notch without ditching the milky beverage for a boring brewed cup of Joe?

The answer is, yes. Here are a few ways to increase the caffeine in your Starbucks drinks.

Some of us never seem to get enough coffee. If you’re one of the people who prefers the most caffeinated drink from Starbucks. You can use the following tips to increase the amount of caffeine to the level you want.

Add an Extra Shot

extra shot coffee starbucks

The fastest way to increase the caffeine content is to simply add an extra shot of espresso to your coffee. That’s true regardless of whether you’re ordering a latte, frappuccino, or even a cup of brewed coffee!

Each shot of espresso contains around 63mg of caffeine. Sure, that might not be a lot on its own. But, if you add that number to an already caffeinated drink you can give yourself some serious energy boosts.

Always Order Blonde

Starbucks doesn’t just have blonde beans for drip brews. They also have blonde espresso beans that you can use in lattes and cappuccinos.

If you’re wanting to make your drink even more caffeinated, the way to go is to order your drink “blonde”.

All you’re doing is switching out the type of espresso, so it won’t take long to make your drink. Plus, you’ll get that extra kick of caffeine!

Ask for Long Shots

long shots coffee

For a highly caffeinated drink at Starbucks, order your drink with a long shot instead of your standard espresso. Long shots contain more caffeine than ristretto or standard espresso shots due to the long extraction time.

If you want to add a bit more caffeine, a good rule of thumb is to ask for your drinks with long shots. You can also get them with the blonde espresso, helping boost the caffeine content even more!

Frequently Asked Questions

Still got a couple of questions about the strongest Starbucks drink? I hear you. Here are the answers to a few commonly asked questions about Starbucks and coffee in general

What Type of Coffee is The Strongest?

Arabica coffee beans have an aromatic, milder flavor with little caffeine. Robusta coffee has a more caffeinated, more intense, and bitter taste. If you want strong coffee, look for a Robusta blend.

What Size Drink Is the Strongest?

The larger the drink, the more shots of espresso are in it. However, more milk and sugar are in it as well. In general, the Venti is the strongest size Starbucks you can order.

What Is the Most Popular Starbucks Drink?

There are tons of popular drinks on the Starbucks menu. But, the two most ordered drinks are the vanilla latte and iced white chocolate mocha.

Strongest Coffee at Starbucks – Final Verdict

There are a number of drinks that you can order if you’re looking to increase the caffeine content of your favorite Starbucks drinks.

Whether you order a red eye or just ask for a Venti Blonde roast, I’m confident you’ll wind up with a beverage that packs a powerful punch.

Now that you know what the strongest coffee at Starbucks is, which one will you choose? Let us know in the comments!