The Top 5 Smoothest Cognacs

smoothest cognac

Cognac is a type of brandy that is made from grapes grown in the Cognac region of France. To be called cognac, it must be distilled twice and aged in oak barrels for at least two years. The aging process contributes to the smoothness of cognac, as does the double …

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Crown Royal vs Hennessy

crown royal vs hennessy

In an alternate reality where countries sent liquor to the Olympics instead of athletes, what would each country send? The exercise could be harder than it seems. Many countries have countless spectacular options. The United States would need to choose between iconic brands like Jack Daniel’s, Blanton’s, Maker’s Mark, and …

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Brandy vs Bourbon

brandy versis bourbon

Brandy and Bourbon are both alcoholic beverages, however, they are vastly different. Brandy is produced by distilling wine and can have an alcohol by volume (ABV) of approximately 35% – 60%. Brandy can be produced in various ways, including aging in wooden casks, and coloring the brandy with caramel coloring …

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Brandy vs Whiskey

brandy vs whiskey

Brandy and whiskey are two liquors that have much in common. Both are distilled (whiskey from grain, brandy from fruit). Both are produced primarily in Scotland, Ireland, Canada, France, and the United States, and both are stored in oak barrels to give them their distinctive flavor. However, there is a …

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Hennessy vs Courvoisier – Comparing Two Popular Premium Cognacs

Nothing is more soothing than a serving of premium cognac. Hennessy and Courvoisier both fall under the category of the most exclusive and expensive brands of cognac that are at the forefront of the liquor world. Though they both occupy prominent positions among the leading Cognac brands and are essentially …

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Martell Price, Sizes & Buying Guide

martell price

Martell is a popular brand of cognac. It was founded back in 1715 and has been going strong ever since. Over the years, Martell has continued to formulate and perfect a number of drinks. Their flagship drink, however, is Cordon Bleu which was only introduced in 1912. This brand is …

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Courvoisier Price, Sizes & Buying Guide

Courvoisier is a cognac that is produced in the town of Jarnac in the Charente region of France. Courvoisier is the youngest of the “big four” cognac houses having been founded in 1828 by Felix Courvoisier. The other cognac houses are Hennessy, Remy Martin, and Martell. Courvoisier differs from the …

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Paul Masson Brandy Price, Sizes & Buying Guide

paul masson brandy prices

Looking for an updated Paul Masson price guide? This guide will help you out. These days there are so many options for everything. There are a million streaming channels, a million kinds of cereal, a million coffee shops, and a million kinds of liquor. Just take a stroll down the …

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E&J Liquor Price, Sizes & Buying Guide

e and j brandy prices

Looking for an updated E&J liquor price guide? Depending on when and where you grew up, you might have had a strange introduction to Brandy. For many of us, we probably remember seeing our parents or grandparents enjoying a brandy after dinner. Or maybe it was one of the bottles …

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D’USSÉ Price, Sizes & Buying Guide

d'usse Prices

Truth is often much harder to explain than fiction. If you were writing a work of fiction and coming up with a signature liquor with a story like the one D’USSÉ has it might be a tough sell. First, you start with wine made with a specific set of grapes …

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