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Eagle Rare Price, Sizes & Buying Guide

Will Beck
Last Updated: February 28th, 2023

Eagle Rare is a highly sought-after bourbon from Buffalo Trace Distillery. It is extremely hard to find, and it’s usually quite expensive when you do find it. But for many bourbon enthusiasts, the rarity and cost are well worth it.

Eagle Rare is ten years old in new American white oak barrels, giving it a complex flavor profile that includes vanilla, oak, and caramel notes. The long aging process also results in a very smooth finish, making Eagle Rare one of the most enjoyable bourbons to drink.

If you’re lucky enough to find a bottle of Eagle Rare, be prepared to pay a premium, but don’t worry, it is worth it.

What is Eagle Rare

Eagle Rare is a Bourbon that Buffalo Trace produces. The distillery is located in Kentucky, and it has been in operation since 1787. Sazerac, Buffalo Trace’s parent company, has owned the brand since 1989 and has been producing Eagle Rare from its Frankfort, Kentucky distillery since.

Eagle Rare is a relative newcomer. It was first launched in 1975, created by the Kentucky Bourbon Hall of Famer Charles L. Beam. Today, Eagle Rare is still using the same traditional methods as it was back in 1975. It has a rich flavor that has earned it a loyal following.

Today, Eagle Rare is still made in small batches and aged for a minimum of ten years, resulting in the rich and complex flavor that made it famous.

The bourbon is a popular choice for whiskey enthusiasts. Bottled at 90 proof and made from Buffalo Trace’s mashbill #1, which contains less than 10% rye.

Not only does it have a rich and complex flavor, but it has also won numerous awards. In fact, it earned the 2019 Gold Medal from the San Francisco World Spirits Competition, among many other accolades.

Varieties of Eagle Rare

There are currently three varieties of Eagle Rare. Eagle Rare, Double Eagle Very Rare, and Eagle Rare 17-Year-Old. Each type has its own unique flavor profile that makes it distinctly its own.

Made from a mash of corn, rye, and barley, Eagle Rare is aged for ten years in charred oak barrels. This extended aging process gives the bourbon its distinctive rich flavor, with oak, leather, and spice notes.

Eagle Rare is best enjoyed neat or on the rocks but can also be used in a cocktail or for mixing.

Double Eagle Very Rare is a limited edition bourbon that is aged for 20 years. This bourbon has a deep, intense flavor with dark chocolate, vanilla, and caramel notes.

The long aging process gives the bourbon a smooth, complex flavor that is perfect for sipping on a cold winter’s night.

The limited production means that this bourbon is hard to find, but it is well worth seeking out. If you are lucky enough to find a Double Eagle Very Rare bottle, savor it and enjoy the rich, intense flavor.

Eagle Rare 17-Year-Old is the rarest variety of Eagle Rare Bourbon. Aged 17 years, it has a rich, smooth flavor with notes of honey, cocoa and orange zest. The long aging process allows the bourbon to develop a deep amber color and a complex flavor profile that is truly unique.

While other bourbons are aged for a similar length of time, Eagle Rare 17-Year-Old is the only one with such a distinctive flavor. As a result, it is highly sought-after by bourbon enthusiasts and collectors alike.

eagle rare bourbon

Where to Buy Eagle Rare

Eagle Rare bourbon is one of the most sought-after whiskeys on the market. Due to its limited availability, many people wonder where to buy Eagle Rare.

There are a few reasons why Eagle Rare is so hard to find. First off, it’s an allocated spirit, which means that the distillery can never produce enough to meet the high demand. Second, it’s a low-rye mash whiskey, which gives it a softer flavor that many drinkers prefer.

Finally, it’s award-winning and well-aged, two factors that make it especially popular among collectors. As a result of all these factors, Eagle Rare is one of the most sought-after whiskeys on the market today.

The good news is that Eagle Rare is distributed to all 50 states. However, stores may not always have it in stock because it is only available on allocation. When searching for a retailer that carries Eagle Rare, it is best to call ahead or check the store’s website to see if they have it in stock.

Eagle Rare Price

Eagle Rare is an exceptional whiskey. Not only is it budget-friendly, but it also has a rich flavor that is sure to please even the most discerning palate.

It is a steal at $30 SRP and $50 shelf price. So, whether you’re looking for a budget-friendly whiskey for your home bar or a special gift for the whiskey lover in your life, Eagle Rare is sure to please.

Double Eagle Very Rare, however, consistently fetches a high price. Prices for bottles start at $1,999 and can range as high as even $18,000.

While Double Eagle Very Rare is undoubtedly rare, it’s also worth noting that the high price tag is partly due to the quality of the bourbon.

Those who have been lucky enough to taste it say that it’s smooth and rich, with a complex flavor profile that’s unlike any other bourbon on the market.

A bottle of Eagle Rare 17-Year-Old Bourbon typically costs around $2,000. The reason for the high price tag is that it is another rare bourbon.

Unlike other mass-produced bourbons, this particular brand is only produced in small batches. In addition, the barrels are aged for a minimum of 17 years, which contributes to the unique flavor profile.

While the cost may seem prohibitive, the quality of this bourbon is genuinely unparalleled.

Eagle Rare In-Depth Tasting Notes

Buffalo Trace describes the tasting notes of Eagle Rare as: “The nose is complex, with aromas of toffee, hints of orange peel, herbs, honey, leather, and oak. The taste is bold, dry, and delicate, with notes of candied almonds and very rich cocoa. The finish is dry and lingering.”

Double Eagle Very Rare bourbon whiskey is a true collector’s item. Presented in a luxurious silver box and crystal decanter, it is a limited edition with only a few bottles.

Each bottle comes with an individually-numbered letter of authenticity. The whiskey is made from the finest ingredients and matures twice as long as the standard Eagle Rare.

The result is a smooth, rich flavor that will please even the most discerning palate. It is surprisingly balanced, with hints of vanilla, toasted oak, and caramel that lead to a smooth, oaky finish. The result is a smooth, rich flavor resulting from years of careful aging in oak barrels.

varieties of eagle rare

Eagle Rare 17-Year-Old Bourbon is a truly rare find. This award-winning bourbon aged in oak barrels for nearly two decades, developing a rich and complex flavor profile. It is then bottled in small quantities once a year, and released annually in the fall.

The long aging process gives this Eagle Rare a deep amber color and a velvety smooth texture. The nose is filled with aromas of vanilla, oak, and caramel, while the taste features hints of orange zest, chocolate, and toffee. The finish is long and lingering, making this bourbon an unforgettable experience.


Eagle Rare is a bourbon that is worth the price. It has a rich flavor and a smooth finish that makes it ideal for sipping neat or on the rocks.

If you’re looking for an exceptional bourbon to add to your collection, Eagle Rare should be at the top of your list.

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