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Lagavulin Whisky Price, Sizes & Buying Guide

Charl Joost
Last Updated: February 14th, 2023

Single malt whiskey is a type of whiskey that is made from a single malted grain within a single distillery. Single malts tend to have a higher price tag than other whiskeys due to the specific requirements that must be met during production. For this reason, single malt whiskey is considered an elite whiskey.

In this article, we will be looking at the whiskey brand, Lagavulin, the history behind it, and what variations are available from the brand.

This article will help you decide whether you will be trying Lagavulin Whisky the next time you are looking for a single malt option.

A Brief History of Lagavulin Whisky

history of lagavulin whiskey

Founded in 1816 by John Johnston, Lagavulin Whisky is produced in Scotland. Focusing on producing well-aged and tasty single malt whiskeys, this beverage is considered an elite and high-quality beverage. The distillery is based in the town of Lagavulin on the south of the Island Islay in Scotland.

In 1825 a second distillery was acquired by the family before their production was absorbed by Lagavulin in 1837. It was then sold in 1862 to John Logan Mackie who was a whiskey blender and brought the distillery and brand to the attention of the public.

Mackie’s nephew began to visit the distillery in 1878 to learn how to produce single malt whiskey, eventually taking over the production of Lagavulin. He went on to become a prominent figure in whiskey production, creating the White Horse blend in 1890 and co-founding a second distillery.

The brand’s 16-year-old single malt was selected to be one of the 6 Classic Malts offered by the brand in 1988 and in 2014 a triple-matured expression was released for another collection names the “Friends of the Classic Malts”.

Lagavulin was bought by Diageo which is a multinational alcohol company with headquarters in London. The brand has a whiskey in Diageo’s “ultima” collection which means that there are very few bottles remaining. This whiskey is their 1993 release which is bottled at cask strength and has no added color to it.

Prices, Variations & Sizes of Lagavulin Whisky

variation of lagavulin whiskey
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Single malt whiskey is a beverage produced within a single distillery using a single malted grain. Lagavulin whiskyy is made by the Lagavulin distillery in a small town on the south of the Island of Islay.

Lagavulin has 10 variations available with some ‘bundles’ which contain 2 of the whiskey variations for a higher price. Their standard bottling is a 16-year-old scotch whiskey which is bottled at an alcohol content of 43% (86 proof).

Their highest-priced offering is their 26-year-old special release in 2021 which has an average cost of $1 960. This single malt has a deep amber color with an aroma of linseed oil and polished mahogany. With a palate of smooth sugar with hints of salt and pepper, this whiskey has a long and faintly smoky finish.

Lagavulin’s 16-year-old single malt is among the most popular options from the brand with a price tag of approximately $87.

This whiskey is aged in oak casks for a minimum of 16 years and has a prominent peat-smoke taste. It has tasting notes of peat smoke, strong sweetness, and touches of wood. This is best served neat or with a touch of water.

The brand’s most affordable option, for approximately $68 per 700 ml, is their 8-year-old single malt. This whiskey was released to commemorate the 200th anniversary of when the Lagavulin distillery was founded.

It has a light-gold color and tasting notes of smoke, minty dark chocolate, and oven-charred potato skins.

Item Average Price Size per Bottle
Lagavulin 11-Year-Old Offerman Edition Single Malt $83 750 ml
Lagavulin 7-Year-Old Islay Jazz Festival 2022 Single Malt $113 750 ml
Lagavulin 12-Year-Old Special Release 2022 Single Malt $161 750 ml
Lagavulin 2021 Distillers Edition Single Malt $107 750 ml
Lagavulin 16-Year-Old Single Malt $87 750 ml
Lagavulin 8-Year-Old Single Malt $68 750 ml
Lagavulin 12-Year-Old Special Release 2021 Single Malt $155 750 ml
Lagavulin 26-Year-Old Special Release 2021 Single Malt $1960 750 ml
House Lannister Lagavulin 9-Year-Old Single Malt $78 750 ml
Feis Ile 2022 Lagavulin 12-Year-Old Single Malt $197 750 ml

 4 Alternatives to Lagavulin Whisky Price

Stauning Danish Whiskey has several whiskeys available including single malts and triple malts. It is produced outside the village of Stauning in Western Jutland in Denmark, having been established in 2005.

Being the oldest distillery in Denmark, this brand was founded by 9 whiskey enthusiasts who set out to create a product that reflected the town in which they established themselves. This whisky is available for approximately $182 at an alcohol by volume (ABV) of 48% (96 proofs).

Connemara Peated Single Malt Irish Whiskey produces a single malt whiskey like Lagavulin. Established in 1987, this brand produces a whiskey that is inspired by traditional, 18th-century techniques of drying malting barley.

connemara peated single malt irish whiskey

Their whiskey has strong notes of peat and smoke, with a smooth and sweet taste. This is an affordable option for a price of $40 and an ABV of 40% (80 proof).

Bruichladdich Whiskey has several collections including their namesake which is unpeated, Port Charlotte, and, Octomore which are both heavily peated. The brand was resurrected in 2001, having been established in 1881 by the Harvey brothers.

It was founded on the shore of Loch Indaal which is an Islay off the coast of Scotland. You can buy this whiskey for $214 at an alcohol content of 50% (100 proofs).

Compass Box Whisky is a brand of Scotch whiskey established in 2000. It was founded by John Glaser who was working for a UK distiller and realized there was a gap in the market in terms of Scotch whisky.

There are 7 original whiskies with 25 limited edition variations available that can be bought for approximately $153 at a strength of 43% (86 proof).

compass box whisky

How to Drink Lagavulin Whisky

Lagavulin whisky is a single malt with tasting notes of salt, seaweed, and smoky peat. This is a high-quality whiskey that should be savored. You should therefore know the correct way to drink Lagavulin whisky to fully allow the flavors to come out and be appreciated.

There are several steps to truly take in the taste of a fine whiskey. In a whiskey glass, pour 1 to 2 US fluid ounces of Lagavulin scotch. Gently swirl the glass at an angle and tilt it up to allow the liquid to run down the inside of the glass. Slower whiskeys will move slower than newer ones.

Next, pass the whiskey under your nose and take a deep breath. This will allow you to slowly take notes of the aromas from the whiskey. Do this several times to allow you to focus on different notes each time.

Finally, take a small sip of the scotch and allow it to rest on your tongue. Savor the flavor notes within the whiskey and isolate the separate flavors that match the aromas from earlier.

To enhance the flavor slightly, add a splash of water which will open the tasting notes slightly. Adding too much will water down your beverage too much.

Frequently Asked Questions

faq lagavulin whiskey

Where is Lagavulin distillery based?

Lagavulin’s distillery is based in the village of Lagavulin which is on the south of the Island of Islay in Scotland. This distillery was established in 1816 and has been producing single-malt whiskey since its inception.

Is Lagavulin a good whiskey?

According to an online magazine, Scotch Whisky, Lagavulin whisky is a unique and tasty whiskey. This matches the reputation the brand has for producing high-quality and delicious single malts.

Is Lagavulin a recognized brand?

According to Forbes, Lagavulin has been recognized in many forms of media over the years, most notably in the television show, Parks and Recreation. One of the characters, Ron Swanson, loves scotch whiskey with a particular appreciation for Lagavulin.

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