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The 5 Best Coffee Apps You Need to Get

Charl Joost
Last Updated: February 15th, 2023

Whether you are new to coffee making or a pro with a coffee machine, coffee apps can be a massive help. Perhaps an app to help you keep track of your favorite brews is what you are looking for. It may even be something as simple as wanting to learn the perfect way to make your favorite coffee.

We have looked at various apps and compiled our list of the 5 best coffee apps for anyone from beginners to professional coffee makers.

To identify the best apps, we have looked at how easy they are to use and which platform they are available on. This article should help you decide which app or apps to try next.

What to Consider Before Downloading a Coffee App

things before downloading a coffee app

Attributes That Differentiate Coffee Apps

Various aspects and attributes will cause coffee apps to differ from one another. Firstly, the accessibility of the apps can differ which refers to whether you can download the app on a certain smartphone or from a specific app store.

Another aspect that can cause them to differ is the purpose of the app. Some may include timers while others are intended to be used as a logbook to help you keep track of specific coffee-related information.

Finally, some apps may have an upfront price while others include in-app purposes which you should consider before downloading.

What’s The Best Way To Use A Coffee App

The best way to use a coffee app will be the way it was designed and ensuring the app is suitable for what you need. Some apps may require you to create an account which will allow you to log into the app and retain the information that you have input into the app.

If an app is difficult to navigate or cluttered with too much information, you may find it more difficult to use the app so it is important to identify whether an app is easy to use and whether you would use it. It is also important to recognize when an app has in-app purchases and work out whether you are willing to pay for the extra features.

Prerequisites To Using A Coffee App

Before downloading a coffee app, you need to think about what it is you want the app to be able to do. If you are looking for a logbook to keep track of coffee types, then download an app for that purpose.

However, if you are wanting to see reviews for coffee types of coffee shops, then the previous app type will not be of use to you.

Additionally, carefully consider whether you are willing to pay for an app with an upfront price, as regardless of the price, it is still money you need to spend.

In comparison, some apps require you to pay to use certain features so consider whether you will use the feature or app before you spend the money.

Top 5 Best Coffee Apps

  1. Coffeely (Your Coffee App)
  2. Coffee Dice
  3. Brew Timer
  4. Filtru Coffee
  5. Bean Conqueror


1. Coffeely (Your Coffee App)

For those wanting to learn more about coffee and explore different types of coffee, Coffeely is a good app to download. The app helps you identify which coffee you would like to try by providing reviews for specific brands and allows you to submit your reviews on the coffee you have tried.

The app allows you to take a picture of a coffee label which will then be identified from the app within seconds. It will then provide reviews and ratings for the coffee from other users, as well as information regarding the country of origin of the beans, and other information.

Quick Facts

  • Available on: Coffeely is available on the Apple app store as well as Google Play making it more accessible to users regardless of which smartphone you have.
  • Ease-of-use: The app is accessible and easy to use as it has clear instructions on where to go depending on what you are looking for. some images relate to the bean type, the acidity, the process used, etc. which makes it easier to use the app without having issues.
  • Best for: This app is an ideal option for someone wanting to try new coffees from various sources. It allows you to add your review and take a picture of your coffee. You can then compare it to other reviews from users to identify where you would like to try your next coffee.

2. Coffee Dice

coffee dice

Coffee Dice is an app that has been designed to randomize the type of coffee beans you use, the brewing method you will use, and how to make your coffee. This allows you to try new drinks without needing to find the recipe yourself.

It suggests the type of coffee ground you should use, the method to make it, as well as the ratio of water to coffee. You can then select which option you would like to choose to give you some control over how your drink is made.

Quick Facts

  • Available on: This app carries a cost of $0,99 meaning it is affordable for some people but may be a hassle for others. Additionally, it offers in-app purchases.
  • Ease-of-use: The app is somewhat easy to use with simple decorations and a basic layout. The font is somewhat small but should adjust with the font size your phone is set to.
  • Best for: This app is an ideal option for someone who wants to try new drinks without having to decide for themselves.

3. Brew Timer

brew timer

If you are someone wanting to keep track of how you make your coffee and want to learn more about the process, Brew Timer is a good app option.

It is made to track your details from the type of bean you used and other details, and there is a built-in timer to help you track how long you are doing a certain step.

This is done by tracking the steps you took, how long you spent on each step and the amount of coffee and water you used. You can also track the type of coffee roast you have used (whether it is light, medium, or dark roast), as well as the type of grind (whether it is coarse or fine).

Quick Facts

  • Available on: It has a cost of $2,99 which means you will need to consider whether it is right for you and whether it will serve a purpose for you before purchasing. This app offers in-app purchases which can be bought when needed.
  • Ease-of-use: The app is easy to navigate with a menu on the left-hand side which allows you to identify different features quickly. It is easy to log new information with various sliders and buttons to click on to fill in the details.
  • Best for: This app is best for new coffee makers who want to track the process to come back at another time.

4. Filtru Coffee

filtru coffee

For an app that promises to help you make your coffee ‘perfect’ and takes you through the process, Filtru is a good option. It helps you track how you are making your coffee, teaches you the ideal way, and gives you recommendations along the way to improve your process.

Featured on this app are 15 brewing methods that will direct you through how to use these methods to make your cup of coffee. It teaches you how to use certain espresso tools like a dial-in grinder and has an advanced extraction calculator to help you improve the brew of your coffee.

Quick Facts

  • Available on: Filtru is available on Google Play as well as on the Apple app store. It is a free app making it more accessible to users and offers in-app purchases which can be bought later.
  • Ease-of-use: The app has a menu along the bottom of the screen which directs you through preparing your coffee, discovering new brews from others, and a cart where you can buy specific items. The preparation section takes you through selecting your method, how long it should be conducted for, and more.
  • Best for: This app is an ideal option for beginners and experienced coffee drinkers as it gives a simple process to follow to make your coffee and is a good way to learn new brewing styles and coffee tips.

5. Bean Conqueror

Bean Conqueror

Created by Lars Saalbach, Bean Conqueror has been developed to be the single place where you track your favorite coffee brews. This allows you to review which brew was better and whether that is based on the beans you used, the method you used to make the coffee, and the grinder that was used to make your favorite drink.

This app has been created to allow you to log in and track your favorite brews. Among the options you can add a type of coffee bean from a list of options, you simply need to start searching the varieties.

You can add a type of brewing method to identify over time whether you prefer coffee made with a machine, pour-over, or French press.

Quick Facts

  • Available on: Bean Conqueror is available on the Apple app store as well as on Google Play. It is a free app, meaning there are no hidden costs in downloading it.
  • Ease-of-use: There is a clear visual element that prevents users from becoming overwhelmed. The menu of options at the bottom of the screen helps you easily identify where a particular tracker is, and it is not complicated to log a new item.
  • Best for: This app is best for those who are coffee experts and want to be able to compare each brew. There are options to track the type of brews, the type of beans used, the method that was used to make a particular drink, and the types of grinders you may come across.

Best Coffee Apps – Conclusion

For some people, it may make no sense to use an app when making your coffee. However, they can be incredibly helpful for those who are new to making coffee, such as Filtru, or an app that could be ideal for a coffee connoisseur wanting to keep track of their favorite blends and brews, such as Bean Conqueror.

Brew Timer is a good app for someone wanting to ensure they are timing their coffee-making correctly to ensure the full flavors of the beans or grounds are extracted. It has the additional benefit of allowing you the option to keep track of how you have made a particular drink to recreate at another time.

Coffee Dice is a good option for those wanting to try new coffee recipes while Coffeely is intended to give you immediate access to ratings, reviews, and prices of a coffee you come across.

This article should have given you a better insight into which app is ideal for you. Once again, it is difficult to say which app is the best overall, but it is important to consider what it is you need to get from your app and which app will give you better value.

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