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How Old Is Johnnie Walker Blue Label Whiskey?

Charl Joost
Last Updated: February 23rd, 2023

Have you ever wondered how old is Johnnie Walker Blue Label Whiskey? Now, before I answer that question, let’s get something straight. It’s always important to know the age of the whiskey you’re drinking. After all, when it comes to Johnnie Walker, three things that matter: great taste, smooth finish & age.

Three years is the standard requirement for the maturity of scotch whiskey. However, the actual age of Johnnie Walker’s Blue Label remains a mystery. Rumors suggest that the bottle is aged for at least 28 to 60 years, making it a top premium whiskey.

Johnnie Walker Blue Label has been produced and created in Scotland since 1992. Only one of 10,000 barrels is deemed fit to be included in the outstanding blend, so it’s clear that the Blue Label is a top premium blend. 

Blue Label Is a Blended Scotch Whiskey

johnnie walker
Image: Johnnie Walker

Jonnie Walker’s Blue Label whiskey is a complex blend of some of the finest single malt Scotch and single grain whiskies. 

Single malt Scotches are manufactured from a single variety of malted barley and range in taste depending on their location. Grain whiskies are manufactured by substituting maize and wheat for barley.

Blue Label starts with malting, which converts starches into soluble sugars. The malt is then dried and crushed. Essential sugars are then extracted and combined with yeast to be made ready for fermentation. 

It is then distilled twice after fermentation to increase the alcohol concentration and enhance the taste. Finally, the distilled alcohol is placed in oak barrels for a lengthy maturing period, lasting up to 60 years. This is what contributes to the overall color and taste.

This blend of single malt scotch and grain whiskey makes Johnnie Walker Blue Label an elegantly blended whiskey renowned for its combination of vanilla, honey, rose petals, and rich flavors with a smooth, complex finish.

How You Should Drink Blue Label

johnnie walker blue label
Image: Eugeni Dodonov

There are countless ways to drink whiskey, but you’ll only want to drink Johnnie Walker Blue Label the right way. There are several iconic whisky cocktails, such as Old Fashion, Whiskey Sour, and Rusty Nail.

With its unique and high-quality blend, a whiskey of this stature should not be diluted with citrus juice, sweetness, or even diluted with water or ice.

It is not intended for excessive drunkenness on a night out or even moderate drinking on an evening spent alone. Generally, people savor an aged bottle such as this to honor life’s significant events.

Therefore, due to Johnnie Walker Blue Label’s age, its best enjoyed on its own. Being one of the world’s most coveted and expensive whiskeys, drinking it any other way would be a waste.

Blue Label is best enjoyed neat in a whiskey snifter, a style of glass that increases its scent. A separate glass of cold water should also accompany it.

The water’s goal is to refresh your tastebuds after each mouthful so you can get the most out of each drop of whiskey.

Of course, using a snifter is not entirely necessary, and you can use a standard whiskey glass. However, this will enhance the aroma of the Blue Label, ensuring you enjoy it to its maximum. 

The only necessity I would say is a special occasion. After all, why would you waste this delicate flavor on anything other?

Blue Label Is One of the Leading Scotch Whiskeys in the World

blue label whiskey
Image: lennoxshotu

Sometimes you want to splurge on a nice bottle of whiskey, which can be the perfect treat for the right occasion. So, when you have a special celebration and want to treat yourself, you may naturally head to the whiskey section of your favorite liquor store. 

There are a lot of high-end whiskeys out there with distilleries worldwide, creating different brands that appeal to every kind of drinker. But, Blue Label is one of the best-known and most popular brands globally. So, how much does it cost?

On Whiskey Shop USA, the average price for a 750 ml bottle is $279.99 and is likely closely related to Johnnie Walker Blue Label’s age. If the price correctly represents everything you’d hope Blue Label to be is up to your perception and personal opinion. 

However, Blue Label’s value may not be regarded as worth it by some who prefer a more robust Scotch and individuals who don’t really drink Scotch. The reality is that Blue Label is unrivaled in terms of quality in the whiskey market and is often considered among the top five Scotch whiskeys in the world.

How Old Is Johnnie Walker Blue Label Whiskey – Conclusion

So, the blue label is a whiskey that combines the rich flavors of Scotland’s finest malts with the smoothness of Scottish grain whiskeys.

It is not your run-of-the-mill blended whiskey. It is a premium blend that whiskey connoisseurs have enjoyed for some time.

The Johnnie Walker brand is well known for creating this rich blend and making it accessible to all, while the Blue Label Johnnie Walker is known for its age. It’s an enduring classic.

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