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The 5 Best Stovetop Gooseneck Kettles (2024 Guide)

Charl Joost
Last Updated: February 8th, 2024

Gooseneck kettles have been used for years and allow you to control the strength and speed of your pour.

In this article, we are going to look at our top picks of the 5 best stovetop gooseneck kettles to help you make the best decision for you when shopping.

What to Consider Before Buying a Stovetop Gooseneck Kettle

How to Choose a Stovetop Gooseneck Kettle

stovetop gooseneck kettle

Gooseneck kettles come in various designs although the shape of the spout is generally the same. The body of a kettle could differ depending on the brand, with some having sleek, sloping walls while others may have ‘bulbs’ to create a honey-pot design.

Ensure that you have thought of which kettle would look best in your kitchen and which one will suit the general décor of the room to prevent it from becoming an eyesore.

You also want to look at your budget before purchasing a new kettle as some can have much higher prices than others.

What are the advantages of a stovetop gooseneck kettle?

The shape of a gooseneck kettle’s spout prevents hot water from pouring too quickly which could cause spilling and accidental burns.

Instead, this spout allows you to control the speed of the water meaning you can quickly stop the flow when you have filled your mug. Similarly, you can control the volume of water when it is poured to prevent overfilling.

Things to Look For in a Stovetop Gooseneck Kettle

things to look stovetop gooseneck kettle

As previously stated, the main thing to look for in a gooseneck kettle is its shape of it as different designs could enhance or overpower the general décor of your kitchen.

Next, ensure the kettle you are buying is compatible with your stovetop as some cannot be used on gas stoves while others are not suitable for electric stove plates.

The size of your kettle can also be something to prioritize as larger kettles could cause clutter or make your kitchen look too busy. On the other end, smaller kettles may not hold as much water meaning you will need to re-boil it more often.

5 Best Stovetop Gooseneck Kettles

1. Köök Stovetop Gooseneck Kettle

Köök has produced a sleek and black gooseneck stovetop kettle that is ideal for electric, gas, and induction stoves. It is made with stainless steel and aluminum which will last against general wear and tear and would look good in a modern-styled kitchen.

Durability and Materials

The main material used in this kettle is stainless steel which will not deteriorate after frequent use. This allows you the peace of mind to know that this kettle will last many years and will be well worth the investment.


At an approximate price of $40, this kettle is among the pricier options on this list. It is an investment, however, as you rarely buy a new kettle every year so this kettle will last a long time and will eventually pay itself off through the value you will receive from it.


With a 27 US fluid-ounce body, this kettle has dimensions of 9,84 by 0,85 by 6,26 inches. It is a compact and lightweight kettle with an approximate weight of 0,7 kilograms. This makes it easier to lift it and comfortable pour your water into your coffee or tea mug.


  • Triple Layer Base: The base of the Kook kettle is made with stainless steel which s rust-resistant and aluminum which ensures even heating. This allows the kettle to continue to be of use over the years.
  • Temperature control: With a built-in thermometer, this kettle allows you to observe the temperature of the water held within and remove it from the stovetop when it reaches an ideal level.
  • Stovetop Compatible: This kettle can be used with most stovetops, including induction, which makes it easier to use in any home should you move while you have it.


  • Higher price point: At a price of $40, this kettle is something you should thoroughly consider before buying as it may not fit most budgets.

2. Hario V60 “Buono” Drip Stovetop Gooseneck Kettle

The Hario V60 “Buono” drip kettle is a Japanese-design kettle that suggests long-term use and durability. A high-quality item, this kettle is sure to last against frequent use and will allow you to control the speed and volume of each pour, making it easier to make your morning tea or coffee.

Durability and Materials

Made from stainless steel, this kettle is less likely to rust when exposed to water as the material is naturally rust-resistant. Similarly, it is an anti-corrosive material and produces a sleek, silver kettle which would look ideal in a modern kitchen.


At a bit less than $70, this kettle is the most expensive option on this list. This price is due to the design which required a great deal of research, as well as the large size which requires more materials. The size also contributes to the price as you are getting more value from the kettle which is reflected in the price.


This kettle is a large one, with a capacity of approximately 406 US fluid ounces making it ideal for multiple cups of coffee or tea at a time. The brand has smaller sizes available, however, this kettle has dimensions of 21 by 18 by 13 inches.


  • Ergonomic design: This kettle has an ergonomic handle that allows your fingers to slip into the divots, allowing you to hold the kettle comfortably when pouring.
  • Stovetop Compatible: Hario has designed a kettle that can be used on both gas and electric stoves which are the most common models of stovetops. This means it is highly likely that this kettle will be suitable to use on your stovetop at home.
  • Long-term use: Made with durable materials, this kettle will last a long time which meets Hario’s expectations of their items, with some products lasting for more than 7 years without wearing down.


  • Large size: While there are benefits to a larger kettle, if you are just looking for an everyday kettle, this one may not be the best option. The size may cause clutter and would immediately draw the eye into your kitchen.

3. Uno Casa Gooseneck Kettle for Stove Top

With a built-in water filter, Uno Casa’s gooseneck kettle will allow you to pour the perfect cup of coffee without needing to worry about water residue or limescale from getting in your drink. This kettle has a sleek and modern design making it ideal for a modern kitchen.


Uno Casa’s kettle can be used on various stovetops including electric, ceramic, gas, and induction. This makes it a universal kettle that can be used with any built-in stove making it easy to keep it for a long time should you move and have a different stove top in the new house.

Durability and Materials

The body and lid of this kettle are made using stainless steel which is rust-proof and anticorrosive material. With frequent exposure to water, you can ensure this kettle will not rust and will last a long time without experiencing general wear and tear.


At well under $30, this kettle is among the cheaper items on this list making it ideal for the budget-conscious shopper. You can ensure the value you are getting from this kettle meets the price point of the item.


This kettle has dimensions of 5 by 10,55 by 6,61 inches meaning it is a small and compact kettle that will not clutter your kitchen counter or stovetop. The body of the kettle can hold 40 US fluid ounces of water which is equivalent to more than 4 cups of coffee.


  • Durable materials
  • Built-in thermometer: This kettle has a built-in thermometer on the lid which allows you to observe the temperature of the water and remove it when it is the ideal temperature for your tea or coffee.
  • Gooseneck spout: The spout of this kettle allows you to control the speed and volume of water as you are pouring it into your mug. This reduces the chances of overfilling your coffee and tea and means you are less likely to spill hot water on the table.


  • Slightly heavy: This kettle weighs approximately 1,74 pounds making it heavier than some of the other choices on this list. You need to consider the weight before buying to make sure it is right for you.

4. Bean Envy Gooseneck Kettle

Bean Envy’s Gooseneck stove top kettle is lightweight (1 pound) which is unique in its ergonomic handle which allows for comfortable holding. The kettle has a unique design that is eye-catching and would be a classic piece in a modern kitchen.


The kettle can be used on all types of stovetops including electric, and gas fires, as well as on a camping trip over a campfire. This makes it a universal product that can be used both at home and on the go, making it well worth the price.

Durability and Materials

This gooseneck kettle has been made using stainless steel and borosilicate glass, both of which will help your kettle last over a long period without wearing it down.

Stainless steel is anti-corrosive and will not rust, meaning your kettle will not be worn down by exposure to water and moisture. Similarly, borosilicate glass will not break as it can be exposed to temperatures of up to 500 degrees Celsius.


At an approximate price of $30 per kettle, you can buy a Bean Envy stovetop kettle. The price of this kettle reflects the research and development the brand has put in to create a product that works well for you.


The dimensions of this kettle are 10,5 by 6 by 6,5 inches, making it a rather small and compact item. It will not take up too much space on your stovetop and will not cause unnecessary clutter.

You can hold up to 40 US fluid ounces of water in this kettle, enough for 4,5 cups of coffee (with a standard measure of 8,45 ounces per cup).


  • Ergonomic handle: The handle of this kettle has been designed with ridges to allow your fingers to grip the kettle comfortably, making it easier to pour your hot water over your tea or coffee.
  • Temperature control: This kettle comes with a thermostat on the lid, allowing you to remove the kettle when the water within has reached your ideal temperature.
  • Easy to use: It is easy to use this kettle as there are only 3 steps needed to make your cup of coffee. Simply heat the water and allow it to heat to 195 to 205 degrees Fahrenheit and then pour it over your coffee once it has stopped boiling.


  • Short return time: There is a 30-day return period meaning if you experience issues after this window, you cannot return it for a refund.

5. Chefbar Tea Kettle for Stove Top Gooseneck Kettle

Chefbar’s gooseneck kettle is suitable for use on a stovetop and includes a stainless-steel lid, spout, interior, and an anti-scalding handle to allow you to use it as needed. It includes a thermometer on the lid to allow you to remove it from the heat when the water has reached the ideal temperature.

Durability and Materials

Chefbar has done extensive research to create a product that will last over a long period of exposure to water and moisture. The handle is made using Bakelite while the body of the kettle is made using stainless steel.

Stainless steel is an anticorrosive and rust-resistant material that will not experience great wear and tear over a short time.


The Chefbar kettle can be bought for a little over $30 making it a middle-range kettle in terms of price. With a purchase of any kettle, you do not want to buy one that is too cheap as it may indicate lower quality. This kettle has a price that reflects the value will get from it.


This kettle has dimensions of 10 by 5,5 by 6,5 inches meaning it is light and compact which will not unnecessarily clutter your stovetop. The kettle weighs approximately 1 pound making it light and easy to hold with one hand when pouring hot water over tea or coffee.


  • Dishwasher safe: This kettle can be placed in the dishwasher periodically to give it a deep clean. It will not rust during this time and the handle is sturdy enough that nothing will melt or warm when exposed to high heat.
  • Built-in Thermometer: The built-in thermometer will allow you to watch your kettle and remove it from the stovetop when it has reached the ideal temperature.
  • Flow control: Chefbar’s kettle has been designed with a spout that allows you to control the speed of your pour, avoiding splashing and overfilling your coffee mug.


  • Moisture in a thermometer: There is a risk of the thermometer filling with condensation as the thermometer holes are right next to the gauge.

The Best Stovetop Gooseneck Kettle – Conclusion

Choosing the best stovetop gooseneck kettle is a difficult choice to make as there are so many available on the market. hopefully, this article has helped you narrow down which kettle you will be purchasing.

With different price points, shapes, and benefits, our top picks have the common characteristic of making it easier for you to make your tea or coffee.

For someone looking for a more affordable kettle, the Uno Casa kettle is likely the better option, with a price point of less than $30, with the most expensive option being the Hario V60 at a price of just under $70.

The kettle with the largest water capacity is the Hario V60 which can hold approximately 1,2 liters of water while the smallest kettle can hold 0,8 liters, this being the Kook kettle.

Overall, the best stovetop gooseneck kettle is the one you will get the most value from. It is no good buying a kettle that will cause more hassle or will not meet your expectations.

Select the one that fits your checklist best, in terms of budget, size, and additional features.

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