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The 5 Best Ninja Coffee Makers – Our Top Picks for 2024

Ryan Marshall
Last Updated: December 30th, 2023

Ninja is one of the top names in the kitchen appliance industry, and they produce everything from high-quality blenders and food processors to coffee and espresso machines.

I know firsthand how overwhelming coffee machine shopping can be at first, so I’ve put together this helpful guide to help you find the best Ninja coffee maker for your individual coffee needs.

Choosing the Right Ninja Coffee Maker

choosing the right ninja coffee maker

There are many reasons why Ninja is one of the most trusted names in the small appliance business, and even their most simple machines come equipped with thoughtful features like temperature control and small batch brewing options.

I have highlighted five of the most important factors that you should always keep in mind when shopping for any coffee maker.

Price and Value

The Ninja company has many different coffee makers to choose from that are priced differently from model to model. They do not necessarily produce an “entry-level” model, however, and the cheapest available option from the company costs around $100.

One of the top selling points for Ninja machines is their durability, which combined with the high quality of parts and coffee make them some of the best values on the market. While there is no “cheap” Ninja coffee maker, the machines are known to hold up for many years as they are made with high-quality materials and hardware.

Features and Options

One of the most important things to look at when comparing different machines is the features associated with each. Some machines are meant to do a handful of things well, while others have a deep list of capabilities and can make dozens of different drinks.

It is a good idea to take a close look at the coffee-drinking habits of your household when choosing between different Ninja coffee machines, as some people find that they only use a few core features of their coffee machine.

Quality of Coffee

Ninja coffee machines have developed a very good reputation within the coffee community for sporting top-shelf water temperature controls and heating elements. These ensure that coffee beans are brewed at ideal temperatures, leading to better flavor in the finished cup of coffee.

While all of Ninja’s coffee makers feature these high-end temperature control units, the Ninja Specialty 10 Cup Coffee Maker is known for making the best cup of coffee. It is essentially an automated drip coffee maker, and automatically blooms grounds before brewing to achieve the best taste.

Style and Looks

One of the most overlooked factors during the coffee machine shopping process for many people is the look and style of the machine. I personally only choose sleek appliances with minimalist designs, as these tend to fit best into the design theme of my kitchen.

Some Ninja coffee machines feature minimalist and “boxy” designs, while others look more like miniature barista stations with many exposed parts and dials. Choosing the best option for your home comes down to taking a close look at your kitchen’s style, as well as the specific area where the machine will be placed.

Size and Weight

Many coffee enthusiasts never have to think about the size and weight of their machines. They simply purchase their coffee maker, plug it in, and enjoy coffee from home for years to come. For others who travel for work or need to stow their machines away between uses, the profile of their machine is a major consideration.

I have personally traveled with a small five-cup coffee machine in the back of my car for long road trips. I find that it is the best way to enjoy high-end coffee on the go, and many rest stops and hotels use low-quality machines that are of questionable cleanliness.

Quick Overview: Our Top Picks for Best Ninja Coffee Maker

dstblcr-table__imageNinja DCM201 14 Cup, Programmable Coffee Maker
  • Optimal Temprature Range
  • Freshness Timer
  • Delay Brew up 24 hr in Advanced
dstblcr-table__imageNinja CFP301 DualBrew Pro 12-Cup Coffee Maker
  • Grounds and Pods Coffee Maker
  • Built in Foldable Frother
  • Separate Hot Water Dispenser
dstblcr-table__imageNinja CM401 Specialty 10-Cup Coffee Maker
  • No Pods Required
  • Auto Shutoff Feature
  • Easy to Clean
dstblcr-table__imageNinja Hot and Cold Brewed System
  • Auto IQ One Touch Intelligence Technology
  • Individual Coffee and Tea Baskets
  • Foldable Hot and Cold Frother
dstblcr-table__imageNinja CFN601 Espresso & Coffee Barista System
  • Barista Plus Technology
  • Adjustable Cup Tray
  • Used Capsule Storage Bin

Top 5 Ninja Coffee Makers

top ninja coffee makers

1. Ninja 14 Cup XL Pro Coffee Maker

The Ninja 14 Cup XL Pro Coffee Maker is one of the most simple and traditionally designed coffee machines in the company’s lineup, and it is one of the best machines of its kind available for purchase today.

While it may look like many of the other drip-style coffee machines with glass carafes on the market today, many high-end features set it apart from the competition. I believe that the primary factor that separates the XL Pro from the pack is the high-end heating system that ensures coffee is only brewed at the optimal temperature.

The 14-cup water reservoir is also removable, making it one of the easiest machines of its kind to refill. The reservoir is also translucent, which makes it simple to keep an eye on the fill level and anticipate when a refill is needed.

There are also two different flavor settings, which is a feature not present in many traditional drip-style coffee makers. Along with being able to choose between “Classic” and “Rich” coffee, the machine also has a 1-4 cup setting that maintains full flavor in smaller batches.


  • Uses a traditional design that blends in with many kitchens
  • Has high-end features like flavor control and small-batch settings
  • Uses one of the best heating systems of any drip coffee machine
  • Water reservoir is removable for maximum convenience
  • Comes with a reusable filter that is made with a metallic mesh


  • Some people prefer pour over machines over drip coffee options
  • Requires the use of a separate coffee grinder for the best flavor
  • One of the more expensive drip coffee machines on the market

2. Ninja DualBrew Pro System

The Ninja DualBrew Pro System is essentially an all-in-one coffee-making station for your home that is capable of brewing many different styles of coffee. It is compatible with both K Cups and ground coffee, making it a great choice for households with many coffee drinkers who have different preferences.

The machine can either brew single cups of coffee at a time or full pots with the use of the included 12-cup carafe. There is also a milk frother on the side of the machine, which is perfect for specialty drinks like cappuccinos or lattes.

While the Ninja DualBrew Pro System is not technically an espresso machine capable of properly extracting the oils from espresso beans, it is compatible with espresso-style K Cups, which can be used along with the milk frother to create cafe-style drinks.

Another great feature of this high-end Ninja coffee station is the fact that it includes a separate dedicated hot water spout, which is perfect for making hot tea and Americanos, as well as food items like oatmeal and instant noodles.


  • One of the most versatile coffee machines on the market today
  • Included dedicated hot water spout for hot tea drinks
  • Four different brew settings allow for many different drink styles
  • Compatible with K Cups as well as raw coffee grounds
  • High-end milk frother makes it easy to make cafe drinks like cappuccinos


  • Does not have enough extraction pressure for proper espresso
  • Some people find the machine to be a bit of an eyesore
  • The quality of the iced coffee has been called into question by some

3. Ninja Specialty 10 Cup Coffee Maker

The Ninja Specialty 10 Cup Coffee Maker immediately sticks out from the crowd when compared to traditionally designed drip coffee machines, as this powerful and versatile coffee machine boasts a unique and sleek look.

This unique design from the Ninja company can more accurately be described as an automated pour over machine rather than a drip coffee device, and the company has automated the coffee ground blooming step used when making pour over coffee.

The design also allows for more even extraction from the coffee beans, as water tends not to channel with this specific design. A single cup can be placed beneath the brewing unit, and it is also capable of brewing full 10-cup carafes at once.

There are two different carafe options to choose from, with glass being the most popular option. While metallic carafes can sometimes provide extra thermal insulation qualities, most people prefer the convenience of a clear option to keep an eye on fill level and cleanliness.


  • Showcases a unique high end pour over style design
  • The machine automatically blooms coffee grounds before brewing
  • Four different brew types to choose from for different drinks
  • Features a fold-away milk frother for maximum convenience
  • One of the most visually impressive coffee machines on the market today


  • Price tag of around $160 is too high for some
  • Some coffee enthusiasts are set in their ways and prefer traditional machines
  • The quality of the “over ice” feature is not up to par for some iced coffee lovers

4. Ninja Hot and Cold Brewed System

The Ninja Hot and Cold Brewed System is a compact and versatile machine that is capable of creating a small cafe menu of different hot and cold drinks. This is one of the best options for households with both tea and coffee drinkers, as each can be prepared in both hot and cold varieties.

What sets this machine apart from many others for tea enthusiasts is the fact that it features a dedicated tea basket for loose-leaf brewing. While other options have dedicated hot water spouts for use with tea bags, the Hot and Cold Brewed System is capable of making proper hot brewed tea with full flavor extraction.

The machine also features a high-quality milk frother, which can make some very interesting specialty beverages when combined with the tea brewing features. For example, this is one of the only coffee machines on the market that is also capable of making a Matcha Latte.


  • One of the most versatile hot and cold beverage machines on the market
  • Capable of making hot and iced versions of both tea and coffee
  • High-tech milk frother makes specialty drinks a breeze
  • Two different carafe options to choose from
  • Fairly compact machine considering the deep list of features


  • Only one color finish is available
  • There are better options for those who don’t drink tea
  • Price tag of nearly $200 is too high for some

5. Ninja Espresso and Coffee Barista System

While other Ninja coffee machines on the market are capable of brewing single-serve coffee pods, the Ninja Espresso and Coffee Barista System is the only model that is compatible with espresso-style pods from major brands like Nespresso.

The main style of disposable pods used for brewed coffee is called K Cups, which are sometimes filled with espresso grounds to make espresso-style drinks. Nespresso pods are made specifically for espresso and use a higher pressure extraction method to make a more “proper” style of espresso compared to K Cups.

The Ninja Espresso and Coffee Barista System combines the high-tech temperature control systems that the Ninja company is known for with an impressive 19 bars of pump pressure to make some of the highest quality espresso available in pod format.


  • One of the only machines on the market that can brew grounds and Nespresso pods
  • Milk frother combined with Nespresso pods makes high-quality cafe drinks
  • Can brew a pot or cup of coffee, as well as a shot of espresso separately
  • 12-cup carafe makes serving easy for large families and gatherings
  • Black and stainless steel finish is sleek and stylish


  • One of the larger machines in the category that requires ample counter space
  • Not all households require so many different features and options
  • Can only make espresso from pods, not raw espresso grounds

Best Ninja Coffee Maker – Final Thoughts

The Ninja company boasts a full lineup of different coffee machine models to satisfy the needs of many different households. While the company has many different high-end options to choose from, the Ninja Hot and Cold Brewed System is the best choice for the widest variety of homes.

I am very impressed by the dual brewing capabilities for both tea and coffee, and the integrated milk frother puts this machine over the top in terms of quality and versatility. Feel free to leave a comment below if you own any of the Ninja coffee machines I have highlighted, and be sure to let other coffee lovers know your thoughts and recommendations!

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