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Comparing the 2 Worst Vodka Brands

Charl Joost
Last Updated: February 17th, 2023

Vodka is an extremely popular drink across the globe for its versatility to form the basis of a wide range of cocktails. However, it is not used purely as a base drink for cocktails but is delightful when you drink it on its own.

Although most people associate Vodka with Russia, some people believe it originated from Poland. Irrespective of its origins, Vodka was popularized in the 16th century and increased in popularity ever since.

According to US and Russian Standards of Spirit Identity, vodka must be distilled to 190 proof, 95% alcohol, and the rest is water. Vodka is meant to be tasteless except for the flavor of ethanol.

The result is that there is no noticeable difference between expensive vs. inexpensive vodka.

Originally Vodka was distilled as a near flavorless but some of the upper-class citizens preferred their Vodka flavored with wormwood, cherry, birch bark, and St. John’s Wort.

While these vodkas may have their use in cocktails, they still represent the worst vodka brands that are best left to mixers.

The “Best” of the Worst Vodka Brands

Bakon Vodka

bakon vodka
Image: Angelina Earley

Bakon is an extremely popular vodka frequently used in Bloody Mary or Caesar cocktails.

However, the thought of merging a vodka with bacon does not sound too appetizing to me. Each to his own and each of the ingredients will work extremely well. Combining the two, I am not too sure.

Bakon Vodka is ideally used in drinks like a Bloody Mary or a Caesar, but so can many other vodkas.

Seagram’s Sweet Tea Vodka

seagram's sweet tea vodka
Image: Drew Stephens

A delightful chilled sweet tea sipped in the late afternoon or on scorching summer nights can be quite refreshing.

Drinking a Seagram Sweet Tea Vodka may sound just as relaxing but in reality, it doesn’t come close to a chilled sweet tea.

It will transport you to the sweet college days where everyone drank whatever was available for the effect, not enjoyment.

About Bakon Vodka

Bakon Vodka is a potato-based vodka made in Idaho where it is column distilled down to 80 proof before being flavored to taste like bacon.

Black Rock Spirits prefers column distillation over pot distillation. They claim that the single heating process in column distilling doesn’t bruise alcohol like multiple heating in pot distilling does.

About Seagram’s Sweet Tea Vodka

Seagram’s Sweet Tea Vodka is made from grain grown in Ohio, Indiana, and Kentucky whereafter it is sent to Lawrenceburg, Indiana for processing.

There the grain is ground down and mashed for fermentation, whereafter it is distilled for the first time producing a liquid that is 192 proof, extremely strong yet still neutral. Yeast is then added to the distilled liquid and left for 2 to 3 days to ferment more.

After the fermentation, it is pushed through the distillation process to reach the correct proof and remove non-alcohol molecules introduced during fermentation.

Once the correct proof is achieved the alcohol is three more times to produce a crisp, smooth taste. Only after the fifth distillation is water added to reach the bottling proof.

Sweet tea vodka is a combination of black iced tea with hints of cocoa and walnut, mixed with a floral essence and notes of honey and caramel

What Are They Made of?

Bakon Vodka uses grain grown in Ohio, Indiana, and Kentucky in their distillation process while Seagram’s Sweet tea Vodka use potato from Idaho.

Bakon Vodka does not contain any animal products and is totally vegetarian.

How Are They Similar?

Black Rock Spirits was started in 2008 and is a boutique brand with a limited offering. Their brands are:

  • Sparkle Donkey Tequila
  • Bakon Vodka
  • Outdoor Whiskey

The options are limited and there is only a 750ml bottle available that sells from approximately $28.99 up to $35.99.

Bakon vodka is rated at 35% ABV


Compared to Black Rock spirits Seagram is a behemoth in the liquor industry that started in 1857.

The range of Seagram Vodka is rather impressive and includes:

It also comes in a variety ranging from a 50ml bottle up to 1,000ml.

  • Seagram’s Sweet Tea Vodka (50ml) is priced for easy sales at $1.29
  • Seagram’s Sweet Tea Vodka (750ml) is more competitive at $10.99
  • Seagram’s Sweet Tea Vodka 1000ml $14.65
  • Seagram’s Sweet Tea Vodka is rated at 35% ABV

To Drink

Bakon Vodka

1. Bloody Mary

bloody mary
Image: Reese Lloyd

Black Rock Bakon Vodka is renowned for its use in Bloody Mary and Caesar cocktails.

For the ultimate Bloody Mary, you mix the following in a pint glass.

  • 1.5 ounces of Bakon Vodka
  • Fill glass with ice
  • Fill glass with tomato sauce
  • A dash of celery salt and a dash of ground black pepper
  • Worcestershire sauce and Tabasco according to preference, normally between 2 and 4 dashes of each

2. Classic Caesar

  • Pour 1.5 ounces of BaKon Vodka into a pint glass and fill with ice
  • Worcestershire sauce and Tabasco sauce to your preference, generally 2 to 4 dashes of each.
  • Fill glass with Clamato

Sweet Tea Vodka

1. Sweet Tea Palmer

sweet tea palmer
Image: Kevin Lawver

Pour 2 ounces Seagram’s Sweet Tea Vodka in a cocktail glass over ice, mix with 3-4 ounces lemonade by stirring it well, and garnish with a Lemon Wedge.

Other cocktails include

  • Easy Palmer requires some lemonade to be added to the vodka and ice.
  • Iced Tea-quila with Corralejo Tequila and a squeeze of lemon
  • Caribbean Island Iced Tea with Zaya Rum rather than tequila
  • All American Iced Tea with Templeton Rye and an orange peel


Bakon Vodka alternatives


Image: Steve Fannon

Unlike most vodka that is smooth, Burnett’s Vodka is bitter and leaves a burning sensation when used without any additions. Burnett’s Vodka cannot be described as smooth. Even with a mixer, you will find it difficult to appreciate this vodka.

Its popularity could be ascribed to the low pricing point of around $9 to $10 per 750 ml which is ideal for students that want to consume as much as possible without blowing their monthly allowance.

Three Olives

Although Three Olives are sold in a neat-looking marketable bottle. However, the contents of the bottle do not match the neatness and marketability of the bottle.

Three Olives must refine the smell of their vodka as Three Olives smells more like a bottle of acetone than a high-standard vodka.

Even the great-looking bottle and its reasonable price of between $17 to $20 per bottle cannot save this British vodka.

Seagram Sweet Tea alternatives

Ciroc Vodka

Cîroc was established in 2003 with limited success. When rapper Sean Combs joined the brand it suddenly became extremely popular.

What makes Ciroc different is that it is made from grapes, and it produces a unique citrus-like taste which some people say is an acquired taste for vodka.

The citrus-like taste makes it difficult to pair with the correct mixer leaving it slightly difficult to use in cocktails.


Which came first?

Black Rock Spirits released their Bakon Vodka in April 2009 while an updated version of Seagram’s Sweet Tea vodka was released in May 2020.

Which is stronger?

Both Bakon Vodka and Sweet Tea Vodka are rated as 35% ABV making the strength match closely. You are unlikely to find either with a stronger taste or effect.

Which is the most popular?

Although Bakon Vodka is extremely popular for Bloody Mary and Caesar cocktails, the vodka is limited in its use whereas Seagram’s Sweet Tea can be used in a variety of cocktails proving its versatility.

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