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Philips 3200 Series Review: Pros, Cons & Features Updated 2024

Ryan Marshall
Last Updated: December 30th, 2023

When it comes to high-end home espresso machines, many people focus on larger manufacturers like DeLonghi and Breville and forget that other companies like Phillips also produce a full line of models.

The 3200 Series is one of the most popular styles of espresso machine manufactured by the Philips company, and many espresso enthusiasts have been asking for an honest Philips 3200 series review over the past few years.

In this article, we will take a closer look at this high-tech line of automatic espresso makers with our own Philips 3200 series review, and help you decide if any of the current options are a good fit for your household.

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Things To Consider Before Buying an Espresso Machine

things before buying a phillips espresso machine

There are many different companies in the home espresso machine manufacturing business these days, and each brand offers different models and designs.

While there are many different opinions to choose from, selecting the best espresso machine for your needs comes down to weighing the most important purchase factors.

Cost and Value

One of the first things that the majority of customers pay attention to when shopping for a new espresso machine is the large variance in price between the most economical and top-of-the-line models.

A good first step to take when shopping for your next espresso machine is to establish a set budget. Deciding how much you would like to spend on a machine beforehand is a great way to stay on track financially, and people who decide on a set budget tend to have success when shopping.

Another thing to consider before buying a new espresso machine is the amount of value that each machine you are considering provides. The term value refers to how much you receive in exchange for your money, while price only refers to the overall cost of the item.

Features and Design

With so many different espresso machines on the market to choose from, some people become overwhelmed by all of the choices when shopping. One of the best and most efficient ways to quickly compare different espresso makers is to take a look at the features offered by each.

People who typically only enjoy more simple styles of espresso drinks will find that they do not need or use many of the features present on the most high-end machines available. The most intricate options on the market are best suited for people who enjoy a wide variety of different espresso-based drinks.

One of the main features that separate the more basic models on the market from some of the more high-end selections is the milk frother.

Mid-level machines feature manual milk frothing wands, while most high-end espresso machines showcase fully automatic milk frothers.

Brand Reputation

Another important factor when it comes to choosing the best espresso machine for your home is the reputation of the brand and manufacturer.

With so many high-quality producers making espresso machines today, there is little reason to buy a “knock off” or less trusted brand.

While many people are familiar with the Philips brand for their production of other home electronics like electric razors, they also produce many different styles of high-quality espresso machines.

The 3200 series is the most popular line of Philips machines, and it has developed a very good reputation within the coffee and espresso community

Shipping and Delivery

Another important consideration that needs to be made when purchasing a home espresso machine is the cost and method of delivery after purchase.

Some retailers like Amazon offer flat rates or free shipping, while others change their shipping fees based on your location.

Philips 3200 Series Review

Presenting the Philips 3200

The Philips 3200 line of espresso makers is one of the most popular offerings from the Philips company, and there are a few different options to choose from. The differences between models are the style of milk frother used, and there is even one model capable of making iced coffee drinks.

This high-end espresso maker features an integrated espresso bean hopper and grinder that is designed to be hidden within the lid of the machine. This is one of the sleekest espresso makers on the market, and it is pre-programmed to automatically make five different styles of espresso drinks.

There are three unique configurations to choose from, and each of them is best suited to a different type of espresso enthusiast. The “base” model features a manual milk frother, while the upgraded version showcases the “Latte Go” frother, which can be removed and stored in the refrigerator between uses.

The top offering in the Philips 3200 line showcases the popular Latte Go frother while also adding the capability to make iced espresso beverages. This makes iced lattes and cappuccinos a breeze to make, making this machine very popular in warmer areas.


  • Capable of making high-quality espresso drinks from scratch
  • Very durable machine from a trusted and respected brand
  • One of the sleekest and most aesthetically pleasing machines on the market


  • Not a good option for those who prefer traditional drip coffee
  • There are other machines on the market that feature more drink options
  • The adjustable integrated grinder only has 12 settings, while some others have over 30

Philips 3200 Alternatives

philips 3200 alternatives

While the Philips 3200 line of espresso machines is very popular and widely available in many places all over the world, they are far from the only options on the market.

We have hand-selected three of the most popular alternatives to the Philips 3200 on the market today for your consideration.

1. Breville Barista Touch

Breville is one of the top names in the espresso industry, and they boast everything from pod-based espresso machines to fully automatic machines capable of making espresso from whole beans every morning.

The Breville Barista Touch is one of the top-selling machines produced by the Breville company, and it adds a high-tech and sleek user experience to the very popular Breville Barista line of automatic espresso machines.

2. DeLonghi Magnifica Evo

The DeLonghi Magnifica Evo is the biggest competition to the Barista line of machines from the Breville company in terms of high-quality full function espresso machines. It is a very popular seller, and many people prefer its design to the Breville machines.

Like the Philips 3200, the DeLonghi Magnifica Evo is designed to “hide” the espresso beans in the lid of the machine, making for an aesthetically pleasing machine with clean lines.

It has one more drink pre-programmed compared to the 3200, as well as one extra grinder setting.

3. Gevi 20 Bar Espresso Maker

Gevi is one of the most trusted and respected names in the espresso industry, and many people look at this brand as a “status symbol” within the coffee community.

Their 20 Bar Automatic Espresso Maker features everything you would expect from a top-tier machine and uses a traditional Italian design theme.

Philips 3200 Series Review – Conclusion

When it comes to home-based espresso makers that offer a solid amount of features and good quality without breaking the bank, it is hard to top the mixture of features and value offered in the Philips 3200 models of espresso machines.

It is highly regarded as one of the most reliable and durable automatic espresso machines on the market, and it is the perfect option for simple espresso drinks.

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