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Louis Roederer Champagne Price, Sizes & Buying Guide

Charl Joost
Last Updated: February 25th, 2023

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Louis Roederer Champagne was founded back in 1776 but only became known as Louis Roedererin 1833.

This champagne is not commonly known by its brand name though. It is better known by one of its variations, mainly Cristal. Cristal is one of the most popular types of Louis Roederer but it is not their only variety.

louis roederer

This champagne company has had many years to craft and create the perfect blends.

They expertly nurture their vineyards and handpick the grapes, whilst other companies simply purchase grapes to use. And, while their bottles take a number of years to the age, they are well worth the wait.

Coupled with a keen eye and a well-developed sense of taste, those that work at this company are passionate about what they do.

This champagne rings with elegance, but how much is a bottle of Louis Roederer? As the company is still run by ‘real wine specialists’, we can expect to pay a fair amount for a bottle.

A Brief History of Louis Roederer Champagne

history of louis roederer champagne

In 1776, the champagne company that is now known as Louis Roederer was established.

However, it did not become Louis Roederer until 1833, when it was inherited and renamed by Louis Roederer himself. Before being renamed, the company initially owned by Louis’ uncle, was called Dubois Père &Fils.

Based in Reims, France, Louis Roederer champagne remains one of the last few independently owned, family-run, champagne houses. It produces over three and a half million bottles of champagne each year.

A number of these bottles are then shipped to more than 100 different countries.

This brand of champagne prides itself on the work that they do. They claim to produce wine that entails a summary character along with an elegance that is crystalline.

Louis Roederer is made from a blend of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir grapes. They are combined in just about equal amounts. And, while the blend of the grapes is important, the cultivation of the grapes is even more so.

The grapes used in Louis Roederer champagne are home-grown on the family land. It is said that the land on which the grapes grow is what makes the champagne great.

The right soil means the creation of great wine. Louis Roederer nurtures their land and works to preserve their land’s authenticity.

Due to the number of varieties of Louis Roederer champagne available, there is no way to simply describe the color or aroma. Each type of bottle has its own hints and flavors, as well as its own aroma and color.

Overall, however, you can expect a truly complex flavor with an inviting aroma and glistening color.

Louis Roederer Prices, Variations & Sizes

louis roederer prices variations

Louis Roederer champagne has created several wonderful variations of champagne over the years. Each bottle has a unique personality and comes set in different quantities and tagged with individual prices.

The company currently offers four categories of champagne, Multi-vintages, Vintages, Cristal, and “A Unique Champagne”.

Each of these types is also available in a number of varieties. The following varieties of Louis Roederer champagne are currently available for purchase:




Blanc de Blancs 2013

750 ml


Blanc de Blancs 2010

750 ml


Brut Nature 2012

750 ml


Brut Nature Rosé Edition

750 ml


Brut Premier

375 ml


Brut Premier,

3 L


Collection 242

750 ml


Collection 241

1.5 L


Rosé Vintage 2015

750 ml


Rosé Vintage 2013

375 ml


Rosé 2015

375 ml


Rosé 2014

750 ml


Rosé 2011

1.5 L


Cristal varieties currently available for purchase:




Cristal 2014

750 ml


Cristal 2013

750 ml


Cristal 2012

750 ml


Cristal 2009

1.5 L


Cristal 2008

750 ml


Cristal 2007

750 ml


Cristal 2004

6 L

$13 000

Cristal 2002

750 ml


Cristal Rosé 2013

750 ml


Cristal Rosé 2012

750 ml


Cristal Rosé 2008

1.5 L

$2 950

Cristal Rosé 2006

1.5 L

$1 795

Cristal Rosé 2004

4.5 L

$1 895

Cristal Vinotheque 2000

750 ml

$1 145

Cristal Vinotheque 1999

750 ml

$1 135

Cristal Vinotheque 1995

1.5 L

$2 395

Cristal Rosé Vinotheque 2000

750 ml

$2 125

Cristal Rosé Vinotheque 1999

750 ml

$2 250

Cristal Rosé Vinotheque 1996

750 ml

$2 695

Cristal Rosé Vinotheque 1995

750 ml

$2 495

Included in the list above are several rare variations of Louis Roederer champagne. These bottles are few and far between, which is why their price tags are much higher than a regular bottle of Louis Roederer.

Additionally, the most popular and most expensive Louis Roederer champagne variation is Cristal or Cristal Rosé.

Cristal and Cristal Rosé champagne was initially developed and blended for Alexander II, the Tsar of Russia, back in 1876. It was created as a prestige cuvée and is considered a rather lavish drink.

If you are someone who enjoys the finer things in life and can afford to splash out on an elegant bottle of champagne, Cristal or Cristal Rosé is definitely worth the try!

Louis Roederer Alternatives/Comparisons

While some champagne-lovers swear by Louis Roederer Cristal, not all of us can afford such luxury. But have no fear, because there are a few fairly priced alternatives available.

Alternative champagnes to Louis Roederer include:

  • Bellavista Brut Franciacorta – This brand was established in 1977
  • Moët & Chandon Brut Imperial – This brand was established in 1743
  • Billecart-Salmon Brut Rosé – This brand was established in 1818
  • Veuve Clicquot Yellow Label – This brand was established in 1835
  • Ruinart Rose NV– This brand was established in 1729
  • Piper-Heidsieck Rare Rosé 2007 – This brand was established in 1785
  • Dom Pérignon P2 Brut 1998 – This brand was established in 1921

Depending on your price point, there are several eligible alternatives to Louis Roederer champagne. Included in the list above are alternatives for the various types of Louis Roederer champagne.

Thanks to the popularity of the drink, there is something out there for everyone!

How To Drink Louis Roederer Champagne

how to drink louis roederer champagne

The best way to serve Louis Roederer is at a chilly 46°F to 50°F. To achieve this ideal temperature, let the bottle of champagne rest in a bucket of ice for a few minutes before serving. This bubbly drink should be enjoyed in a champagne flute and without the addition of ice.

Louis Roederer goes down best when paired with the right type of food. It pairs perfectly with pork, chicken, veal, beef, and shellfish. Ideal cheeses to pair this champagne with include mild and soft cheeses.


1. Is Louis Roederer Champagne Expensive?

Champagne created by the Louis Roederer company is considered high-quality and lavish. It is almost natural to expect a higher price tag for a bottle of their champagne.

However, for a regular bottle of Louis Roederer Brut Premier, you can expect to pay between $35 and $55 depending on the size of the bottle.

2. Is Louis Roederer Champagne Good?

This champagne is expertly blended to hold a multitude of delicious flavors. Louis Roederer is well-developed champagne, but it may not be to everyone’s taste.

3. Is Louis Roederer the Best Champagne?

Louis Roederer champagne is not necessarily the best, but it is currently one of the top fifteen champagnes in the world.

This champagne is ideal for lavish soirées. For a real taste of excellence, Louis Roederer Cristal is bound to get your tastebuds tingling!

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