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Moka Pot vs French Press – What’s The Difference?

Ryan Marshall
Last Updated: August 18th, 2023

The Moka Pot and French Press are both very popular coffee-making tools that are used to make high-quality cups of coffee. The Moka Pot is used to make very strong coffee that can be nearly as strong as espresso, while the French Press is used to make very flavorful coffee that is milder in terms of strength.

There are many different considerations that need to be made before buying a new coffee-making tool. In this guide, we will look closer at Moka Pot Vs french press and give you all the tools you need to make the right decision.

Things To Consider Before Buying A Moka Pot or French Press

things before buying a moka pot or french press

While there are many different considerations that need to be made when shopping for a new coffee making device, we have highlighted the four most important factors to simplify the shopping process and keep things simple for you.

Price and Value

Both the Moka Pot and French Press are capable of making high-quality coffee beverages at a fairly low price. The majority of Moka Pots on the market today cost $50 or less, while French Presses often cost under $40.

These “low-tech” coffee-making options cost significantly less compared to more high-end machines with advanced features, making them great options for serious coffee enthusiasts on a budget. They require a bit more effort to operate, which is not an issue for many people.

Many people consider both Moka Pots and french presses to represent incredible value, as they deliver top-tier coffee quality each morning at a relatively low price point. They are also both very durable options, and each machine is strong enough to last decades.

Style of Coffee

While both the Moka Pot and french press are designed to make traditional drip coffee rather than espresso, many people compare the extra strong coffee produced by the Moka Pot to a large cup of espresso.

The coffee produced by the Moka Pot is very high in caffeine compared to traditional drip coffee, though it is not technically espresso. The Moka Pot does not produce enough pressure to fully extract espresso beans, and the result is considered to be a strong, concentrated coffee.

The French Press is a great option for those who prioritize taste over strength in their morning cup of coffee, as it produces very flavorful coffee that is a bit more diluted compared to the Moka Pot. The French Press produces very flavorful coffee and is a favorite of many serious coffee enthusiasts.

Size and Weight

The overall size and weight of a coffee maker is a more important consideration for some compared to others, as some people have ample kitchen and counter space while others live in smaller spaces with less available space in their kitchens.

Both the Moka Pot and French Press are great options for those who are short on space, as they both feature compact and efficient designs. They can both easily be stowed away in a cabinet or drawer between uses, and they are both fairly lightweight.

Another important factor that needs to be taken into account when it comes to these coffee-making devices is the way that they operate. The Moka Pot requires the use of a stove, while the French Press simply requires hot water and is often used with a kettle.

Look and Aesthetics

The look and aesthetics of any given coffee-making device are often overlooked factors that can play a huge part in determining the right option for you. Both the Moka Pot and the french press come in a variety of styles, making it possible to find a good fit for your kitchen.

While there are many different variations in terms of style and design with both of these coffee-making options, there are certain design elements that remain constant regardless of the model. French presses often feature clear glass, while Moka Pots are metallic and generally shiny.

Presenting the Moka Pot vs French Press

The Moka Pot and French Press are both fantastic options for those who appreciate high-quality coffee and traditional design. They are both simple to clean and operate, and choosing the best option for your needs is a matter of preference.

We have highlighted the most important features of each of these coffee devices to simplify the shopping process for you.

The Moka Pot

The Moka Pot is an Italian coffee-making device that was developed in the year 1933 by Alfonso Bialetti. It uses a unique process to extract the oils and natural sugars from ground coffee beans that use steam to force coffee upwards through the pot.

While many other coffee makers and devices feature built-in heating elements these days, the Moka Pot uses a decidedly “old school” approach. The pot is set on a stovetop or electric burner and operates similarly to the way a kettle works on the surface.


  • Produces strong and concentrated coffee beverages
  • Simple to operate each morning and keep clean
  • Time-trusted design that has proven to be very durable over the years


  • Requires the use of a traditional stove with a free burner
  • A bit more involved to use compared to pod-based alternatives
  • Some people do not enjoy how strong Moka Pot coffee turns out

The French Press

The French Press is another coffee innovation that was brought about by Italian engineers. Attilio Calimani and Giulio Moneta filed the first patent for the French Press coffee-making device in the year 1929, and it has been a staple in many households for generations.


  • Simple design that is elegant and beautiful to look at
  • Produces some of the most fully flavored coffee of any device
  • Makes enough coffee for two or more people each morning


  • Some people prefer a stronger cup of coffee
  • Sometimes coffee grounds can slip through the filter
  • Devices often feature glass designs that can crack if broken

Coffee Making Alternatives

coffee making alternative


While both the Moka Pot and French Press are popular options when it comes to making high-quality coffee at home each morning, they are far from the only two options on the market.

We have highlighted three of the most popular machine styles on the market today, and have highlighted the differences between them and the French Press and Moka Pot.

Pod-Based Coffee Machines

Keurig K-Classic Coffee Maker K-Cup Pod
  • Note: 1)Too coarse a grind, too little coffee, or insufficiently tamping the grounds before brewing can all lead to inadequate pressure for a proper brew. 2)It is important to note that the amount of...
  • Brews multiple k-cup pod sizes: (6, 8, 10 ounce) – the most popular k-cup pod brew sizes. Use the 6 ounce brew size to achieve the strongest brew.
  • Large 48 ounce water reservoir: Allows you to brew 6 plus cups before having to refill, saving you time and simplifying your morning routine. The water reservoir is removable, making it easy to refill...
  • Descaling: An important part of cleaning your keurig brewer. This process helps to remove calcium deposits, or scale, that can build up inside a coffee maker over time.
  • Auto-off: An auto-off feature is easily programmed to turn off your coffee maker after it has been idle for 2 hours, helping to save energy.
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Pod-based coffee and espresso machines offer unparalleled simplicity and ease of use when it comes to operation each morning. They do not require any preparation in terms of grinding or measuring coffee beans, and they require the least cleanup of any option.

The most popular and trusted option on the market when it comes to pod-based espresso machines is Nespresso, while Keurig is the leading name in the coffee industry when it comes to pod-based coffee machines.

Both Keurig and Nespresso have made partnerships with some of the largest coffee and espresso brands in the world, and popular and recognizable brands like Starbucks and Dunkin are available in both K Cups and Nespresso pods.

Automatic Espresso Machines

Automatic espresso machines represent the “top tier” of home-based machines when it comes to both features and quality. They are capable of building a deep library of espresso-based drinks from scratch and feature integrated coffee bean hoppers and grinders.

Many of the top automatic espresso machines on the market feature high-end features like touchscreen displays or simple push-button operation. These features make it possible to simply choose your favorite coffee shop drink while the machine does the rest.

The majority of these high-end machines also feature automatic milk frothers, which perfectly aerate and steam milk and milk alternatives into foam for drinks like lattes, cappuccinos, macchiatos, and more.

Traditional Drip Coffee Machines

When many people hear the word “coffee machine,” the first thing they picture in their heads is the simple and traditional electric drip coffee machine.

This tried and true design has been used for many decades and remains the most popular option in American households today.

Many people start each morning by making a full pot of coffee at home using one of these machines, and they make great options for larger households. Leaving a pot of coffee on the burner is a great way to have access to fresh hot coffee as the morning turns to the early afternoon.

Moka Pot vs French Press – Conclusion

Both the Moka Pot and french press are great options when it comes to making high-quality, “coffee shop quality” level coffee in your home each morning. Both of these devices are simple to operate and offer high levels of durability even after many years of use.

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