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The 6 Best Wine Festivals In Oregon

Rebecca Hanlon
Last Updated: July 31st, 2023

There is a lot to love about Oregon. From its mouth-watering berries, hazelnuts, and delicious seafood to its avant-garde culture, there is little something for everyone. But when it comes to wineries and wine festivals in Oregon, the state is making a name for itself.

It might be biased but this can’t be denied that Oregon offers world-class wines that attract national and international acclaim.

From its famed pinots to the new innovative blends, Oregon winemakers are grabbing the attention of sommeliers from around the globe to explore the state’s wine treasury.

If you need inspiration, here are some of the amazing fun filled wine festivals in Oregon that will urge you to plan your next trip to the Beaver State.

The Top Wine Festivals in Oregon

Raise a glass to this endless array of delicious wines!

  1. 16th annual Portland seafood and wine festival
  2. Queer wine fest
  3. Alt wine festival
  4. Sherwood fine west
  5. Oregon wine experience
  6. Newport seafood and wine festival

1. 16th Annual Portland Seafood and Wine Festival

portland seafood and wine festival
Image: Oregon Convention Center

Portland seafood and wine festival is the perfect place to enjoy quality time with your family while sipping on tempting wines.

This festival also attracts sommeliers and wine enthusiasts wanting to serve their wine taste buds some of the finest wines paired with the famous and special Dungeness crabs marking the specialty of the fest as well as giving it Oregon’s cultural touch.

Portland seafood fest serves fresh seafood from Oregon’s coast, Dungeness crabs, scallops, oysters, and sushi are just a few of the items you can expect to couple with the best local wines samples from over 60 of the finest Oregon wineries plus select craft beers and spirits vendors.

You also get a Bonus admission to the Portland Golf Show in the hall next door!

So, hurry up! and grab your tickets that are for $12-$16 (age group 18 and above $16, 11 to 17 $12, 60 and over $12) and free of cost for all 10 years old and younger kids.

The event will take place at Portland Expo center Hall E, march 25 Friday from 2:00 till 10:00 pm and Saturday from 12:00 to 10:00 pm.

2. Queer Wine Festival

queer wine festival

The first-ever queer wine festival is back. There are a lot of ways to celebrate queers’ parades, and concerts but wine fest is something innovative and not frequently talked about.

The queer wine fest is bringing together the queer-made, queer-owned, and queer-based wineries in Oregon, and Washington to celebrate the LGBTQ community.

A total of 17 wineries will be participating featuring special wines made with pride including Oregon’s oldest urban winery “hip chicks do wine”. There will also be a live performance by Camp Crush a new pop music band to sprinkle colors of fun to the festival.

Queer wine fest is the world’s first-ever wine festival to take place. You might have tasted and tested vast varieties of wines but the wines made and served with pride are unique to this fest. Not only will you be able to appreciate those beautiful sparkling pinks, yellows, and oranges but also the extravagant flavors concentrated in your tempting wine glass.

This fest not only serves the purpose to celebrate pride but also is a fundraiser to support them financially and provide them LGBTQ youth scholarships. If you have been looking to diversify the cause you support and play your part then it seems like a pretty good way to do both.

Get your tickets to this colorful event priced at $125 to $145 to be held on Friday, June 24, 6 pm to 9 pm, Remy wines 17495 NE McDougall Road, Dayton.

3. Alt Wine Festivals

alt wine festivals

This one is for wine nerds. Alternative Oregon wine festival known as Alt wine fest is unique in its sort as it features 80 odd grape varieties in Oregon that aren’t pinot noir.

It’s like an underground secret to discover other varieties of wines other than pinot noir that has already been ruling the state for a long time, people get excited when they realize that the wine varieties, they are served are different than the norm and this is more than just a reason to be a part of this festival.

This unique and bustling festival encourages people to take a break from their busy and hectic schedules and enjoy a little picnic and treat themselves to sweet wines. Alt wine fest is both indoor and outdoor (mostly indoor) and visitors are encouraged to bring blankets, and sunscreen and enjoy hangouts with friends and loved ones.

Other shenanigans include a music party by DJ Marty party, lawn games like cornholes and giant Jenga blocks, and much more.

From hip Gamay and friendly pinot gris to the lesser known Kerner and super rare Savagnin rose, the fest has a wide range of alternative wines to offer, giving it the name “Alt wine fest”.

The event will take place on 17th July 2022 at ABBEY Road farm, Carlton, OR from 1 pm to 5 pm. Tickets are available online for $68, early bird discounts are available so hurry up the sale ends soon.

4. Sherwood Wine Fest

sherwood wine fest

Swigging a mouth full of wine in relish and enjoying the cool summer breeze is the ultimate goal of the Sherwood wine festival.

In what better way to get hands on the region’s finest and quality wines and beers if not at Sherwood’s fest? It’s a family-friendly event where you can revel in live music, artisan booths, and much more activities with the local wines.

Not only this but the lineup also includes winemakers’ dinners where you can appreciate tangy and tasty food dishes rich in flavors to blast your taste buds.

The bigger picture behind Sherwood’s fest is not only to promote local wines and be a source of enjoyment but also the mission is to benefit the education and entrepreneurship in the country by supporting and bringing exposure to the Walley Mart wineries and vintners and raising money for the philanthropic projects supported by the rotary club of Sherwood locally, nationally, and internationally.

The event’s lineup is a two-day event, Friday and Saturday. Friday starts with wine tasting at 4:00 pm and ends with winemaker’s dinner from 5:00 to 8:00 pm. While Saturday is full of music, wine, beer, and food, the fun starts at noon and ends at 7:00 pm.

Book your tickets now at $125 for Fridays winemakers dinner with a free glass of wine, $20 for 21 years old and above, and $7 for 6-20 years old for Saturday night to be held at Sherwood Center of arts, 22689 southwest pine street, OR 97140.

5. Oregon Wine Experience (OWE)

oregon wine experience

Southern Oregon wines are the richest in flavors, represent agricultural history, and have a spectrum of varieties hard to find anywhere else. This event is hosted by Medford and rogue valley in august.

Each year in august this great event brings back thousands of wine nerds and visitors to cherish and appreciate the extravagant wines from more than 100 wineries featuring their innovative and creative wine and culinary pairings. The OWE features wine competitions, wine discovery classes, and a Grand tasting event.

The festival’s lineup includes wine classes by Oregon wine university to expand your wine knowledge on how to choose the right wine for the right food, compare old and new wines, etc.

Secondly, you will be able to enjoy the medal celebration of the top and best winemakers. Moving forward to the third day where you will be presented with opulent gourmet creations by the incredible culinary experts and sample wine futures that you can win by bidding.

Next on the list is the miracle auction and salmon bake to treat your taste buds with tantalizing flavors alongside the main course. Last but not least, the fest ends with the grand wine tasting where you get to sample and taste wine varietals from all across Oregon including the winners of the competition.

All the funds raised through this event will benefit Asante children’s miracle network and health care programs. Oregon wine fest guarantees you a packed schedule that is entertaining, inspiring, and a wine-filled time of your life.

Hurry and book your tickets at $100 for the miracle auction, $100 for grand tasting, and $750 (two tickets) for the miracle auction and salmon bake dinner. The location for the fest is stage pass, 4375 S stage Rd, Medford, OR.

6. Newport Seafood and Wine Festival

newport seafood and wine festival

Newport’s seafood and wine festival serve you both, delicious wine and amazing seafood, at an amazing location along the coast. Every February, thousands of people come to the Newport coast to sample the finest wines and tempting cuisines of northwestern Oregon.

With Oregon’s lush and amazing terrain vintners can harvest some of the best quality grapes used to make wine. With such special varietals and a long array of wine, it is no surprise that the event has such a long-running history.

Judges sample and grade the wines based on their expertise. If you are new to Newport fest you won’t go home without the knowledge of perfect wine. The food is a treat on its own; you get to eat fresh tantalizing seafood a lot more than just the crabs, feasting them with fine wines creating a splash of flavors in your mouth.

Holding a glass of wine, enjoying the beautiful landscape, and being surrounded by the aroma of fresh seafood should be enough to book your spot for this event.

This event will take place on February 23-26 2023, so get your tickets that will be available shortly at the Newport seafood and wine festival.

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