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7 Best Coffee Grinders For French Press (2024 Guide)

Charl Joost
Last Updated: December 30th, 2023

If your go-to coffee-making tool is a French press, then you understand that the size of the coffee grounds is important. However, if you are new to making coffee this way, the first section will walk you through using a French press and why a coffee grinder is needed.

In this article, we have compiled our top picks for the best coffee grinder for French press. This will help you decide which option you would like to buy, and which is the best option for you. Each option has been looked at based on price, size, and material.

What to Consider Before Buying a Coffee Grinder

things to consider before buying a coffee grinder

What is a Coffee Grinder?

If you buy coffee beans whole, you will need to grind these beans to a ground coffee form. This allows you to then use the coffee grounds in a variety of methods, including French press, drip coffee, pour-over, and more. However, unless you go to a coffee shop to have the grounds made, you will need a grinder at home.

A coffee grinder allows you to crush these coffee beans to a desired coarseness. Some coffee machines require fine coffee grounds while others require coarser coffee grounds. You can therefore use these coffee grinders to ensure your grounds meet the required size for the machine you are using.

Some coffee grinders are hand-operated which involves you putting the coffee beans in the grinder and then cranking the handle to grind. Other electric coffee grinders require you to put the beans inside and then turn them on.

There may be options that allow you to select the preferred coffee ground size while others do not.

How to Choose a Coffee Grinder

Before you buy a coffee grinder, there are 3 factors you need to consider. The first is the price you are willing to spend on a coffee grinder. Look at your budget and work out what you can pay for a grinder, and then stick to that amount. Spending too much will cause you to feel guilty and you may avoid using the grinder.

Next, consider the space where the grinder will be placed. You need to ensure the grinder will fit into the space comfortably and will not cause clutter. On this note, take note of the weight of the grinder as you may need to maneuver it when cleaning or reorganizing. Ensure you can comfortably adjust the grinder without dropping it.

Finally, take note of the materials used to make the coffee grinder. Certain materials can increase the lifespan of your grinder by being durable. These materials include thick plastic or stainless steel, which is a rust-resistant and corrosive-proof material.

What Are the Advantages of Using a Coffee Grinder?

Using a coffee grinder allows you to control when the grounds are made to avoid them becoming stale. You can also control the size of the coffee grounds for the most part, which is beneficial when your coffee machine takes only a specific size. For French press coffee, you need coarse and even-sized coffee grounds.

Additionally, you can control the quality of the coffee grounds you make. you can produce the same-sized coffee grounds every time which allows you to enjoy the same coffee multiple times without the grind size affecting it.

How Do You Make French Press Coffee?

In its simplest form, French press coffee is made by steeping coffee grounds in hot water and then pressing the grounds to the bottom. This allows the brewed coffee to sit above the grinder making it easier to pour without coffee grounds getting into your coffee cup.

The primary concern with the French press is the water used and the coffee grounds you put in the French press. If the water is too hot it can burn the coffee grounds, and if it is too cold it does not extract the full flavor of the coffee grounds. It is therefore important to ensure your water is at the right temperature.

Similarly, you do not want coffee grounds that are too fine as the coffee can become bitter. you, therefore, want to use a coarse and even grind to extract the full flavor and leave a rich coffee.

Place your coarse coffee grounds in the body of the French press and heat your water. Allow it to sit for a minute before pouring it into the press to allow a moment to cool.

Let the coffee steep for 5 minutes and then slowly push the plunger down to remove the coffee grounds. Going too fast may result in grounds being left behind.

There is also an alternative method to brewing French Press championed by coffee aficionado James Hoffman, you can watch a video of his method here.

Quick Overview: Our Top Picks for Best Coffee Grinder For French Press

dstblcr-table__imageCuisinart DCG-20BKN Grinder
  • Stainless Steel Blades
  • Built-in Safety Interlock
  • Modern Design
dstblcr-table__imageBLACK+DECKER Coffee Grinder
  • Lid-Locking Safety Feature
  • One Touch Push-Button Control
  • Value for Money
dstblcr-table__imageHamilton Beach Fresh Grind Electric
  • Stainless Steel Grinding Bowl
  • Hideaway Cord Storage
  • Simple & Intuitive
dstblcr-table__imageOXO Brew Conical Burr Coffee Grinder
  • Large Capacity Hopper
  • Static Fighting Container
  • Powerful DC Motor
dstblcr-table__imageMr. Coffee Coffee Grinder, Automatic
  • Chamber Cleaning System
  • Lid Activated Safety
  • Hands Free Grinding
dstblcr-table__imageSHARDOR Adjustable Coffee Grinder Electric
  • Adjustable Grinding Precision
  • Automatic Stop
  • Removable Grinding Cup
dstblcr-table__imageBaratza Encore Conical Burr Coffee Grinder
  • Hardened Alloy Steel Burrs
  • User Friendly Functions
  • Powerful DC Motor

Best Coffee Grinder for French Press – Top 7 Choices

coffee grinders for french press

1. Cuisinart DCG-20BKN Coffee Grinder

For a modern and sleek coffee grinder, Cuisinart’s DCG-20BKN grinder is a good option. It is made with a stainless-steel drum and a black plastic body which gives it a sleek and modern look. This grinder can process 70 grams of coffee beans at once which is enough to make 12 cups of coffee.

With a heavy-duty motor, this coffee grinder is powerful and provides you with consistent-sized coffee grounds each time. A safety interlock allows you to shut the grinder properly before using it, with an on/off switch making it easy to turn on.

The body of the coffee grinder is easy to clean and store if needed, and there is an instruction manual included. Although the bowl cannot be removed, using a wet paper towel and wiping it down is enough.

Aside from coffee grounds, this grinder can be used on whole beans, herbs, and spices.

Quick Facts

  • Price: One of the 3 most affordable options on this list, this coffee grinder is priced at approximately $20. This is an affordable option making it a good choice for those with a stricter budget.
  • Dimensions: This coffee grinder has dimensions of 4 by 4 by 7 inches, making it a somewhat small unit. The height adds most of the size but overall, this grinder will not take up unnecessary space on your counter. Additionally, this grinder weighs 1,57 pounds making it a lightweight coffee grinder.
  • Material: Made with a stainless-steel drum, this coffee maker can last against frequent use. The stainless steel is rust proof making it easier to clean without damaging it. Similarly, it is a strong and durable material meaning it will last when used frequently.

2. Black + Decker Coffee Grinder

If you are looking for a small and compact coffee grinder, then the Black and Decker One-Touch is a good option for you. Made with a 2/3 cup capacity for coffee beans, this grinder allows you to prepare coffee grounds several days in advance.

There is a built-in push-button control that allows you to control the consistency of the grind. You can therefore ensure that the coffee grounds are the appropriate size for your French press every time. The blades are made from stainless steel making them powerful enough to grind coffee beans smoothly.

Additionally, you can grind herbs, grains, spices, and other materials with this coffee grinder giving it more use. This is a good investment piece if you are someone who likes to cook with fresh herbs and spices or likes to make coffee grounds.

Quick Facts

  • Price: For approximately $20, this is another affordable option on this list. The price does not reflect the value you get from this grinder. The large bean storage, the compact design, and the material used all increase the true value of the grinder without affecting the price.
  • Dimensions: This coffee grinder has dimensions of 3,5 by 3,4 by 7,29 inches making it a compact design that will not clutter your kitchen. The height adds to space, so it is better to not place this grinder under a cabinet to avoid hitting the lid.
  • Material: The outside and inner walls of this coffee grinder are made of stainless steel. It will not rust when cleaned or wear down quickly with frequent use. This is a good material to use for this type of device.

3. Hamilton Beach Electric Coffee Grinder

Hamilton Beach is known for its coffee makers, but they have coffee grinders available as well. Their electric coffee grinder is a lightweight and compact option that has a simple but useful design. Made with plastic and stainless steel, this is a durable and long-lasting coffee grinder.

The body of the grinder can hold enough coffee beans to make up to 12 cups of coffee, which is enough to make your French press, and then have enough left over to store.  Additionally, the grinding bowl is removable and dishwasher safe making it easy to clean after use.

It is easy to use as there is a single button to press to turn it on. The grinder will then crush your coffee beans using stainless steel blades. Aside from coffee beans, this grinder can be used on herbs and spices without the blades wearing down rapidly.

Quick Facts

  • Price: Another coffee grinder at approximately $20, this option is an example of the price not matching the value. With versatility in what you can use with this grinder, this is a worthwhile coffee grinder to consider. Additionally, the materials used improve the lifespan of the grinder.
  • Dimensions: A compact design, this coffee grinder has dimensions of 3,7 by 3,5 by 7,1 inches. It has a weight of 1,3 pounds making it the lightest coffee grinder on this list even if it is not the smallest option.
  • Material: This coffee grinder is made using stainless steel, plastic, and polycarbonate. As previously stated, stainless steel and plastic are durable materials that will last with frequent use. Polycarbonate is a type of thin, durable plastic that works well with high temperatures.

4. OXO Brew Conical Burr Coffee Grinder

If you are looking for a hardy, conical burr coffee grinder, then OXO’s offering is a good option. This coffee maker is available in silver from stainless steel, with other options including an 8-cup coffee maker and a 14-ounce bottle.

This coffee grinder has 15 ground-size settings which allow you to choose the perfect size for your French press. These options include fine grounds for espresso-based drinks and course grounds for a cold brew and French press. By having multiple options, you can use this grinder for more than just French press, giving you variety.

Other features of this coffee grinder are the UV-blocking tint shields that keep your coffee beans free from UV rays. Additionally, there is a hopper with a trap door which will catch coffee beans and reduce mess when removing your coffee grounds.

Quick Facts

  • Price: With a price of approximately $100, this is one of the more expensive options on this list. However, the price reflects the unique style of the coffee grinder, with burr grinders more expensive than some other options.
  • Dimensions: This coffee grinder has dimensions of 5,3 by 7,8 by 13 inches, making it the largest coffee grinder on this list. Additionally, with a weight of 6,58 pounds, this is the second-heaviest coffee grinder among the options. It is therefore likely to be difficult to pack away easily.
  • Material: The body of the coffee grinder is made with stainless steel which will maintain its sleek look over time. Additionally, the conical burrs are made with stainless steel making them durable and likely to last with frequent use against tough coffee beans.

5. Mr. Coffee, Coffee Grinder

If you are looking for a coffee grinder with various adjustable options and a compact design, the Mr. Coffee option is a good choice. This grinder is made with stainless steel blades and a sleek black design. It will not stand out unnecessarily in a kitchen and will not cause unnecessary clutter.

With 5 grind settings, you can easily adjust the size of the grind of your coffee beans. This gives you some variety as you can adjust the grind size depending on the coffee maker you will be using. These options include fine grounds, medium grounds, and coarse grounds for a French press.

Additionally, this grinder has a 4 – 12 cup selector that allows you to grind the right amount of beans for a specific coffee. This minimizes waste by reducing how often you will have leftover grounds that could go stale. The grinding chamber is easy to remove and clean, adding more ease to your coffee-making.

This coffee grinder is easy to store, with cord storage making it easy to keep it untangled and neat. The smaller size makes it easy to fit in a cupboard or out of the way on a counter without causing clutter.

Quick Facts

  • Price: At approximately $25, this is an affordable option and is the next cheapest option on this list. This price does not reflect the value of the grinder. The material used, the unique style, and the add-ons all improve the overall quality of the grinder.
  • Dimensions: With dimensions of 9,2 by 5,4 by 5,3 inches, this coffee grinder is another small and compact option. It weighs 1,9 pounds making it another lightweight option that is easy to maneuver when needed.
  • Material: Stainless steel blades result in smooth and easy coffee grinding and will last against frequent use without wear and tear.

6. Shardor Adjustable Electric Coffee Grinder

If you are looking for an easy-to-handle coffee grinder with a variety of uses, the Shardor electric grinder is a good option. It can be used on various spices including cinnamon, coffee grounds, and a variety of herbs. Designed to be small and sleek, this grinder is ideal for smaller kitchens.

Shardor’s grinder has an adjustable grinding power, with options ranging from a fine grind to a coarse grind. This allows you to select how fine you would like your grounds which makes it ideal for those with multiple coffee makers, and who want to use it for other reasons.

A feature of this grinder is the low-sound output. The grinder has been designed to be quieter to use, at a level of 63 decibels. This makes it easy to use the grinder early in the morning without disturbing others.

Quick Facts

  • Price: At a price of approximately $37, this coffee grinder is somewhat affordable for most people. However, you need to ensure this grinder is within your budget to allow you to buy it guilt-free.
  • Dimensions: With dimensions of 4,3 by 4,7 by 8,2 inches, this coffee grinder is a mid-sized grinder. It weighs 2,29 pounds which makes it a somewhat lightweight option and is easy to maneuver and pack away to store. The removable bowl can hold up to 2,5 ounces which is equivalent to 10 cups of coffee.
  • Material: The removable bowl is made from stainless steel with the body of the grinder made of hard plastic. Both materials are durable and are likely to last if the grinder is dropped, used frequently, or exposed to moisture.

7. Baratza Encore Conical Burr Coffee Grinder

If you are looking for a simple coffee grinder, and have the budget to afford it, the Baratza Encore is a good option for you. It is an entry-level grinder with a simple purpose and allows diversity in the coffee ground size. This is done through the powerful steel burrs, the strong motor, and the extensive grind settings.

This coffee grinder has 44mm conical burs that allow you to grind your coffee beans to meet specific needs. these options include coffee grounds suitable for French press, as well as espresso, automatic brewers, and more.

As an entry-level coffee grinder, this option has a simple design that is user-friendly and easy to use. It has a simple on-off switch that allows you to switch it off when not using it. Additionally, it has a front-mounted button to pulse the grind, allowing you to break the ground a bit more when needed.

Quick Facts

  • Price: For approximately $170, this is the most expensive coffee grinder on this list. This is an option that needs to be thought out before being bought as it will not fit every budget.
  • Dimensions: Aside from this being the most expensive coffee grinder on this list, it is the heaviest option at 6,8 pounds. This makes it a better decision for those wanting to keep it stationary and not planning on packing it away to store. The dimensions of 6,3 by 4,7 by 13,8 inches make it a larger unit.
  • Material: The conical burrs are made from hardened alloy steel which will last against frequent use and can cut through hard coffee beans. The thick black plastic body makes this a sleek and modern coffee grinder.

Best Coffee Grinder For French Press – Conclusion

It is difficult to determine which coffee grinder is the best overall as each grinder has elements that may appeal to you. When looking at the price, dimensions, and materials, the Black + Decker grinder is a top contender as it performs well or is the best in each of these elements.

The first consideration needed is the price of the coffee grinder you have chosen. If you spend more than you can afford, you may feel guilty about the purchase and not use the grinder due to this. The most affordable coffee grinders on this list are Black + Decker, Cuisinart, and Hamilton Beach, all with a price of approximately $20.

Next is the dimensions and weight of the coffee grinder as you may need to move it at some point, or you have a particular place where it needs to fit. For this reason, Black + Decker is the best coffee grinder option. It has dimensions of 3,5 by 3,4 by 7,28 inches and weighs 1,52 pounds making it easy to maneuver.

Finally, you want to ensure your coffee grinder will last over time. It, therefore, needs to be made of hardy materials which will last when used frequently. Each of the grinders is therefore a good option as they use stainless steel and hard plastic which are durable materials.

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