Bud Light Strawberita Price, Sizes & Buying Guide

bud light strawberita

Looking for an updated Bud Light Strawberita price guide? This two-in-one beer and margarita drink is consumed worldwide in countries where alcohol sale and consumption is legal. According to recent statistics, around 65 percent of drinkers of the Bud Light Strawberita are women. The refreshing fruity flavor offered by this …

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Bud Light Lime-A-Rita Price, Sizes & Buying Guide

bud light lime a rita prices

Looking for updated Lime A Rita prices? We all know this feeling. You’re not in the mood for a beer, but you also don’t want to commit to the higher alcohol content that comes along with drinking a boozy Margarita. Why do we always have to choose between feeling full …

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Bud Light Razberita Price, Sizes & Buying Guide

mang-o-rita and raz-ber-rita

Looking for updated Rasberita prices? Oh to be a fly on the wall in the Anheuser-Busch InBev offices on the day the Bud Light Raz-Ber-Rita was invented! You can imagine one stressed research and development executive checking their watch and noticing that the next meeting where they need to propose …

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Bud Light Mangorita Price, Sizes & Buying Guide

bud light mangorita prices

New drinkers don’t know just how easy they have it. Even just a few years back, you had to hike up one hill in the snow to get your sparking margarita beverage and then hike up another even steeper hill after that to get your fresh mango. Once you finally …

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