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Jura E8 Review 2024 – The Perfect Espresso Machine

Jason Gass
Last Updated: December 30th, 2023

A super-automatic coffee maker is a luxury that many of us dream about. A single machine that will make your favorite coffee drink with just the push of a button. The Jura E8 is one of these magical machines.

While considered a luxury option when it comes to coffee machines, the E8 is well worth the money you spend. The Jura E8 makes an amazing quality coffee drink and it also looks great on your countertop. Follow along with us as we examine what makes the Jura E8 a great coffee machine in our own Jura E8 review.

Jura E8 Automatic Coffee Machines
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Things To Consider Before Buying an Automatic Espresso Machine

buying a automatic espresso machine

Before dropping your hard-earned money on an automatic espresso machine, there are some things you need to know and consider.

The variety of automatic espresso machines means that you really have to do your research before buying. Not all machines have the same features or the same functionality.

Quality of Espresso

You are making a significant investment when you consider a super-automatic espresso machine. While they are a handy tool for your kitchen, if they don’t make a good cup of coffee, they really aren’t worth your hard-earned dollars.

For good quality espresso, look for a super-automatic machine that has a built-in grinder, a water filter, and a removable water tank. All of these features are nice convenience features, but they also help to make a good quality espresso.

Ease of Use

Any appliance that is a challenge to use, maintain, or clean is not one that we want in our kitchen. When we are considering super-automatic espresso machines, one of the most important factors that we consider is the ease of use. It shouldn’t require a degree in rocket science to make a cup of espresso or your favorite espresso drink.

We like espresso machines that have intuitive controls, easy-to-see and read display panels, and parts like water tanks, grinders, and milk pitchers that are easy to remove, clean, and do any maintenance that may be necessary.

Durability and Maintenance

You are going to spend a good chunk of money on a super-automatic espresso machine so you likely are expecting it to last a long time. Look for products that are made from durable materials like stainless steel or even just minimal plastic parts.

Adding to durability is the ease of maintenance. Because super-automatic espresso machines last longer and make a better cup of espresso when they are clean and well-maintained, look for a product that has easy-to-follow maintenance instructions and a self-cleaning cycle.


Just because you are buying a super-automatic coffee machine, doesn’t mean that it will make anything that you want. Most machines have a limited number of drinks that they can make. However, some machines only offer you espresso, lattes, and cappuccinos. If you really like macchiatos or cortados, these basic machines are not right for you.

When selecting a super-automatic coffee machine, make sure you know what you like and that you select a machine that will easily brew what you enjoy the most.

Price and Value

Super-automatic coffee machines like the Jura line are going to be a bit more expensive than other products. What you really need to consider with these higher-end espresso makers is the value of the product.

If you purchase a lower-priced option, but it doesn’t do what you want, it really isn’t a good value. When shopping for these products, consider the options of the product when compared to the price, for the best value for your home.

Jura E8 Review

Presenting the Jura E8 Automatic Espresso Machine

The Jura E8 is one of the lower-priced models in the Jura line. This espresso machine comes with some of the stand-out features of the Jura line of products. This machine includes the Jura P.E.P (pulse extraction process) for a robust and flavorful espresso.

The G3 aroma grinder holds plenty of beans and grinds the perfect amount for a single, double, or larger espresso drink. The smart milk frother provides you with perfectly frothed milk for espresso drinks ranging from cortados to creamy lattes.

This machine is very easy to use and has 17 pre-programmed drink recipes. With a push of a button, you can enjoy your favorite drink for quick brewing every morning.

The LCD display and push button operation is very intuitive and easy to use. The machine offers you the option to select grind size, water temperature, shot size, and the quality of your frothed milk. The Jura E8 is a great machine for a coffee lover that wants a high-end machine but isn’t ready to pay luxury prices to get a great cup of espresso.


  • Good value, even though this is a lower model in the Jura line.
  • Comes with 17 pre-programmed drinks and the ability to customize each program
  • The G3 grinder makes a consistent grind size
  • The milk frother is one of the better on the market.


  • You cannot program your own recipes
  • The water tank does not hold as much as other, similar products
  • There is no warming plate for your cups

Features & Benefits

features & benefits jura e8

When considering the Jura E8 there are some features that you will want to consider, as they are those that make the E8 a great super-automatic coffee maker.

Coffee Quality

Jura doesn’t disappoint with the quality of the espresso that their machine makes. Every shot of espresso is flavorful and rich. The machine even produces a thick, rich crema at the end of every brew cycle.


The Aroma G3 grinder is another feature of this machine that adds to the high-quality espresso product. The integrated burr grinder does a good job of making a consistent grind size. The tight seal on the bean hopper keeps your beans fresh which results in a better-tasting coffee, full of oils that make a good espresso so aromatic.


We love the way that this espresso machine looks. It is not only great for making coffee, but it looks really attractive sitting on your kitchen counter or on your coffee bar.

Ease of Use

There aren’t a ton of extra features on the Jura E8, but that is a huge selling point if you are looking for an easy-to-use super-automatic espresso machine. The pre-programmed recipes allow you to enjoy your favorite cup of coffee in just minutes, with minimal effort.

Alternatives to the JURA E8

alternatives to the jura e8

1. Rancilio Silvia Pro X Espresso Machine

The Rancilio Silvia Pro X is a semi-automatic espresso machine. If you just don’t mind the work it takes to brew the perfect espresso and froth your own milk, this machine is a delight.

It features PID temperature control along with dual boilers. This allows for more steam and better pressure for brewing your espresso. It is an easy-to-use machine, even for beginners. And it is an attractive machine that will look great on your counter.

2. Breville BES920XL Dual Boiler Espresso Machine

The Breville BES920XL is another semi-automatic machine. However, Breville has made this machine a bit simpler with some easy-to-use push-button controls. This added convenience is combined with the high quality you expect from Breville.

3. Gaggia Accademia Espresso Machine

The Gaggia Accademia espresso machine is another super-automatic option. While this machine performs well and has a lower price point, it doesn’t look as nice on your counter as the Jura E8. The push-button controls are a little clunky.

However, if you are on a budget and are looking for a good alternative to the Jura E8 the Gaggia is a great option.

Final Thoughts

The Jura E8 is everything you need in a super-automatic espresso machine. It is simple to use, offers the ability to customize your drinks, and comes with high-quality, durable features and construction. Besides being easy to use, this machine is easy to clean, which means you get a great shot of espresso every morning.

Despite being one of the more expensive espresso machines on the market, we find the Jura E8 to be a great value and well worth the price, given the quality of construction, customizable brewing options, and attractive design.

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