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Remy Martin vs Hennessy – Looking at Two Popular Cognacs

Rebecca Hanlon
Last Updated: July 31st, 2023

Remy Martin and Hennessy have been around for over 200 years, which makes them absolute veterans in an industry where most companies are lucky if they last another decade.

Both are fiercely protective of their reputations – their blends are some of the best-known in the world, and their advertising campaigns are always cleverly targeted at getting people to buy more bottles.

But what is the difference between these two brands? In the question of Remy Martin Vs Hennessy, which is better?

If you are looking for a great gift for a friend or someone special, or if you just want to treat yourself to something nice, this blog will help you find out which one is the best brand!

Remy Martin vs Hennessy – History

Remy Martin, one of the most famous cognacs in the world, was created in 1724 by Remy Martin in the French town of Cognac. Remy Martin was a young winegrower by trade, and he began to sell Cognac under his own name.

King Louis XV of France later permitted him to plant new vines, thereby recognizing the quality and excellence of cognacs.

In 1810, Paul-Emile Rémy Martin took over the family legacy and introduced its high-quality cognacs all around the world.

The history of Hennessey liqueur began more than three centuries ago in the French town of Cognac in 1765. The founder of Hennessy & Co., Richard Hennessy, was an Irishman who had served in the army under King Louis XV.

Hennessy started as an Eaux-de-vie trading company, but it is now the most successful cognac exporter in the world and operates as part of the Louis Vuitton Moët Hennessy Group.

How is Remy Martin Made?

remy martin

Remy Martin Cognac is made from a blend of Eaux-de-vie from different crus or vineyards.

The Eaux-de-vie are blended and distilled in the traditional double distillation process. These are then aged in oak barrels for at least 30 years before they are ready for bottling as a VSOP (Very Special Old Pale) or XO (Extra Old).

The grapes used to make Remy Martin cognac come from the Grande Champagne appellation, which is the highest quality designation given in France.

This means that they must be grown in a certain region with specific soil and weather conditions and be harvested by hand only.

The aging process enhances their taste and aroma, producing a deep golden color along with an exquisite bouquet with hints of fruit and spices like vanilla, cinnamon, nutmeg, and clove.

How is Hennessy made?


Hennessy is made from wine from Ugni Blanc grapes. The grapes are grown in the Cognac region of France, where they are harvested and distilled in the traditional manner.

The wine from these grapes is distilled twice to produce small amounts of very strong spirit known as eau-de-vie (literally “water of life”).

Hennessy is made using the traditional method of double distillation: the first takes place in copper pot stills, while the second occurs in a column still.

This process helps remove impurities and leaves behind a high-quality spirit that’s then aged for at least two to eight years in French oak barrels.

Remy Martin vs Hennessy – Similarities

Hennessy and Remy Martin are both Cognac brands with a long history of producing high-quality spirits. Both companies also pride themselves on their craftsmanship, as well as their ability to rise above the competition.

Remy Martin and Hennessy have been producing their product for over 200 years, but they haven’t rested on their laurels during that time; they’ve constantly been innovating and improving their products to meet changing consumer needs.

Both Hennessy and Remy Martin produce many different styles of Cognac, so you can find something that suits your taste no matter what they like. Remy Martin and Hennessy have the same alcohol content (40% alcohol by volume).

Hennessy vs Remy Martin – Key Differences

key differences

When you’re perusing the liquor store or bar, you’ll probably come across these two cognac brands.

Remy Martin and Hennessy are both French and fine spirits in the same category, but they’re distinct enough to set them apart from each other in taste, production, and price.

Which one should you choose? Let’s take a look at the key differences that set these premium brands apart!

Taste and Aroma

The taste of Remy Martin cognac is light and fruity with vanilla notes. The aroma is rich and spicy, with hints of honey, fruit, and vanilla. The finish is long, smooth, and slightly sweet.

Remy Martin Extra Old is the oldest eau-de-vie in the blend. It is matured for at least 10 to 37 years before coming together with its younger counterparts for a final maturation period of at least six months in barrels made from Limousin oak from Central France.

This process allows all the flavors to develop naturally over time; they do not need any additional flavoring or coloring.

On the other hand, Hennessy has a strong, aromatic flavor with hints of caramel and vanilla. The flavor profile of Hennessy cognac starts with a smoothness that’s followed by a rich, complex finish.

The taste of this brand has been described as buttery, spicy, and woody. The aroma is rich and complex, with sweet notes of honey, chocolate, hazelnut, and almonds. Hennessy has a delicate aroma, which is fresh and fruity.


Not only are Remy Martin and Hennessy different in flavor, but they’re also different in price. Remy Martin’s price per bottle can vary depending on where you purchase it from and what type of bottle you buy.

A standard 750 ml bottle will cost around $35 to $40, while a 1-liter bottle can cost up to $55 or more, depending on how old it is. When it comes to the limited edition series like the XO Excellence or Louis XIII line, the price can go as high as $95,000 in an auction.

Hennessy is the world’s most popular Cognac, and it’s also one of the most expensive. The top-shelf Hennessy Paradis is aged for up to 130 years and costs hundreds of dollars per bottle.

The next step down, Hennessy Richard, can be found at a high price of $3,000 to $6,000. More affordable bottles are made with younger blends and start from $39, going up to $60.

The reason why Hennessy is slightly more expensive than Remy Martin is because of their age-old tradition and the quality of their product.

Hennessy has been owned by the same family ever since its inception and continues to be one of the most recognizable brands with an impressive history. It’s no wonder Hennessy can charge a higher price point than other brands!

Flavor Variations

If you are in the market for a bottle of Remy Martin or Hennessy, you might be overwhelmed by the wide array of options.

Each company offers several different types of Cognac, each with its own unique flavor profile. Here’s a quick rundown of the most popular versions:

Remy Martin

  • VSOP – VSOP stands for Very Special Old Pale, and it is likely to be one of the first bottles that beginners purchase. It can be enjoyed neat or with water, but it works especially well when mixed into cocktails.
  • XO – XO stands for Extra Old, and this is considered one of Remy Martin’s top-shelf offerings. It is aged longer than VSOP, which means that it has a more pronounced flavor profile and a more complex taste.
  • Remy Martin Louis XIII Cognac – This is one of the most expensive brands on the market today. It is made from only Grande Champagne grapes, and it has an alcohol content of 40%. It can cost up to $1,000 for a bottle.


  • Hennessy VSOP Cognac – VSOP stands for Very Special Old Pale and is aged up to 15 years. It’s the perfect choice for those who like their Cognac smooth and mellow.
  • Hennessy Paradis – This is another great option if you’re looking for something more robust than Hennessy VSOP. It’s aged up to 100 years, giving it a bolder flavor profile than its predecessor. If you like your Cognac with a little more kick, this is your best bet!
  • Hennessy XO –This flavor is a blend of eaux-de-vie from the Grande Champagne and Petite Champagne crus. XO means extra old, and this Cognac has been aged for at least 30 years before being bottled.

Uses in Cocktails/Drinks

uses in cocktails

Using either brand of Cognac in a cocktail is like giving your drink a bit of class, and, if you’re lucky, getting tipsy at a more affordable price tag. Cognac was created as a base spirit for mixing, and there are endless combinations that can be made into delicious drinks.

You’ll love making cocktails with Cognac because the flavor profile of these two brands shines when mixed with other ingredients, especially fruit flavors like berries and citrus fruits.

The Royal Tom Collins, the Sidecar, Mint Julep, French Connection, and the Hennessy Sazerac are among the most widely popular cocktails made with Hennessy and Remy Martin.

While both Hennessy and Remy Martin can be mixed with a variety of ingredients, they taste best on their own. Like a fine wine, they’re designed to be sipped as you let their aromas unfold on your palate.

In general, there are two ways you can drink these cognacs: neat or on ice (the only requirement is that your glass has some water in it so that it doesn’t crack due to the temperature difference).

Remy Martin Vs Hennessy – What to Choose?

The answer depends on what you’re looking for in your Cognac. If you want a smooth and mellow drink that’s great on its own or with food, then Remy is probably your best bet (though it’s worth mentioning that both brands make excellent VSOP Cognacs as well).

But if you’re looking for something with more flavor or character, something bolder and more complex, then Hennessy might be a better choice.

Remy Martin VS Hennessy is a classic debate that has been going on for ages. If you are looking to buy a high-end Cognac, then both Remy Martin and Hennessy are the best options.

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