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Tito’s vs Grey Goose

Will Beck
Last Updated: August 8th, 2023

Grey Goose vodka and Tito’s vodka have both been around for a long time, and Tito’s vs. Grey Goose debate is one of the most heated in the spirits industry. These are two of the best vodkas available, but what distinguishes them?

If you’re deciding between these two brands, knowing their similarities and differences will help you decide which one you prefer.

Let’s take a closer look at these two brands individually, compare them, and decide which one is best!

A Brief Introduction to Both Vodkas

If you’re looking to purchase Vodka, you’re probably very familiar with these two well-known brands; Grey Goose and Tito’s.

Both brands have their own passionate following and drinkers who swear by the superiority of one over the other. However, it’s not easy to tell them apart at first glance. Let’s take a quick look at an overview of both brands!

Tito’s Vodka

Tito’s Handmade Vodka from Austin, Texas, is one of the best-selling spirits in the United States. In addition to being delicious, Tito’s Vodka has become a sought-after name due to its affordability and craftsmanship.

Tito’s Handmade Vodka has been on the market since the mid-90s, when it was established in Austin, Texas, by Tito Beveridge, the “mortgage guy.”

Tito Beveridge uses corn in his Vodka to give it a cleaner and more subtle taste.

While the brand has grown significantly over the years, its commitment to quality and family heritage has not faltered or changed.

Grey Goose

Grey Goose Vodka

Grey Goose is arguably one of the most recognised Vodka brands in the world. This premium vodka has unparalleled smoothness and can be enjoyed neat on the rocks or as part of your favorite cocktail.
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Grey Goose Vodka, also known as just Grey Goose, is a French-made vodka that’s becoming increasingly popular throughout the world.

This particular brand of Vodka gained popularity in the 1990s and 2000s thanks to its high quality and exclusive flavor profile, including hints of citrus and pepper.

With an incredibly smooth taste that comes from the filtering process and distillation methods used to make it, Grey Goose Vodka can be enjoyed straight-up or in several cocktails.

History – Tito’s vs Grey Goose

Grey Goose, the luxury vodka brand, was created by American booze tycoon Sidney Frank and Maître de Chai François Thibault.

It might surprise you that Grey Goose wasn’t always a vodka; it started life as a German Liebfraumilch (like Blue Nun) in the 1970s. Although the sweet wine died, the trademark lived on and was revived by Frank two decades later to become Grey Goose vodka.

In 2004, Sidney Frank Importing Co. sold the Vodka to Bacardi Limited for an alleged price tag of over 2B$.

Tito’s Handmade Vodka is a premium brand of Vodka produced by Fifth Generation, Inc., in Austin, Texas. It is the fastest-growing spirit in the United States. 

Since its introduction in 1995, Tito’s has become a favorite of consumers and bartenders alike with its smooth taste and distinctive packaging.

After spending years in the oil business and mortgage brokerage, Tito decided to retire early to pursue his dream of making quality Vodka. He started infusing store-bought Vodka and giving it as gifts to his friends.

Determined to create an exceptionally smooth brand, Beveridge invested all his money and time in the business, and the company soon grew into a national success story with a loyal following that keeps growing by leaps and bounds.

How is Tito’s Vodka Made?

tito's vodka made

Tito’s Handmade Vodka is made in batches rather than in a continuous distillation process. The batch method of distillation means that each bottle of Tito’s Handmade Vodka is made from the same recipe and cut to the same proof.

Originally, Tito made his Vodka in copper pot stills; a style of distillation that was similar to the process of high-end French Cognacs and liqueurs, and they made only one batch at a time.

Tito uses corn as its primary grain. This process gives the Vodka its smooth character and distinctive flavor. The product is distilled six times for purity and smoothness and then filtered through charcoal for exceptional clarity and taste.

The result is smooth Vodka with no artificial flavors or additives.

How is Grey Goose Vodka Made?

grey goose vodka made

Grey Goose vodka is distilled from wheat and flavored with natural spring water from Gensac-La-Pallue in Cognac, France.

In addition to being made with spring water, Grey Goose is also made with a second distillation process that uses winter wheat for a smoother taste than most vodkas. The wheat used in the production of Grey Goose originates in Picardy, France.

What might come off as a surprise is that Grey Goose vodka is distilled only once; the high-quality ingredients are enough to make this Vodka the ultimate premium brand.

Tito’s vs Grey Goose – Similarities

Grey Goose Vodka and Tito’s Handmade Vodka contain 40% alcohol by volume, which makes them a little stronger than most other vodka brands on the market.

Both brands are owned by companies based in the US (Grey Goose by Bacardi and Tito’s by Fifth Generation). The two vodkas taste similar but have different flavors depending on their base spirits and distillation methods.

The good news is that both Grey Goose vodka and Tito’s Vodka are gluten-free! Both brands are made from corn/wheat and distilled, creating a vodka that’s 100% gluten-free.

The aroma of Tito’s vodka and Grey Goose vodka is very similar. Both have a very mild, almost neutral scent. The difference is that Tito’s has a slight hint of corn or graininess, while Grey Goose has a hint of wheat or bread.

Grey Goose vs. Tito’s – What Sets Them Apart?

There are hundreds of vodka brands on the market, with new ones emerging every year. But just because there are more doesn’t mean it’s any easier to choose the right one – what makes Tito’s Vodka so different from Grey Goose vodka? Read on to find out!


Grey Goose has a light and crisp taste, with hints of vanilla, citrus, and honey. The taste of Grey Goose is often described as being smooth and sweet.

While Grey Goose is a very smooth vodka, Tito’s is much more complex and has a distinct flavor that can only be described as “earthy” or “woody.”

Taste is an extremely subjective thing — one person may prefer one type of Vodka over another, while someone else may think that both are equally good.

If you’re looking for a bolder flavor, then Tito’s might be better for you than Gray Goose; if you want something smoother and softer on your palate, then Gray Goose will likely be your favorite choice.


One bottle (750ml) of Grey Goose costs about $34 at Walmart. On the other hand, the same bottle (750ml) of Tito’s costs about $20, but you can get it for less if you buy in bulk or buy it at Amazon.

Grey Goose is more expensive because it contains ingredients sourced from France and a proprietary filtration process that removes impurities without altering the taste or aroma of the Vodka.

Sidney Frank Importing Co. spent years building up its brand, advertising it as a luxury spirit that was worth the higher price tag.

It’s an example of what economists call an “experience good,” something that you buy for the experience of having bought it; not because it delivers any tangible benefit.

Tito’s Handmade Vodka, on the other hand, doesn’t have nearly as much marketing muscle behind it as Grey Goose does, so its makers are free to charge less for their product.

They don’t have to convince people that their product is worth paying more for; they just have to show them why their product costs less than others.


Another aspect that sets Tito’S Vs. Grey Goose apart is their packaging.

Tito’s has earned quite a reputation for its unique packaging, which includes a simple bottle and a minimalistic label. According to the company, they don’t want to invest in making premium packaging.

Keeping the bottle modern yet simple keeps it less expensive than its high-end counterpart, Grey Goose. T

his helps create a memorable brand identity for them, which is great for consumers who want to easily identify their product when shopping for alcohol at their local liquor store or supermarket.

Grey Goose Vodka packaging has been designed to appeal to the sophisticated drinker who enjoys fine wines or spirits.

It’s not flashy or ostentatious like some other liquor brands; instead, it’s understated and sophisticated, with very clean lines that emphasize the purity of the product inside the bottle.

Flavor Variations

The Grey Goose vodka brand offers a variety of flavors. The original, unflavored Vodka is available. It is the most popular and widely available version.

The brand has also introduced some flavored vodkas that are made from natural ingredients and have no sugar added. These include:

  • Grey Goose L’Orange: Orange-infused Vodka that is perfect for a summertime drink.
  • Grey Goose Le Melon: Melon-flavored vodka that tastes like a crisp melon on the rocks.
  • Grey Goose Cherry Noir: Cherry-infused Vodka with a hint of black cherry for an extra kick.
  • Grey Goose La Poire: Pear-infused Vodka with a sweet taste that can be enjoyed year-round.
  • Grey Goose Citron: Lime-infused Vodka that is perfect for cocktails or sipping on the rocks in the summertime.

Tito’s, on the other hand, does not create any flavored vodkas. The company believes that when they’re making great-tasting Vodka with high-quality ingredients, they don’t need to add any flavoring.

goose vs. tito's


Tito’s makes an excellent base spirit for cocktails because it has a rich flavor profile without any burning sensation.

Some of the most popular mixed drinks made with Tito’s Vodka include the Moscow Mule, the Screwdriver, and Tito’s Hill Country Sunrise. Tito’s official website also supports a large variety of infusion recipes that you can try!

There are a lot of ways to drink Grey Goose vodka. It’s smooth, it’s clean, and it has a subtle hint of citrus. The most popular way to drink Grey Goose is chilled and neat or on the rocks.

The flavor profile of Grey Goose is very light, with notes of grain and wheat. It’s great for mixing with other ingredients, but it’s not strong enough to stand up on its own.

Grey Goose is best when mixed with tonic water or ginger ale. The citrus flavors in these drinks complement the lightness of the spirit without overpowering it.

Grey Goose also pairs well with cranberry juice and other fruit juices, such as pineapple or grapefruit juice.

Tito’s Vs Grey Goose – Which to Choose?

Tito’s vs. Grey Goose is a classic debate, and it can be a challenge to decide which Vodka to choose.

Both are great options with their distinct flavor profiles-Grey Goose is best in cocktails while Tito’s shines if you prefer your vodka straight up.

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