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The 6 Best Beer Podcasts

Charl Joost
Last Updated: February 23rd, 2023

With the gaining popularity of podcasts, it comes as no surprise that shows exist talking exclusively about beer. These shows discuss all elements of beer, from how it is crafted, how it should be prepared, and other issues that may come about. Some shows have guest appearances including brewers.

We have compiled a list of our top 6 picks of the best beer podcasts to help you decide which one you would like to start listening to. Each of the podcasts has been looked at in terms of the duration of episodes, frequency of uploads, and notable guests.

Overview of Top Best Beer Podcasts

  1. The Beerists – Craft Beer Podcast
  2. Steal This Beer Podcast
  3. Craft Beer and Brewing Podcast
  4. Good Beer Hunting Podcast
  5. Master Brewers Podcast
  6. Experimental Brewing Podcast

Top 6 Best Beer Podcasts

top beer podcasts

1. The Beerists – Craft Beer Podcast

Established in 2012, The Beerists Podcast was founded to discuss craft beer with an occasional guest appearance. John Rubio began working with craft beer in 1994 and now hosts a beer tasting every week to share his love.

Mike Lambert organizes beer tastings and has a passion for drinking good beer. Meanwhile, Grant Davis makes his beer at home and Laura Christie works as a beer educator. These experienced individuals take you through the process of making craft beer, beer tastings, and more.

Some of the topics covered in the podcast include specific breweries, fun beer-related events, and their favorite beers. Episode 555 looked at the Amsterdam Beer Run with the hosts discussing the event while tasting 4 beers from Amsterdam.

Episode 544 involved the hosts trying beer from the Liability Brewing Co. while discussing their favorites and taking listeners through the process of beer tasting. This involved identifying flavors in the beer, discussing the type of beer it was, and their opinions on what they were tasting.

Quick Facts

  • Available on: The Beerists is available on the Stitcher app or iTunes making it slightly more accessible for listeners. Additionally, you can listen to the podcast on their YouTube channel and via their RSS feed.
  • Average Length: Each episode is approximately 44 minutes making this one of the shorter shows to listen to. You could listen to an episode on your morning drive or while relaxing at home.
  • Frequency of Uploads: Unlike the other shows on this list, The Beerists releases a new episode only once per month. This is understandable when you remember that these are independently produced episodes, so the hosts need time to record, edit and upload each episode.

2. Steal This Beer Podcast

how many beers is a bottle of wine

Hosted by Augie Carton and John Holl, Steal This Beer is a podcast aimed at educating listeners on the beer industry. Augie owns Carton brewing and John is an author who writes about beer, giving them the experience needed to host this show.

Each episode follows a similar pattern. Augie and John try 2 beers on air and dissect the flavors, and nuances of the beverage. This is done while a discussion is had on current news and topics in the beer industry, and styles of beer making that are gaining popularity.

Guest appearances are made on the show by barkeeps, industry insiders, and friends of the hosts who brew beer. These guest appearances give listeners an inside take on the industry by sharing their opinions and posing interesting debates for the hosts.

One of their guests includes Doug Veliky who has a long history in the beer industry and runs the blog Beer Crunchers. This episode investigated his history and the upcoming trends he predicts in the beer industry.

Quick Facts

  • Available on: Steal this Beer is available exclusively on iTunes making it a more exclusive and less accessible show to listen to.
  • Average Length: Each episode is approximately 50 minutes long making it a moderately long show to listen to. You could listen to this podcast while stuck in traffic or while cleaning if there is enough time to listen to the episode in its entirety.
  • Frequency of Uploads: A new episode is available per week giving you 4 episodes per month. This means you do not have to wait too long before you can listen to the 4 hosts share their next take or opinion.

3. Craft Beer and Brewing Podcast

Founded by Jamie Bogner and John Bolton, Craft Beer, and Brewing is a magazine with an additional podcast. They take readers and listeners into the world of craft beer by discussing beer types and interviewing brewery owners.

The podcast is manned by Jamie Bogner who acts as the Chief Content Officer for the brand. He works with various contributors across various forms of media to show the beer community in its entirety. Aside from the podcast, he acts as an art director, an editorial director, and the group publisher.

Among the topics discussed on the podcast are investigations into specific breweries, discussions with brewers on the future of beer making, and more. Episode 282 sees the host walk listeners through their experience at Halfway Crooks Brewery.

Each episode sees the host discuss a specific brewery with the owners or key individuals within the brewery. They are walked through the brewery’s processes, its business philosophy, and how it came about.

The show is sponsored by G&D Chillers which is a company that sells commercial and industrial refrigerators. Additionally, it is sponsored by Old Orchard which produces a line of juices and juice concentrates.

Quick Facts

  • Available on: You can listen to Craft Beer and Brewing on Spotify and Apple Podcasts, as well as on the podcast’s website.
  • Average Length: As a long-form podcast, each episode is approximately 75 minutes. This means it is an ideal podcast to listen to on long drives or while driving cross country.
  • Frequency of Uploads: As a frequent uploader, a new episode is available twice per week. This amounts to more than 8 episodes per month so you never have to wait long before listening to the next upload.

4. Good Beer Hunting Podcast

pumpkin beers

As part of a greater mission to bring the inner workings of the beer industry to light, Good Beer Hunting was launched as a podcast. This show, led by various interviewers including Bryan Roth, Stephanie Grant, and others, has had a great impact on the beer industry.

Among the topics covered on this podcast is the history of the beer industry, people involved in beer making, and discussing hot topics with industry leaders. Breweries are identified with key people interviewed to discuss their experience and what makes their business unique.

Episode 354 saw the hosts interviewing Rafael D’Armas from Montclair Brewery. Having started his career working in international relations and political science, Rafael takes Bryan Roth through his career. They discuss the career change he made from politics to beer making and how he went about doing that.

Other episodes see focus more on the people involved in the beer industry rather than a particular brand. An example of this is episode 338 which sees Greg Browne interviewed about his involvement in a new project. This project involved beer brewing and is named Art History.

Quick Facts

  • Available on: Good Beer Hunting is available on iTunes as well as on their website. Each episode is uploaded with a short description and audio, which can be played immediately.
  • Average Length: The average length per episode is 46 minutes meaning you could listen to a fair number of episodes in one sitting or while taking a drive.
  • Frequency of Uploads: An average of 1 episode per week is uploaded meaning you can listen to it often without forgetting about the podcast or losing interest in the topics covered.

5. Master Brewers Podcast

With a primary focus on making beer, the Master Brewers Podcast is a popular podcast to listen to. Hosted by John Bryce, the show is known for its deep look into brewing science and the immense work that goes into preparing and perfecting a new beer.

Among the topics they cover are the technical and technological elements of making beer. Episode 273 looked at the math behind making beer and how to predict and improve the efficiency of brewhouses. This episode has a special guest, Joe Walts, who has a history of lecturing on brewing beer.

Episode 109 has 2 guest stars, Maria Moutsoglou and Will Cayler, who took John through a discussion on the impact of dry hopping at various stages of fermentation. This discussion has been converted into a 40-minute episode and gives listeners an insight into the pre-brewing stages.

This is a good podcast to listen to if you are interested in the science behind beer-making. By bringing in industry professionals and scientists with brewing experience, this is a credible podcast to listen to.

Quick Facts

  • Available on: Master Brewers is available on various platforms aside from their website. You can listen to this podcast on Google Play, Spotify, Stitcher, and Apple Podcasts. This gives you a wider variety and makes the podcast accessible to more people.
  • Average Length: Each episode is approximately 42 minutes making it a shorter podcast to listen to. With the frequency, however, you will not have to wait for long before listening to the next episode.
  • Frequency of Uploads: A new episode is uploaded 3 times per month making the podcast a frequent uploader. Each episode sees a new interview conducted so more time to prepare is required.

6. Experimental Brewing Podcast

aldi beer advent calendar

With a focus on creating your beer at home and how to do this, Experimental Brewing came about following successful book launches. Since then, the hosts have taken listeners through how to make their beer and how to make it a successful career.

The show is hosted by Denny Conn and Drew Beechum who authored the books Experimental Homebrewing and Homebrewing All-Stars. Each episode is focused on the art and science behind brewing beer, to improve listeners’ appreciation for the industry.

Beechum started his career in the beer industry in 1999 when he began brewing his beer at home. He did this to rediscover his love for the beverage and the intricacies behind making it. His philosophy when it comes to brewing beer is to own your mistakes and keep at them.

Conn’s career began in 1998 when his wife bought him a beer brewing kit. Since then, his passion for the skill and experimenting with flavors and beer types has only grown. As a self-proclaimed lazy person, he aims to create beer without needing to do too much work.

Quick Facts

  • Available on: To make this podcast more accessible to listeners, Experimental Brewing is available on 11 platforms aside from their website. These include Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Amazon Music, Pandora, and Stitcher.
  • Average Length: Each episode is approximately 56 minutes meaning it is a slightly longer podcast to listen to. You could therefore listen to this podcast while sitting in traffic or while on a long drive.
  • Frequency of Uploads: With a new episode per week, you will not need to wait long to listen to hosts Drew and Denny.

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