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The 5 Best Wine Festivals In Indiana

Rebecca Hanlon
Last Updated: July 31st, 2023

Wine culture in Indiana lives in the many festivals that take place throughout this state. Although Indiana’s climate is challenging to the process of winemaking due to its extreme weather patterns, skilled winemakers are successful in harvesting extravagant and unique varieties. This makes the state a hub for some spectacular wine festivals to indulge all wine-lovers.

From their ever-popular wine slushies to the arcane varieties of reds, everything comes together to create the end product that people enjoy. Whether you prefer dry, sweet, semi-sweet, red, white, or sparkling wine, Indiana is the spot for true connoisseurs to amuse their palate.

Let us dive into Indiana’s wine scene and relish those tempting wines by being part of these amazing festivals listed down below.

The Top Wine festivals in Indiana

Where to get the best wine in Indiana? Don’t worry we got you covered with a list of the best wine festivals in Indiana.

  1. Vintage Indiana wine fest
  2. Michiana wine festival
  3. Indiana wine fair
  4. Swiss wine fest
  5. WAMM fest

1. Vintage Indiana Wine Fest

vintage indiana wine fest

This is the biggest annual wine event to celebrate delicious wines produced in Indiana. This event is nothing less than a day filled with bustling energy, the finest wines, and crazy memories with fun-loving friends and significant others.

Vintage Indiana wine fest propels you to enjoy and appreciate the spirits of the Indiana winemakers and explore their Hoosier hospitality in each wine sip.

This year’s festival features nearly 30 Indiana wineries with their best wine creations and mind-boggling vintner-based pairings. The expansive entertainment this fest offers is worth your money.

From live music to dancing on your toes, character drawing to the shopping strolls featured by this fest will make you fall head over heels with Indiana’s vibe.

Moreover, the attendees will have this amazing opportunity to sample award-winning wines, “The Vintage” Indiana exclusive wines that lend the name to the fest, along with the Hoosier blends of wine cocktails.

The food is a treat itself; the state’s best culinary experts will be providing you with local food, readily available for purchase. So, grab your lawn chairs and blankets and do not miss this opportunity to sample, purchase over 300 Indiana wines, and have a crazy time with your 21 years old and above friends, family, and better halves.

The tickets are divided into three categories; a very sweet ticket, an adult ticket, and a designated driver ticket at the cost of 100, 50, and 15 dollars respectively.

The event will take place on Saturday, June 2023, at Military Park in downtown, Indiana. The time and date will be announced in early 2023.

2. Michiana wine festival

michiana wine festival

Wine lovers near and far- the Michiana wine festival is back. If you want to do something extra after the winter thaw, this festival is the right spot to kick off the spring. Michiana wine fest guarantees you an exciting weekend.

Michiana wine fest is a treat to local wines, foods, and entertainment. Multiple Indiana wineries waiting to pour their best samples into your glass will immerse you into Indiana’s wine scene. The burgers, pizzas, BBQ, and all the local tangy, yummy food items will provide a treat for your tastebuds.

Adding more to the excitement is the live music performance to cheer your mood and set the groovy atmosphere as you sip on the bottles of wine. Need more fun? Stop by the vendors and you will find a variety of items to take home.

Get outside and join Fort Wayne’s first wine festival of the season in April 2023, (the exact dates will be announced soon) at Headwaters Park in Downtown Fort Wayne.

Book your tickets at $25 for general admission, very VIP at $75. Hurry up! The first 2000 get a FREE souvenir wine glass!

3. Indiana Wine Fair

indiana wine fair

Are you ready for Indiana’s oldest and largest wine event? An afternoon filled with wine, food, entertainment, and a lot more! Certainly, you will not go home without finding a new favorite wine at this fest.

Indiana wine fair features over 40 of Indiana’s vintage and famed wineries with its extraordinary varieties of wines. From refined Rieslings and roses to mouthwatering malbecs and merlots, you are sure to be amused by the concentrated and enriched flavors.

There will also be local breweries, distilleries, local artist games, and Food trucks to facilitate your food moods. Indiana wine fair is the best location to have a scenic picnic with your friends at Story Inn, 6404 State Road 135 S, Nashville.

Fill up your petrol tanks and get ready for a ride to the Story Inn. You can take your friendly pets too and have a great time partying. The date for the 2023 Indiana Wine Fair is yet to be announced.

4. Swiss Wine Fest

swiss wine fest

It’s the 50th anniversary!! Are you ready for the sparkling fireworks and winy atmosphere to celebrate the golden jubilee of the Swiss wine fest this year? There is a lot to add to this occasion to be held at riverfront park, Vevay, Switzerland county.

It is not just any festival, it’s “The Swiss Festival” that has grown to be one of the top 10 festivals in Indiana. There will be a lot of action from Thursday to Saturday with expansive music lineups including “The Classic Rock Experience”, “Thunderstruck”, and “Huff buck”.

In addition to the entertainment, festival goers will see top-notch ferry rides, cars show, cheerleading competitions, and much more. The fest also showcases the famed grape stomp and both Beer and Wine gardens so CHEERS to all the attendees!

A Swiss wine fest is a must-go event with your family and kids. This year’s kid-friendly theme featuring Dinosaur Museum, magic shows, and amusement rides is the perfect entertainment for your kids.

Moreover, the wine pavilion will again be the popular place at the festival featuring all wines from Indiana. Saturday morning will showcase the Grand and special parade to mark the 50th anniversary that you would not want to miss, ending with the famous fireworks show.

Book your tickets for each event separately. Thursday, August 25 to Sunday, August 28, 2022, 12:30 to 5:30 pm. $5 will be the entry fee to the festival.

5. WAMM Wine Fest

wamm wine fest

As cool as it sounds, WAMM is the annual summer Wine, Arts, Music, and Microbrew fest, organized by the Sertoma Club of Greenwood. It’s a plethora of art, culture, entertainment, and fun.

This event not only serves the purpose to engage the audience and visitors into the liveliness of Indiana but also encounters a bigger purpose by giving all the net ticket proceedings back into the community to support scholarships and community nonprofit organizations.

WAMM will take place on August 19, 2023, at Craig Park, Greenwood, IN, from noon to 9 pm.

Seize the day with savor fragrant varieties of wines from all the world-class wineries of Indiana, each with something unique and wonderful to offer. Next to the lineup is for the art-loving fans, who are opportunistic to explore and appreciate the talents of over 40 artists and also can shop the most antique and distinct pieces that speak to them.

As you venture along the art booths with a wine glass, I am sure music will add essence to the vibe. Enjoy the musical day with live performances of 5 bands performing various genres throughout the fest. What’s next? Cheers beers, get your hands on the award-winning beers from central Indian breweries.

It is a festival that celebrates and empowers local artists, musicians, bands, and wineries. WAMM is unique and distinct in the global festival market, as the largest of its kind in supporting and celebrating local artists. Get your tickets for $25 for general admission. Early bird discounts are available so hurry up and book your tickets for just $15.

Uncork your perfect wine tasting experience here in Indiana that has something special to compliment your food and treat your taste buds. Do not miss these great events that will make your trip worthwhile in Indiana. Start booking and plan your trip. Happy drinking! Drink responsibly.

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