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The 5 Best Gifts for Champagne Lovers

Charl Joost
Last Updated: March 10th, 2023

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Champagne is an elegant and refined alcoholic beverage that is often consumed at celebrations like weddings, birthdays, and graduation celebrations. Due to this, there are many people out there who love champagne and would appreciate a champagne-related gift.

In this article, we are going to look at the 5 best gifts for champagne lovers so you can pick out the perfect gift for that special someone.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Gift for a Champagne Lover

How to choose a gift for a champagne lover

how to choose a gift for a champagne lover

Before you purchase a gift for someone, you need to think about what they would like to receive and what they may need. Narrowing that down to identifying your loved one as a fan of champagne allows you to find a niche gift that you know they will appreciate.

If your loved one is looking for some nice champagne glasses, then you have an idea of a possible gift idea. Perhaps they would like a new ice bucket to chill their champagne or perhaps a champagne stopper to preserve the beverage once it has been opened.

Finding a gift for a champagne lover can be both sentimental as well as practical.

What are the benefits of buying a champagne-related gift?

The primary benefit of buying a champagne-related gift for a champagne lover is knowing that they will appreciate it.

In general, fans of a certain type of alcohol appreciate gifts that will help them drink that beverage, present it well, or anything that can improve the act of drinking it.

You can almost guarantee that if your loved one loves champagne, they will appreciate a gift relating to it. By knowing that they will appreciate the gift and will use it, you can rest assured that the money you have spent on the gift will be worth the value your loved one receives from it.

Things to look for in a gift for a champagne lover

The main thing to look for is what they may get from the gift ad how it would benefit your loved one. Next, ensure you have worked out a budget in your head for what you would like to spend on the gift as going over budget may make this process stressful for you.

You will be more likely to fret over the money you have just spent on the gift rather than the celebration the gift was bought for.

Quick Overview: Our Top Picks for Gifts for Champagne Lovers

dstblcr-table__imageVinglace Wine Chiller
  • Vacuum-Insulated Design
  • Easy to Carry
  • Adjustable Top Screws
dstblcr-table__imageChampagne Stoppers by KLOVEO
  • Fits All Standard Bottle Necks
  • WAF Seal
  • Leak-proof
dstblcr-table__imageTirrinia Insulated 2 Bottle Wine Gift Tote Bag
  • PU Thermal Insulated Material
  • Keep Your Drinks Cold For Hours
  • Great For Taking Wine to Outdoors
dstblcr-table__imageIvation 9-Piece Wine Opener Gift Set
  • Battery-Operated Opener
  • Premium Foil Cutter
  • 2-in-1 Aerator & Pourer
dstblcr-table__imageEparé Stemless Champagne Flutes Glass
  • Hand-blown Borosilicate Glass
  • Condensation Resistant
  • Dishwasher, Freezer and Microwave Safe

Top 5 Best Gifts for Champagne Lovers

1. Vinglace Wine Chiller – Portable Insulator Sleeve for Champagne


  • Interesting design: This insulator sleeve comes in 12 colors which gives a wider variety for you to choose from to select the best option for your loved one. Made from stainless steel, this insulator sleeve is rust-resistant and will stand up against continuous use and exposure to moisture and condensation.
  • Easy to use: This sleeve can be used easily by simply unscrewing the adjustable top and inserting a chilled bottle of wine into the sleeve. Reattach the top back to the sleeve and allow the champagne to remain chilled throughout your celebration or event.
  • Designed for insulation: The outside of the sleeve is stainless steel while the inner wall of the double-walled vacuum insulation is glass. Both materials, when working together, will insulate and keep your champagne chilled.


  • High price point: At an average cost of $90, this insulator sleeve is priced considerably high. Although there is some benefit to having it, you should consider whether your loved one will use it enough and find enough value from it to make the price point worth it. Make sure it is within your budget and that the value will match the money spent on it.

If your loved one is someone who takes champagne with them to celebrations like barbeques and picnics, the last thing they may want is the champagne warming up when exposed outside.

A portable insulator sleeve can help with this by keeping the champagne chilled at an ideal temperature and could be well appreciated by your loved one if it was bought for them.

2. Champagne Stoppers by KLOVEO


  • Unique design: The design of this champagne stopper has been created using physics principles to ensure its success. As the pressure builds within the bottle, the plastic nipple in the stopper expands to create a bubble seal and keep the champagne fresh and prevent it from going flat.
  • Easy to use: Simply press the cap down to seal the champagne bottle and secure using the stainless-steel safety clip. This will then allow the plastic nipple within to expand and fully seal your beverage.
  • Versatile: This champagne stopper fits all standard bottlenecks for most wine and champagne bottles, large beer bottles, and 187 ml bottles.


  • High price point: At a price of approximately $25 for a bottle stopper, you need to consider whether your loved one will use this gift or if they will find it to be a benefit to them.

While some celebrations end in empty champagne bottles, there are occasions when you have some champagne remaining and would like to keep it in the fridge and prevent it from going flat. That is where champagne stoppers come in.

If you have a loved one who loves champagne and does not yet have a champagne stopper, or would like a new one, this champagne stopper by KLOVELO may be a good gift idea.

3. Tirrinia Insulated 2 Bottle Wine Gift Tote Bag


  • Easy for on the go: This bag has adjustable straps and a padded shoulder cover to make it comfortable to carry around when taking your champagne elsewhere. There are adjustable elastic straps within the bag to allow a wide array of differently sized items to be slotted in neatly and securely.
  • Insulated: This tote bag is insulated and padded to ensure that your chilled champagne remains at an ideal temperature within the bag while on the go. The foam padding ensures that, if you bump the bags, the bottles and/or glasses held within are protected and less likely to break.
  • Additional features: This bag has an internal divider to provide even more protection whether you have 2 bottles of champagne within or a bottle and some glasses. A front pocket allows you to slip your phone or wallet in and keep your hands free.


  • Limited room: This bag can fit either 2 bottles of champagne or 1 bottle and a travel glass. However, there is no room for much more in the bag and as such, if this bag will be sued for a picnic, additional storage will need to be used to carry everything else.

For a loved one who likes to take their champagne on the go, either to a picnic or party, this insulated tote bag may be a well-appreciated gift.

With a padded strap and room-to-fit wine glasses or champagne glasses along with a bottle of champagne, this bag is an easy way to transport your beverage without it breaking, while also looking chic.

4. Ivation 9-Piece Wine Opener Gift Set


  • 2 types of bottle openers: This set includes 9 items that can be used to open and store champagne. Included in the set are 2 bottle openers, one of which is a battery-operated wine opener and the other is a manual air pump bottle opener.
  • Additional accessories: Razor sharp foil cutters are included, along with an electric dual wine pourer and aerator. There are 2 champagne stoppers with a locking seal and 2 universal wine cork stoppers.
  • Easy to display: The set comes with an accessory tray that allows each item to be packed away neatly for easy storage. The stand has an indentation for each piece to be slotted into and can be featured on your kitchen table or your bar cart for easy access when needed.


  • High price point: For $40 this kit has a considerable price tag and needs to be considered thoroughly before being purchased. Although it includes 9 items that can be used by your loved one to open and store champagne, you need to ensure this is within your budget and there will be a use for it before purchasing.

If your loved one frequently drinks champagne or wine, they may find this 9-piece wine opener gift set to be an ideal gift. This set includes a wide variety of tools needed to open and cork their favorite wines and champagne bottles. This is an all-inclusive gift and would be seen as a premium item to receive.

5. Champagne Flutes for Wedding – 5oz Stemless Champagne Glass


  • Durable Materials: These champagne flutes are made with borosilicate glass which gives the flutes a clear color. They are double-walled and insulated which allows the champagne to remain chilled within the glass due to the insulation and resists condensation on the outside of the flute which may be unwanted by the user.
  • Easy to Clean: These champagne flutes are dishwasher, microwave, and freezer safe. They are durable enough to place in the dishwasher and clean without breaking, made more durable without the fine champagne stem which could cause some problems. If you are looking for a chilled champagne flute, these glasses can be placed in the freezer without risking any cracks.
  • Additional benefits: These glasses are thin and designed to fit comfortably the hand while still being durable enough to last against frequent use. The classy design is a modern take on the champagne flute and the glasses are BPA and lead-free.


  • Relatively pricey: At an average price of $30 for a set of 2 champagne glasses, this is a slightly pricey purchase given the context. If you do want to buy this set for a loved one, first consider if they will appreciate and use them and whether 2 glasses are all they need.

Champagne flutes are a staple for drinking champagne and are thus always a good option for a gift idea. This set of 2 stemless champagne glasses can be a good gift idea for a housewarming, wedding, or birthday and would likely be appreciated by your champagne-loving loved one.

Final Thoughts

Now that we have looked at 5 options for champagne-related gifts, you hopefully have a clearer idea of what you will be buying your loved one for their next celebration.

When it comes to which gift is the best overall, that can be subjective. if your loved one has more use for one gift idea as opposed to the rest, then that would be considered one of the best gifts for champagne lovers.

If your loved one like to take their champagne with them to a picnic or a friend’s house, a portable wine chiller or cooler carrier would be a good gift idea. For someone who drinks champagne as part of a cocktail, they may appreciate a champagne stopper to prevent the beverage from going flat.

A deluxe bar kit might be a good gift idea for someone who likes to drink champagne often and could find a use for it, while champagne flutes could be a good housewarming gift for someone who does not have any.

To work out which is the best option for your loved one, consider what they will use and what they will appreciate.

Make sure you also check out our articles on the best wine gifts and  best gift for whiskey lovers for more great gift-giving ideas.

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