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Best Wine Glass Charms & Drink Markers For Cocktails, Wine and More!

Ashe Samuels
Last Updated: February 17th, 2023

What else could make a wine glass even more charming and sophisticated? A few of the best wine glass charms might do the trick for the wine lover in your life!

With the holiday season right around the corner, now is the best time to start planning out your presents. Wine gifts are often known for being more elaborate, so the laid-back charm of a…well, charm will shake things up. Even better, these smaller gifts don’t need a ton of wrapping paper or big boxes!

We’ll help you save time looking for your next great gift. Below are our best wine glass charms for the holiday season, a future get-together, or your next treat-yourself session.

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What are Wine Glass Charms, Anyway?

what are wine glass charms

Before we dive into the best wine glass charms, let’s clarify what these whimsical trinkets are all about. Wine charms are decorative accessories attached to the rim, stem, or base of a wine glass.

Wine culture is all about appreciating the little details, so wine charms naturally fit right in! These trinkets are usually made of lightweight and durable material so as not to affect the drinker’s ability to sip or set the glass down.

Common materials are plastic, stainless steel, and plastic, though you’ll also find precious stones or wood.

Tips for Choosing a Good Wine Glass Charm

Wine glass charms have a few important details you should be aware of. Before we get started, read these quick tips to ensure you’re buying a solid gift and not a nuisance!

Beware of Choking Hazard

Does your gift receiver have young children and/or pets? Wine glass charms are dainty by design, so they can easily become choking hazards if they’re not stored properly.

Double-Check Maintenance Details

double check maintenance details

Wine glass charms are like any other accessory: they can get dented, dirty, or broken if you’re not careful. We’ll get specific about the materials and washability of each charm so you’re not left in the dark.

Be Mindful of One-Off Gifts

Some wine charms are considered a lifelong gift right alongside the wine rack. Other times, they make fun novelty party items to be tossed later. Consider this detail when choosing not just style, but the price.

Our List of Best Wine Glass Charms

The ideal wine glass charms for the gift-giving season should reflect the personality and drinking habits of the receiver. We’ve compiled a list of beautiful, funny, and unique wine glass charms to help narrow down your choices!

1. Acrylic Wine Glass Charms with 1 Gold Marker Pen Heart-Shaped Drink Markers

Let’s start off the list with a simple, straightforward wine glass charm set for just about any tastes: heart-shaped acrylic wine glass charms. What makes this option truly special is the ability to customize each one with the provided gold marker.

If you’re someone who likes to put together events and make every last guest feel appreciated, this set is for you. Put down people’s initials, first names, or even in-jokes to get everyone in on the fun!

Each heart-shaped charm is made out of transparent acrylic and can be wiped off for reuse. Not only do these decorations add a little extra love to your special event, but you can also use these charms for your phone or your purse.

Where to Put These Wine Glass Charms:

These wine charms are designed for stem glasses.

We Recommend These Wine Glass Charms For…

  • People who love to throw parties or plan family gatherings
  • Buyers who crave customization in their accessories
  • Anyone who prefers simple decorations over flashy options

2. Twine Antiqued farmhouse decor wine charms

Now for the other end of the aesthetic spectrum! If you have a co-worker or a friend with more old-fashioned tastes, these antique farmhouse wine charms will instantly catch their eye.This purchase gives you a set of six different wine charms celebrating the culture and creation of wine. You have a bundle of grapes, a wine barrel, a slice of cheese, a wine bottle, a wine glass, and a corkscrew.

The attention to detail is truly lovely, with each cheese spot or wood curl matched nicely by the gorgeous taupe color. This is one wine charm set that will make even the most casual gatherings feel exceptional.

Where to Put These Wine Glass Charms:

These wine charms are designed for stem glasses.

We Recommend These Wine Glass Charms For…

  • Fans of antique, classical, or farmhouse decoration
  • Buyers who want charms with high detail and simple colors
  • Drinkers who don’t need more than a few charms

3. True Zoo Citrus Wine Charms Glass Markers in Assorted Colors

Who says cute and wine can’t go together? These True Zoo citrus wine charms are chock full of personality in a deceptively simple package.

This wine charm set is styled after an orange, opening up into eight different pieces colored green, pink, orange, yellow, and red. An impressive feature is how each wine charm can actually be put back together like a piece of fruit, making storage both easy and adorable.

Just pop off a slice and stick it on your glass! The charms are made out of silicone for easy washing and to keep bacteria at bay.

Where to Put These Wine Charms:

These wine charms fit onto the rim of your glass.

We Recommend These Wine Glass Charms For…

  • Fans of cute, poppy, and slightly retro style accessories
  • Buyers who want charms that are easy to store and wash
  • Drinkers who use stem or stemless wine glasses

4. Wine Glass Charms 25pcs With a Storage Box

Do you want an expansive wine charm set for your elaborate family gatherings or growing personal collection? This hefty oceanic wine glass charm set will dazzle the imagination.These dainty charms are made out of high-quality zinc alloy, free of lead or nickel (which is perfect if your gift receiver has metal allergies). The full range of ocean creatures and iconic imagery are celebrated here, from merfolk to palm trees to seashells.

If you still want a few wine charms to take after the drink itself, there’s also a wine glass and a wine bottle charm.

Where to Put These Wine Glass Charms:

These wine glass charms are designed for stem glasses.

We Recommend These Wine Glass Charms For…

  • Fans of oceanic animals, mythology, and iconography
  • Buyers who want a larger than average wine glass charm set
  • Drinkers with metal allergies to lead or nickel

5. Lushy Christmas Wine Glass Charms Set of 12 Glass Markers for Stemless Glasses – Xmas Xmas Mix

If you’re the kind of buyer who loves to dress up the house in accordance with the latest holiday season, you’re in luck. This incredibly charming Christmas wine glass charm set will set the tone for the upcoming winter season.This set hovers in a nice middle ground of large, but not too large. You get twelve wine glass charms with classic Christmas imagery ranging from wreaths to angels.

The level of detail is impressive, combining gold borders with bright colors that can be seen across the room. The simple hook mechanism makes it easy to fit the wine glass charm around the stem without it falling off.

Where to Put These Wine Glass Charms:

These wine glass charms are designed for stem glasses.

We Recommend These Wine Glass Charms For…

  • Passionate fans of all things Christmas
  • Buyers who want extra sturdy charms that don’t slide off
  • Drinkers who want a solid amount of charms, but not too many

6. 18 Pcs Wine Glass Charms Set 80’s Vintage Markers

Is your gift receiver a huge fan of the ’80s and ’90s? Are they also a video game nerd or music fan? These 80’s vintage wine glass charms are perfect for scratching a particular niche for a particular wine drinker.These darling charms embrace iconic music, gaming, and geek imagery. You have the classic Gameboy and the more modern Xbox controller right alongside record players and cassettes.

The color scheme here skews toward a pastel scheme, wrapped up in glistening gold borders that’ll wink in the light. This set will be particularly fun for party guests who want to show off their individuality when selecting a wine glass.

Even better, these wine glass charms are made of lightweight alloy and aren’t easy to bend or break.

Where to Put These Wine Glass Charms:

These wine glass charms are designed for stem glasses.

We Recommend These Wine Glass Charms For…

  • Music fans, gamers, and people nostalgic for the ’80s and ’90s
  • Buyers who want to use wine glass charms to decorate a corkboard or phone
  • Drinkers who want wine glass charms that last a long time

7. NPW Classic Themed Reuseable Glass Drink Markers, 6

If you’re looking for a conversation starter that gets a few giggles, NPW’s handsome drink accessories are for you. There’s nothing like a laugh to get you ready to sip your pinot noir!This set comes in six handsome bachelors in different swim trunks, each one with its own popular frat boy name. This party accessory is more than just funny, however: these wine glass charms are easy to clean and reusable.

Where to Put These Wine Glass Charms:

These wine glass charms are designed for stem glasses.

We Recommend These Wine Glass Charms For…

  • Bachelorette parties, movie nights, and celebrations
  • Buyers who want more humorous wine glass charms
  • Drinkers who plan on reusing their charms for future events

8. Golden Girls Wine Glass Charms – Set of 4

Last but certainly not least, we round out this list with this Golden Girls wine glass charm set. This gift set is one of the easiest to buy because any lover of the show will instantly smile when they see your present!The gang’s all here: Sophia, Rose, Dorothy, and Blanche are lovingly recreated in enamel to make any drinker flashback to the good old days.

The expressions on each character fit their personality perfectly and will warm the heart of any longtime fan. Even better, these charms will make nice decorations for a corkboard when not attached to the glass.

Where to Put These Wine Glass Charms:

These wine glass charms are designed for stem glasses.

We Recommend These Wine Glass Charms For…

  • Fans of the Golden Girls
  • Drinkers who want nostalgic and cheerful charm sets
  • Buyers who want a smaller wine glass charm set

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