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The 5 Best Gifts for Cocktail Lovers

Charl Joost
Last Updated: March 10th, 2023

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Cocktails are a fun way to have an alcoholic beverage that is flavoured and a fun option. In this article, we are going to look at the best gifts for cocktail lovers which can make a fun option.

In this article, we will give some tips for getting a memorable gift as well as our choices for the best gifts for cocktail lovers that are certain to impress.

What to Consider Before Buying a Gift for a Cocktail Lover

How to Choose the Best Gift for Cocktail Lovers

choose the best gift for cocktail lovers

Before buying a gift for your loved one, you should ensure you understand what your loved one would like from the gift.

For instance, if your loved one loves cocktails but does not want to take too much effort to make one, then a cocktail maker machine is the best option. It will allow you to make a cocktail quickly without needing to make it yourself.

However, if your loved one likes the process of making a cocktail then a cocktail maker kit is a good option as it contains all the tools you will need to do so.

Otherwise, there is an option to have a cocktail maker on the go which will allow your loved one to bring their kit to celebrations elsewhere and keep up the cocktail-making.

What are the benefits of this type of product?

By knowing what your loved one can get out of your gift and you know they would like it, then you know they will have a use for it.

Buying a gift suited to your loved one will show that you know them and will prove to be a personal and touching gift. Being thoughtful about what you are purchasing for your loved one will ensure that they know they mean something to you.

Things to Look for in a Gift for Cocktail Lovers

look for in a gift for cocktail lovers

There are several considerations to consider before purchasing a gift for a cocktail lover. Knowing whether they want to make the cocktails themselves or want easy-made cocktails is the first consideration. Beyond that, knowing what your price range is will make it easier to know which gift to go with.

You also want to ensure that you are not spending too much on a gift that your loved one will not use enough to gain true value from.

Additional considerations include knowing what materials will be best for your loved one, such as bamboo which is a sustainable plant, and metals that can be cleaned easily.

Quick Overview: Our Top Picks for Gifts for Cocktail Lovers

dstblcr-table__imageBev by Black + Decker Cocktail Maker
  • Easy-Load Liquor System
  • Dishwasher-Safe
  • Perfect for Any Occasion
dstblcr-table__imageBartender Kit with Bamboo Stand
  • Perfect For Your Home Bar
  • Begginer Friendly
  • Safe and Durable
dstblcr-table__imageSorbetto Cocktail Smoker Kit for Drinks
  • Take it Anywhere
  • Add Delicious Flavor Immediately
  • Works for Cocktails and Foods
dstblcr-table__imageThe Champagne Cocktail Kit - The Cocktail Box Co.
  • Hand Made and Product With Care
  • Pocket Size for Easy Transport
  • Artisinally Crafted and Designed
dstblcr-table__imageTravel Bartender Kit - Portable Bar Set
  • Designed for Professional Bartender
  • Great Cocktails Where Ever You Go
  • Stainless Steel Boston Shaker

Top 5 Best Gifts for Cocktail Lovers

1. Bev by Black + Decker Cocktail Maker Machine and Drink Maker for Bartesian Capsules


  • Easy use: It is possible to make cocktails simply using the cocktail machine. Simply insert the cocktail capsule into the machine, select the strength of the drink and press mix. It is a simple process to use the machine to make a variety of over 40 cocktails using this machine. Further, it connects easily to 4 750 ml bottles of liquor to use in the cocktails without requiring the liquor to be decanted.
  • Easy to clean: This machine is easy to clean as it has a self-rinse system after each drink is made. A cleaning mode cycle is recommended to use every 30 days to ensure the machine is cleaned thoroughly and that there is little deterioration within the machine. Further, the stainless-steel straws, water bottle, capsule holder cup, and drip tray cover are all dishwasher safe.
  • LED lights: The LED lights on this cocktail maker machine make it a fun piece for atop your cocktail bar car and can add an element of fun to your beverage making.


  • Approximately $300 per machine: At a high price point, this cocktail maker machine will require you to think about the worth of buying it and whether your loved one will use it enough to get the full value of the machine.

For someone who loves cocktails but does not wish to make them with too long a process, this cocktail maker machine is a good option. It has a good set up which allows 4 750 ml bottles of liquor to be attached, makes cocktails in a short space of time, and has LED lights which make it a festive piece for atop your bar cart.

2. Bartender Kit with Bamboo Stand, 12 Piece 25 oz Cocktail Shaker Set


  • Easy to display and store: with a half-circle display, this bamboo stand is easy to display as it can keep your cocktail-making tools easily accessible and against the wall. Made with bamboo wood, this stand is Eco-friendly and does not harm the environment.
  • Durable materials: Made from high-quality stainless steel and food grade, the stainless steel is resistant to rust and erosion. This will ensure that the items will remain usable for a long period and will last without becoming unusable.
  • 12-piece shaker set: This bartender set includes a 12-ounce shaker, 1 strainer, 1 jigger (to measure out alcohol ingredients), a muddler (to mash fruits and spices), a corkscrew, a long-handled spoon, ice tongs, 2 wine stoppers, 2 liquor pourers, a bamboo stand, and a book of cocktail recipes.


  • Some restrictions: With the shape of the stand makes it difficult to place it elsewhere. It needs to be placed in an area with some room to allow the shaker to fit neatly.

If your loved one likes making cocktails at home, then this kit can do them some good. The bamboo stand holds 12 pieces of tools for cocktail making, including a 25 US fluid-ounce shaker which can be used to make some good cocktails at home.

3. Sorbetto Cocktail Smoker Kit for Drinks


  • Can be used for cocktails and food: This smoker can be used to smoke both food and your chosen cocktail using the wood chips that come with the kit. The hickory chips are the best option for smoking food while the oak chips are best used for smoking cocktails.
  • Can be taken wherever: This kit can be taken to other peoples’ houses or used at home as it is lightweight and compact. You can easily settle it in your bar cart or take it along with you on a picnic or a party.
  • Comes with an e-book: This kit comes with an e-book (for free) which includes a wide array of smoked food ideas and premium cocktail recipes for your loved one to try out and experiment with.


  • High price point: At a cost of approximately $68, you would need to ensure that your loved one will find use in this product to receive the full benefit for its value of it. Before purchasing this item, you want to ensure your loved one gets the full value from the price of the kit.

This smoker kit is a good gift idea for someone who wants to take their homemade cocktail-making to the next level. It can be used using a rather simple method, starting by placing batteries in the bottom of the smoker gun.

Next, connect the smoker gun to the rubber tube followed by connecting the rubber tube to the cup lid. Place the wood chips in the smoker gun chamber and set fire to the chips.

4. The Champagne Cocktail Kit – The Cocktail Box Co. Premium Cocktail Kits


  • Quality Cocktail Mix: The cocktail mixers have been created by experienced mixologists and bartenders. This mix includes a cocktail mix focused on champagne which has been additionally flavoured with citrus peel and bitters.
  • Service guarantee: This kit comes with a service guarantee that ensures that if you have an issue with this kit, the company will send you a replacement or give you a refund to ensure you receive the product and service you have paid for.
  • All you need to make a cocktail: This kit comes in a stainless-steel tin which can last over time and allows you to pack all the kit items within it. Included in the kit are several blocs of cane sugar, flavoured bitters, a linen coaster, lemon zest, and a muddler spoon. Combined with your choice of champagne, your loved one can make their favourite cocktail.


  • Does not come with champagne: This kit does not come with champagne so you will need to make an additional purchase of a bottle before gifting it to your loved one.

For someone who wants to try a new cocktail with champagne at its core, this cocktail kit is a good option. Designed with the experience of expert mixologists and bartenders, this kit is sure to provide your loved one with a good-tasting and unique cocktail option.

5. Travel Bartender Kit – Portable Bar Set, Bar Tools, Full Cocktail Set with Portable Bag


  • Variety of items: This travel kit includes 19 items which can all be used to make cocktails. There is an 18ounce stainless steel shaker, 1 stainless steel muddler, an ice tong, a bottle opener, a long-handled mixing spoon, a peeler (for fruits), a 2-ounce double jigger, a Hawthorne strainer, a julep strainer, 2x liquor pourers, double lever corkscrew, wooden lemon squeezer, ice pick, lemon zester, microfiber cloth, cocktail recipe booklet, care card, dust bag, and a canvas travel bag.
  • Multiple compartments: the multiple compartments allow the items to be stored neatly and ensure you can always keep your items secure and, in their place when needed.
  • Lifetime warranty: This product comes with a lifetime warranty and unconditional satisfaction guarantee which means that if you have any issues with your travel kit, the company will do all it can to replace it.


  • High price point: At a price of approximately $60, this kit needs to be bought after some consideration has been done. You need to ensure your loved one will find a use in this kit to ensure the value is worth the price.

If your loved one likes making cocktails and wants to be able to show their skills at friends’ houses, then this travel bartender kit is an ideal gift option. It can be taken on the go and includes 18 pieces of tools that can be used to make cocktails at other people’s houses or homes.

Final Thoughts

Finding the perfect gift for a cocktail lover can be difficult but hopefully, this article has helped narrow down which gift to go with.

However, the best gifts for cocktail lovers can be subjective, based on your loved one’s needs and your budget. The cocktail-making machine is ideal for someone who wants a quick cocktail and likes a wide array of varieties.

Meanwhile, the bamboo cocktail maker set is good for someone who likes to take a bit longer to make the cocktail themselves.

The cocktail smoker is ideal for someone who wants to smoke their cocktails (and food as an option), the champagne cocktail kit makes for simple champagne-based cocktails, and the travel bartender kit is ideal for someone who wants to make cocktails on the go.

Make sure you also check out our articles on the best gifts for vodka lovers and the best gifts for champagne lovers for more great gift-giving inspirations.

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