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Gevi Espresso Machine Review: Pros, Cons and Features (Updated 2024)

Ryan Marshall
Last Updated: February 8th, 2024

Gevi is a highly respected Italian espresso company that has developed an outstanding reputation for delivering high-performance espresso machines to their customers that are durable and reliable.

The company produces a handful of different models when it comes to espresso machine design, and each of them fills a specific need for different types of espresso enthusiasts.

In this article, we take a closer look at the different espresso machines Gevi has to offer and give our own Gevi Espresso Machine review that highlights the most important features of each option.

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Things To Consider Before Buying a Gevi Espresso Machine

things before buying a gevi espresso machine

When shopping for a new Gevi espresso machine, there are many different considerations that need to be made. Purchasing a new espresso machine without weighing these important considerations can lead to an ill-fitting machine that does not mesh with your space or needs.

Budget and Price

When choosing between different models of Gevi espresso machines, it is a good idea to choose a set budget before starting the shopping process.

This will help keep you on track financially while ensuring that there is plenty of money left over to purchase quality espresso.

While all of Gevi’s home espresso appliances are considered to be high-quality machines, they offer a range of different models that have different features and capabilities. Those who only enjoy basic espresso beverages do not need to spend more on these more complex machines.

Many Gevi customers find that having a high-quality espresso machine at home actually saves them money in the long run. While a machine that costs hundreds of dollars may seem expensive at first, the daily cost and markups at coffee shops add up significantly over time.

Size and Weight

While the physical size of an espresso machine may not be the first thing that many people think about when looking at different models, it is a major factor that definitely needs to be considered. Even the best machine is labeled useless if it does not fit well into your kitchen.

Some people prefer the sleek design of smaller machines like the Gevi 20 Bar Compact, which fits very well into tight spaces and smaller kitchens. It is also one of the best Gevi models for traveling, as it is far lighter than any other Gevi espresso machine model.

There are other instances where people prefer the look of larger and traditionally designed machines, which is where the Gevi 3 in 1 espresso machine comes in. It is large in size and eye-catching in design, making it a great option for open kitchens with a minimalist design.

Features and Capabilities

Different models in the Gevi lineup feature different designs and capabilities, which are designed to accomplish different tasks. Not all customers require all of these different features, and it is a good idea to take stock of which espresso drinks you enjoy most often.

Those who do not typically make cappuccino or latte-style drinks do not find themselves using the integrated milk steamer wands very often, making them far less important in the eyes of some. There are others who only drink lattes and require a high-quality steamer wand.

There are also certain Gevi models that feature built-in grinders, which many people find to be a very convenient feature. This means that espresso beans can be “pre-loaded” into the machine, leading to a simple one-touch operation each morning for fresh ground beans.

Design and Style

Gevi espresso machines are styled in a modern aesthetic, with clean lines and a minimalist design. Newer models are available in a variety of different colors, while some of the older and more traditional models are only available in a shiny metallic finish.

The 20 Bar compact machine is one of the best options for those who are very specific in terms of their interior design themes. It is available in three different finishes, including shiny metallic, beige, and flat white.

Gevi Espresso Machine Review

While there are many different models in the Gevi lineup of at-home espresso machines, the Gevi 3-in-1 espresso machine is considered by many to be the best option on the market. It showcases all of the features one would expect from a high-end machine while maintaining a stylish design.

Many people find this machine to be the perfect balance between price and function, as it is able to construct a full menu worth of different espresso-mashed drinks quickly and efficiently. While it is fairly large for a home espresso machine, it is much smaller than full-sized industrial versions.


  • High-end milk steaming wand can be rotated 360 degrees
  • Integrated grinder makes for a very simple operation each morning
  • High-quality heating system allows for very consistent temperatures
  • Showcases a full line of features to make just about any coffee shop drink
  • Automatically reminds users when the water level becomes low


  • One of the most expensive models in the Gevi lineup
  • A larger machine that takes up a significant amount of counter space
  • Bulky and heavy machine that some find very difficult to move

Gevi 3 in 1 Features & Benefits

gevi 3 in 1 features & benefits

The Gevi 3 in 1 espresso machine features a top-loading espresso bean hopper with an integrated grinder that makes operation very simple each morning. Simply make your drink selection, and the Gevi 3 in 1 will automatically grind the necessary espresso for each cup.

Along with the intuitive design of the integrated ben hopper and grinder, many people report that they enjoy the “tamper holder,” which is unique to this machine. It features an integrated area designed to hold the espresso tamper between uses, which helps keep things organized in the morning.

This machine features a high-end dual heating system that allows for both quick heating times and consistent espresso temperatures. Everything from the consistency of the espresso bean grind to the amount of water pulled in each shot can be fully customized.

Gevi Espresso Alternatives

gevi espresso alternatives

While Gevi is one of the most recognizable and trusted companies on the market when it comes to high-quality home espresso machines, they are far from the only option.

We have highlighted three other companies that are well-known for constructing high-quality and durable espresso machines.

1. Breville Espresso Machines

Breville is one of the most popular manufacturers of home espresso machines in the world, and they have become very popular for their production of Nespresso pod-based machines. They make a wide variety of different machine styles, including a design similar to the Gavi 3 in 1.

The Breville Barista Express showcases many of the same features that are found on the Gavi 3 in 1 machine, including identical placement of the top-loading espresso bean hopper and grinder. It has many of the same capabilities as the Gavi version, with the main difference being aesthetics and style.

2. Delonghi Espresso Machines

Delonghi is another company that has become very popular for the production of pod-based Nespresso machines. The Delonghi Dinamica is considered by many to be the most high-end pod-based machine ever designed, and there are also traditionally designed machines in their lineup.

The Delonghi La Specialista is another “full service” machine that features a similar design to the Gavi 3 in 1 and the Breville Barista Express. It can make a wide variety of different espresso-based drinks including cappuccinos, macchiatos, and lattes.

3. Mr. Coffee Espresso Machines

While many people associate the Mr. Coffee brand with “old school” traditionally designed machines made for drip coffee, the company also offers a wide variety of different espresso-making machines.

The Mr. Coffee Espresso and Cappuccino Machine are considered by many espresso enthusiasts to represent one of the best values on the market. It showcases an automatic milk frother with self pouring spout, allowing for very easy operation each morning.


While there are many different companies on the market today producing high-quality espresso machines, Gavi is considered to be one of the best by some of the most serious espresso enthusiasts.

The Gavi 3 in 1 is the top-tier offering from this high-end Italian designer, and it is able to handle a wide variety of different drink options.

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