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The 5 Best Champagne Gift Baskets

Ryan Marshall
Last Updated: April 4th, 2023

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Champagne gift baskets are beautifully decorated assortments of small gifts and snacks that are packaged with a high-quality bottle of Champagne.

There are many different styles of gift baskets, and they can include anything from imported chocolates and cheeses to high-quality stemware and personalized coasters.

This is one of the best possible gifts to give when celebrating a special occasion, and they are often enjoyed soon after receiving them!

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Choosing the Best Champagne Gift Basket

It is no secret that a well-crafted Champagne gift basket makes for one of the best possible gifts when it comes to weddings, anniversaries, graduations, and other celebrations.

Fortunately, several different online services take care of all the hard work for you, handling everything from creating the gift basket to its delivery.

Many different factors need to be considered before purchase to ensure that you choose the correct Champagne gift basket that is best suited to meet your needs.

Price Range

Price range is one of the first things that many people consider when shopping for a Champagne gift basket. Gift baskets can vary significantly in price, as different companies use different snacks and small gifts to fill out the basket.

Certain companies tend to focus on only high-end gift baskets that include artisanal sweet snacks from respected brands. These baskets often include high-end labels of Champagne, and some even offer single vintage bottles that are both rare and expensive.

Other gift baskets include more high-end savory options that can include everything from smoked and dried meats to aged cheeses. Jacobsen salt is often included in these savory baskets that are best suited for wine lovers who love charcuterie-style snacking with wine.

Other value-focused baskets include everyday snacks from generic producers that are significantly more cost-efficient to assemble. These include candies, pretzels, crackers, and other everyday snacks that go well with a glass of Champagne.

Many companies also offer optional add-ons that come at an increased cost. It is important to pay attention to which features are included with gift baskets and which cost extra, as these optional features can add up quickly and significantly change the final price.

It is also important to choose a gift basket based on the recipient’s tastes and preferences rather than just choosing the cheapest or most expensive option. The contents of these Champagne gift baskets can vary greatly, and different snacks are chosen to suit different taste preferences.

Quality of Champagne

quality of champagne

One of the most important factors when choosing a Champagne gift basket is the actual bottle of Champagne itself. While this is the most famous and highly regarded sparkling wine region in the world, there are many different quality levels produced there.

High-end baskets include expensive and highly regarded bottles of Champagne such as Dom Perigon and special single vintage bottles that cost hundreds of dollars on their own. While these high-end baskets can be a nice touch, there are much better options on the market.

For the casual wine enthusiast, it is often best to choose a gift basket that includes a highly recognizable and world-famous brand of Champagne such as Veuve Clicquot. Their signature yellow label Brut Champagne is immediately recognizable by nearly all recipients.

While it can be fun to share new bottles of wine with friends at dinner parties and tastings when it comes to giving a gift it is best to stick with a bottle that the recipient is familiar with. Moet is another world-famous brand of Champagne that can be included in many gift basket services.

For serious wine enthusiasts and sommeliers, Krug Champagne makes the best gift, as it is highly respected within the wine industry for offering incredible quality. Krug Champagne is a favorite of many serious wine enthusiasts and is a “go-to” gift for many within the wine world.

For budget-conscious shoppers who are looking to get the best possible bang for their buck, gift baskets featuring bottles of Prossecco make for incredible value options. Prosecco is consistent and affordable, and it also allows companies to spend more on the rest of the included goodies.

Included Gifts and Snacks

included gifts and snacks

There are many different “themes” when it comes to Champagne gift baskets, and it is important to think carefully about how well the contents of the basket suit the recipient before purchase. These gift baskets are not “one size fits all,” and some aren’t suitable for everyone.

For example, certain baskets feature a vast array of different imported and candied nuts. While nuts are a fantastic plant-based option that plays well with Champagne, these types of gift baskets would make a terrible gift for a wine enthusiast with a nut allergy.

Other baskets feature dried fruits as well as decadent candies like high-end gourmet chocolates. These options are best for those with a sweet tooth, but there are better options out there for those who prefer more savory snacks.

Some companies design “charcuterie style” wine baskets that include everything from cured meats to aged cheeses and fancy crackers and pretzels.

These make a great option to gift during a lunch date or picnic, as they can be enjoyed immediately and make for a quick lunch.

There are also gift baskets that do not include any food products at all. These usually include stemware and other wine-themed gifts like hand-blown glass wine stoppers or upscale corkscrews.

These make great options for serious wine collectors and professionals.

Personalization Options

personalization options

Certain companies allow for different areas of the basket to be personalized with custom print. This can include everything from bottle engraving to custom notes included within the basket, and these options nearly always come with an upcharge.

Some companies allow customers to make aesthetic choices regarding the decoration of the basket, including choosing the color of the decorative bow on top. Other baskets feature unique luxury goods like customized laser-cut wooden coasters and cutting boards.

The most customizable Champagne gift basket options on the market allow customers to completely choose the contents of the basket down to each snack and candy. These services are best for picky eaters, though they are less common and harder to find in today’s market.

One of the most common ways that companies sell baskets is by giving them different themes. For example, the same company may sell a “sweet” and a “salty” basket, which offers different combinations of snacks. Some also allow customers to choose which bottle is included.

Delivery Time and Reliability

delivery time and reliability

While delivery time and reliability can sometimes be overlooked in the gift basket shopping experience, they are two of the most crucial factors when it comes to making the best choice. It is important to choose a reputable company with a record of providing great customer service.

The vast majority of Champagne gift basket delivery options today are online-based services, and many people are wary of trusting these companies and sharing their credit card information. The best companies to use have been around for years and have thousands of positive ratings.

The best way to check the reputation of a company besides looking at Google and Yelp reviews is to check the website of the Better Business Bureau. Trusted companies will have an “A” rating for dealing with customer service issues and concerns properly and professionally.

Another important consideration that is often an afterthought in the gift basket buying process is the method of delivery used by each company.

The best companies use an array of different delivery companies to offer a variety of different delivery prices and shipping speeds.

Top 5 Best Champagne Gift Baskets

1. “Champagne Dreams” by Knack

champagne dreams basket by knack
Image: Knack


  • Unique and sleek environmentally friendly box design makes for easy shipping
  • Thoughtfully crafted assortment of gifts that are great for celebrating
  • Can be used as a “date in a box” as everything one would need is included
  • One of the only gift baskets to include a candle and matches
  • Included wine flutes are of high quality and feature a flashy gold rim
  • Includes “Champagne gummy bears,” which are meant to be enjoyed while drinking
  • Comes with a unique Champagne cocktail kit to make mixed beverages


  • Not a true “basket” as it is technically more of a “gift box”
  • Does not include any snacks beside the Champagne gummy bears
  • Some customers may prefer a more “traditional” style of wine basket

2. Veuve Clicquot Champagne Gift Basket by

veuve clicquot champagne gift by wine basket


  • Features one of the most popular bottles of Champagne in the world
  • is an industry leader in the Champagne gift basket space
  • Sweet snacks are provided by Godiva, another recognizable and trusted brand
  • “Bronze Swirl” basket is beautiful and of high enough quality to be reused
  • Includes high-end items like artisan truffles which come in their own box
  • Allows for the option to choose a bow color from a dozen different colors
  • Provided by a trusted company with a great reputation for good customer service


  • One of the more expensive options at just over 150 dollars
  • No salty options are provided which is not great for all palates
  • No options to customize the basket besides bow color

3. Champagne & Truffles Gift Box by



  • Offers fantastic value at half the price of the Veuve Clicquot basket option
  • Great option for fans of sweet snacks as it comes with sandwich cookies
  • Jules Lorén Cuvee Reserve Brut is a solid bottle of Champagne at a reasonable price
  • Best option on the market for a college graduation present
  • Includes a customized box of high-end truffles with a congratulatory message
  • Allows for choice of ribbon color on top of the basket’s packaging


  • Many people have never heard of this particular label of Champagne
  • No salty options or proteins like nuts, cheeses, or cured meats
  • No ability to include a custom message or card within the gift basket
  • Only suitable for graduations, does not work for other occasions

4. “Champagne Wishes” Gift Basket by Gift Tree

champagne wishes gift basket by gift tree


  • Lavish basket featuring the largest variety of included snacks and goodies
  • Included trusted brands like Godiva and Ghirardelli chocolates.
  • Ability to choose between two different Champagne options
  • Includes a card with a personalized message and hand-tied ribbon
  • Everything from sweet to salty and crunchy snacks is included


  • More expensive than many other options on the market
  • Large basket can be cumbersome in some situations
  • Only very high-end and expensive bottles can be included

5. “Champagne Celebration” by Fountain Gifts

champagne celebration by fountain gifts


  • Unique simple and minimalistic design
  • The Eco-friendly “gift box” design makes for easy shipping and disposal
  • Included high-end gold-rimmed crystal champagne flutes
  • Brut Champagne By Moet is very high-end and recognizable


  • Does not include any types of snacks or sweets
  • Very minimalistic, as it only included the bottle of Champagne and glasses
  • “Gift box” style design is not for everyone and some may not be impressed

Final Thoughts

While there are several different Champagne gift baskets on the market today, the best option for the majority of situations is the “Champagne Dreams” Basket by Knack.

It is thoughtfully crafted and includes features that can not be found in any other gift basket.

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