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The 5 Best Philippine Coffee Brands (Plus Buying Tips!)

Will Beck
Last Updated: February 28th, 2023

Filipinos are known for being coffee lovers. In fact, recent studies show how Filipinos have depended on coffee to stay awake, especially during busy days!

The same study concluded that around 93% of the Philippines’ population purchases coffee mixes weekly. And, most of the buyers are from the older age group in urban places. If you haven’t tried Philippine coffee, you’ve come to the right place. 

This article lists the best Philippine coffee brands, their features, their pros, and their cons. We’ll also share the uniqueness of the coffee culture in the Philippines. Let’s jump in!

Philippines’ Coffee Industry

philippines’ coffee

With more than 7000 islands, the Philippines has varying weather conditions and microclimates. As a result, this country is ideal for growing all kinds of coffee varieties. The mixed climate also means that farmers can get creative with producing unique coffee blends.

The Philippines is also one of the few countries that can grow all four types of coffee beans:

With this wide assortment, you may find it challenging to choose the best native coffee to try!

To help you out, I’ve broken down the basics of each bean and its unique flavors below. That way, you can pick just the right coffee beans for your drinking experience.


If you want a milder flavor, your best bet is to choose Arabic beans. These beans have a softer and sweeter taste, making your coffee experience much smoother than with some of the other coffee bean types. 

Arabica beans are best for people who have just begun drinking coffee. They’re known for their aromatic flavor. At the same time, they’re sweet rather than bitter, so you get a super flavorful cup with none of the downsides to coffee.


If you want a bolder and more intense coffee, try Barako beans. Barako beans are the local version of the Liberica variety in the Philippines. These beans also feature distinctive fruity and chocolatey notes. 

Barako beans come from the region of Southern Tagalog. The best beans are from the highlands in Cavite, which is located in this region. There, the weather conditions are perfect for growing these types of beans.

Thanks to this location’s high elevation, climate, and soil enriched by the Taal Volcano, the beans’ unique taste and body are enhanced. Barako beans are also well known because of their rich medium-dark roasting processes. 

Aside from Cavite Highlands, you can also find Barako beans from the Batangas. Although not as high-quality as beans from the Cavite region, they’re still delicious. 


If you love coffee with fruity and tarty undertones, go for the Excelsa variety. These premium beans balance their bitterness and natural sweetness with fruity notes. 

You will also notice that Excelsa beans don’t have as intense flavor as the other beans. That makes them perfect for those who are just getting into the world of coffee.


Now, if you need that energy boost for long days, Robusta beans are for you. Premium Robusta beans have the highest caffeine content among the four beans.

Like Barako, they are locally grown in the Cavite highlands. 

Filipinos love Robusta beans because of their floral notes. They add a unique kind of sweetness that you won’t find in any other coffee bean. 

Why You Should Try Philippine Coffee Brands

philippine local coffee

Philippine local brands are worth trying. Still not convinced? Here are a few reasons why these local brands are so much better than the generic coffee products you’re used to. 

Filipino Beans Are Consistent

If there’s one thing these brands can brag about, it’s their consistency. Hardworking farmers ensure that each coffee bean harvested is of premium quality. 

Even when big coffee production crews are harvesting the beans, they still put the same level of care into selecting quality beans. 

As a result, you’ll find that Filipino beans are some of the most consistent coffee beans on the market.

Filipino Beans Have Unique Flavors

If you drink coffee every day, you might get tired of the same taste and flavor. After all, most commercial coffee brands have the same flavor profiles. 

With local Philippine coffee brands, however, it’s always different. There’s a wide selection of coffee blends for everyone. And, because they grow all four types of coffee, you know you’re getting some really distinct flavors.

Filipinos Care About Their Coffee

Local brands are normally owned by small-scale farmers who operate local coffee plantations. These brands are often family businesses, unlike bigger coffee establishments run by major boards and stakeholders. 

Because they are family businesses, you’re guaranteed more accountability. More accountability means better quality and a higher level of care is given to their coffee products. 

As a result, you get premium beans that are packed full of flavor and are generally chemical-free.

Top 5 Best Philippine Coffee Brands

There are several local coffee brands from the Philippines, but a few really stand out. Let’s talk about these brands and why they should be your new coffee go-to!

1. Basilio



  • Each blend offers a different bean mixture, so you’re sure to find one that matches your taste.
  • You can buy it as whole bean, ground coffee, and instant, so it’s easy to prepare no matter what brewing method you like
  • It’s a fair trade brand, so you know you’re supporting an ethical company


  • It’s made with premium coffee beans, so it tends to be a bit expensive

Basilio coffee tops this list. It features unique air-roasting techniques taught to local farmers to enhance the bold and rich flavors of the beans. Basilio coffee offers different blends made with all four types of coffee beans. 

Thanks to the air-roasting techniques, Basilio beans are very aromatic. 

Aside from coffee grounds and whole beans, Basilio also recently launched their drip bags. These bags are great for making coffee in a drip machine without having to measure out the beans.

Basilio coffee features three blends:

  • Dalisay Blend: 100% pure Arabica
  • Tinatangi Blend: 60% Arabica, 30% Robusta, and 10% Excelsa
  • Muni-Muni Blend: 90% Robusta and 10% Arabica 

Any of these will make a mean cup of coffee!

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2. Figures of Beans


  • All flavors have balanced bitterness and sweetness, so they’re great for easy drinking
  • Organic coffee, so it’s healthy and safe to drink 
  • Contains a good amount of caffeine, so it’s ideal for drinking on long busy days 


  • The beans are sourced from Cordillera, so they might be hard to find.

Figures of Beans is famous for its organic coffee packed with antioxidants. This brand harvests and roasts coffee beans all the way from Cordillera. 

The people behind Figures of Beans, Karen de Guzman and KC Boter, aim to make this brand the best local coffee for home brewing. Beans are sourced particularly from Benguet and Sagada. 

Also, Figures of Beans features unique blends of different premium beans. Each flavor is roasted to perfection, allowing you to have the smoothest coffee drinking experience. You will also love how each signature blend is named:

  • Paradox – Arabica beans
  • Oxymoron – Robusta beans
  • Euphemism – Vanilla
  • Irony – Dark roast
  • Understatement – Hazelnut
  • Metaphor – Caramel 

The Figure of Beans’ variety of signature blends ensures there is a flavor for every coffee drinker. 

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3. Mount Apo Civet Coffee Inc

mount apo civet coffee


  • Balanced sweetness, so your coffee is less bitter
  • Bold and rich flavor profile, so it’s smooth to drink
  • Contains antioxidants, so it’s good for your health 


  • Because Civet coffee beans are unique and hard to find, the coffee can be expensive
  • Not suitable for adding sugar or cream because it already has a unique fruity flavor

Mount Apo is the Philippines’ highest mountain. It’s where local farmers produce and grow Civet Cofee beans. These beans are pure Arabica and are chemical-free because of Mt. Apo’s volcanic soil and high elevation. 

As the name suggests, Mount Apo Civet Coffee Inc is most famous for the Civet Coffee variety. 

The unique thing about Civet Coffee is its fruity notes. They also have a rich, chocolatey aroma, lowering the bitterness you taste in the drink. 

4. SGD Coffee

sgd coffee


  • Naturally grown, so it’s safe and healthy to drink 
  • Mild flavor, so expect your cup to have balanced sweetness and bitterness


  • They have lower caffeine content, so they’re not great for those who need a pick-me-up 

SGD Coffee sources its coffee beans from Sagada and is famous for its Typica beans. Typica is a subtype of Arabica that enhances the coffee’s mild flavor and balances out the bitterness. 

SGD coffee beans are premium Arabica beans and are of a single origin. You can also guarantee they are naturally grown and locally produced. 

SGD Coffee roasts the beans in small batches. This helps them extract all the flavors and aromas from the beans, maintaining high quality.

Because of the uniqueness of SGD coffee, the Philippine Government chose to back this brand. Today, it represents the country at various international coffee conferences. Thanks to that, SGD Coffee has opened branches all over the Philippines.

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5. Bo’s Coffee

bo's coffee
Image: Gerald Yuvallos


  • Flavors are rich, so you can really taste the nuances of the coffee
  • The beans have the right balance of sweetness and bitterness, so it’s not too strong 
  • The brand has various branches, so it’s easy to get the beans 


  • Not very strong, so they might not be good for those who want a caffeine kick

Bo’s Coffee focuses on a homegrown coffee experience. Bo’s Coffee has opened several branches nationwide. This makes it easy for you to purchase and try their beans. 

These coffee beans are best known for their flavor varieties, including the following:

  • Sagada – with tobacco notes and a nutty taste
  • Benguet – taste like wine with herbal hints
  • Apo in Davao – has an earthy taste
  • Mt. Matutum – fruity berry flavor with spicy hints

Each one is unique, so it’s worth checking them all out!

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Choose The Best Philippine Coffee Brands

If you love exploring different coffee from around the world, don’t miss out on Philippine coffee. All beans are grown and produced locally. 

Also, everything from cultivation to roasting ensures you get all the flavors in your cup. Try all the brands mentioned, and start enjoying a fresh cup of Filipino coffee in the morning!

Do you have more questions about Filipino coffee? Let us know in the comments!

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