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The 12 Best Gluten-Free Coffee Brands (Plus Buying Tips!)

Will Beck
Last Updated: February 28th, 2023

If you start your morning with a cup of coffee, I get it. Drinking coffee makes you feel awake and energized for the whole day. The caffeine kick helps you stay alert and alive, no matter how much of a Monday it is. 

But, what if you’re gluten intolerant? While coffee beans are gluten-free, some companies add enhancers that can make them unsafe to drink.

If you’re in this boat and need your daily dose of caffeine, I’ve listed twelve of the most famous gluten-free coffee brands. Let’s check them out!

The Top Gluten-Free Coffee Brands

  1. Anthony’s Organic Instant Coffee
  2. Tierra Farm Coffee
  3. 1936 Hazelnut Instant Coffee
  4. Steam Cafe Gourmet Flavored Coffee
  5. Rage Organic Instant Coffee
  6. Cafe Britt Origins Coffee
  7. Alpine Start Premium Instant Coffee
  8. Joffrey’s Coffee
  9. Nugano Ganoderma Black Coffee
  10. Ganoherb Mushroom Coffee
  11. Buzzfit Coffee and Protein
  12. Civilized Instant Decaf Coffee

1. Anthony’s Organic Instant Coffee

Check out Anthony’s Organic Instant Coffee. It’s a gluten-free coffee brand made with 100% pure Arabica beans. This ensures that you’re getting premium-quality coffee beans for your caffeine needs. 

Anthony’s Organic Instant Coffee is also non-GMO. Plus, you’ll love that its beans are micro-ground. This makes it easier to dissolve them in hot water. 

Here are a few other benefits of Anthony’s Organic Instant Coffee:

  • Packed with antioxidants to keep your body healthy while fighting diseases
  • Organic and healthy 
  • Has a rich and bold flavor profile, thanks to the Arabica beans

2. Tierra Farm Coffee

tierra farm coffee
Image: Tierra Farm

Tierra Farm is best known for producing gluten-free and organic products. Its products include peanuts, tea, trail mixes, dried fruits, and coffee. This brand also offers kosher products.

Tierra Farm manufactures various coffee flavors and roast profiles. You’ll also love this brand’s other feature:

  • Comes with a unique fruity flavor profile
  • Comes in compostable packaging
  • 100% organic and non-GMO 

3. 1936 Hazelnut Instant Coffee

The 1936 Hazelnut Instant Coffee is one of the best hazelnut dark-roasted instant coffees out there. It’s guaranteed gluten-free and non-GMO, and each product has an 18-month shelf life. 

This brand features bulk-roasted coffee beans from Mexico’s highlands. They’re glazed to perfection using 100% pure cane sugar. And, because it’s an instant coffee blend, it’s easy to make a cup of coffee when you want one. 

Available in five flavors, you’ll love the other features of this coffee brand:

  • Filled with antioxidants, unlike standard roasts
  • Has a unique flavor profile and aroma because of the hazelnut hint 
  • Created using Torrefacto Method

4. Steam Cafe Gourmet Flavored Coffee

For diabetics and individuals who are conscious of sugar intake, this coffee is for you. The Steam Cafe Gourmet Flavored Coffee consists of 100% pure Arabica beans.

This coffee brand also offers instant coffee with low acidity rich and medium body. Regardless of whether you go for instant or whole bean coffee, none of Steam Cafe’s blends have added sugar.

Here are some other features of Steam Cafe Gourmet Flavored Coffee:

  • Soy-free, keto and paleo-friendly 
  • Diet-friendly because it contains no sugar
  • Sweetened using monk fruit
  • Ideal for a low-carb diet 

5. Rage Organic Instant Coffee

Rage Organic Instant Coffee offers a unique plant-based vitamin coffee. It’s comprised of 100% pure Arabica beans from the Ethiopian highlands.

This coffee brand only sells organic beans, and each product has unique herbs in it to help enhance the properties of the coffee.

Rage coffee is a keto-friendly filter coffee packed with natural vitamins. This ensures a clean-tasting quality coffee, despite the fact that it’s an instant brew. And, the best part is that there are no artificial ingredients.

Here are a few other features of this coffee brand:

  • Powerful and bold flavor profiles
  • 100% plant-based, complete with natural compounds to boost your health
  • A smooth drink without a bitter taste
  • Ideal for diet-conscious because it’s low in calories
  • Vegan-friendly for health-conscious individuals 

6. Cafe Britt Origin Coffee

Experience the Costa Rican way of roasting coffee with Cafe Britt Origin Coffee. This brand sells gourmet, gluten-free coffee beans. All coffee beans from Cafe Britt are made with 100% pure Costa Rican Arabica beans. 

Cafe Britt Origin Coffee is kosher, high-mountain grown coffee. You’ll also love its tri-layer aluminum bag as packaging, which helps to maintain the beans’ freshness. 

The best features of this coffee brand are the following:

  • Has a distinct aroma and unique flavor profile
  • Gourmet coffee with hints of chocolate
  • Has low acidity, making it smooth and non-bitter to drink 

7. Alpine Start Premium Instant Coffee

alpine start premium instant coffee
Image: Alpine Start

Alpine Start Premium Instant Coffee is another gourmet instant coffee that made it on the list. It’s soy, dairy, and gluten-free, perfect for health-conscious individuals. This brand offers organic instant coffee made from 100% pure Columbian Arabica beans. 

Whether you like it black or with creamer, Alpine Start Premium Instant Coffee has a distinct flavor. Plus, it comes in single packets so it’s easy to take with you on the go. You can brew the coffee either hot or cold by dissolving the instant coffee in eight ounces of water. 

Here are a few other benefits of Alpine Start:

  • Organic and non-GMO, so it’s ideal for vegetarians, vegans, and other diet-conscious people
  • Full-bodied and rich flavor, making it a smooth coffee drink
  • Backpackers and hikers love this because it’s easy to pack for on-the-go drinking

8. Joffrey’s Coffee

joffrey’s coffee
Image: Joffreys

Comes in unique colorful packaging, Joffrey’s Coffee offers gluten-free coffee flavors. This brand is also good for diabetic individuals because there’s no sugar added. All Joffrey’s coffee flavors are made with 100% Arabica beans. They have rich and full-bodied flavor profiles. 

With Joffrey’s Coffee, everything is roast to order. This guarantees that all the coffee beans are new and roasted fresh, helping preserve their rich flavor. 

Joffrey’s Coffee also offers the following features:

  • Versatile, because you can make a cup using any brewing method
  • Kosher and diet-friendly 
  • Has the right amount of sweetness using natural sweeteners

9. Nugano Ganoderma Black Coffee

Filled with antioxidants, Nugano Ganoderma Black Coffee has special anti-aging. A unique ingredient of this coffee brand is Reishi Mushroom or Ganoderma, an herb from Asia.

Thanks to the addition of the Reishi mushroom, this coffee brand offers outstanding healing properties and uses Arabica roasted beans. 

Nugano has been a trusted brand because of its organic and healthy coffee, ideal for vegans, diabetics, and people on a halal diet. There are also no preservatives, and artificial additives added. 

Here are a few other benefits of Nugano:

  • Soy-free and salt-free
  • Establishes good health support by maintaining good blood circulation
  • Keeps the immune system healthy 
  • Boosts your energy by reducing fatigue
  • Improves your focus to do tasks efficiently
  • Features a bold and rich taste

10. Ganoherb Mushroom Coffee

Another good gluten-free coffee brand that also contains Reishi mushrooms is Ganoherb. It’s a two-in-one black instant coffee mix for your convenience. 

This brand also contains Reishi mushroom spore powder, which is a superfood that can maintain your immune system. But, don’t worry, you won’t taste any hint of mushrooms. 

Ganoherb Mushroom Coffee is pretty healthy thanks to the fact that it has no sugar added. It’s also lactose-free, with no artificial stimulants and flavors. 

Here are some other key features of Ganoherb Mushroom Coffee:

  • Contains mushroom powder, so it can help improve your immune system
  • Can help calm your nerves, so it’s good for those who struggle with stress
  • Low in calories, so it’s ideal for diet-conscious individuals

11. Buzzfit Coffee and Protein

Image: Buzzfit

A unique gluten-free coffee brand option is BuzzFit Coffee and Protein. It serves as your all-in-one fuel to help you power through busy days. One serving has 100 mg of caffeine, which is the equivalent of 1.5 espresso shots!

BuzzFit coffee is made with 100% pure Columbian beans, giving your cup of coffee a smooth and rich taste. And to make it unique, every serving of this coffee has 10 grams of Whey protein. The added protein can help stimulate muscle growth. 

Here are a few other benefits of this gluten-free coffee:

  • Contains no sugar, so you can drink it even when you’re maintaining a healthy lifestyle
  • Made with monk fruit, fruit extract, and a natural sweetener, so it doesn’t have a ton of chemical additives
  • Keto-friendly and low in calories, so it’s perfect for those following specific diets
  • No artificial ingredients, so you don’t have to worry about these taking away from the taste
  • Easy to make and convenient to travel with, so you can drink it on the go 

12. Civilized Instant Decaf Coffee

civilized instant decaf coffee
Image: Civilized Coffee

Finally, we have the Civilized Instant Decaf Coffee. This brand features premium coffee blends roasted using Brazilian beans which are brewed to create smooth, rich flavors. It’s allergen-free, gluten-free, vegan, and free of dairy and nuts.

Civilized Instant Decaf Coffee is non-GMO and Kosher. And, the coffee beans are easily dissolved in hot water. With its resealable jar, expect your Civilized coffee beans to stay fresh for a long time.

You will love the other benefits of this coffee brand:

  • Convenient and not messy to make, so it’s ideal for any travel
  • It comes in reusable jars, so it’s sustainable and eco-friendly
  • It’s not bitter with the right amount of caffeine, so you can drink it even if you don’t like bitter brews

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