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Coffee Brands Starting With X

Charl Joost
Last Updated: May 30th, 2023

When your days are dreary and disappointing, coffee is the best beverage to have in your life. It can wake you up in a way that no other drink can. It’s warm and comforting, and it smells so good.

Coffee has been part of the human routine for centuries, whether enjoyed in a coffeehouse or fresh-brewed at home.

We’re lucky to live in such a time when we can get great coffee nearly anywhere. There are plenty of reasons why coffee is the best beverage – such as its versatility and the way it can be manipulated to create new flavors and experiences.

It’s hard to resist the coffee industry’s constant stream of novelty, especially when you feel like your old cup isn’t cutting it anymore.

You may have one brand you’ve been loyal to for years, but that doesn’t mean you should ignore your curiosity about other options.

You may not be surprised to find that when talking about coffee brands starting with X the options are limited, but lets take a look at a few.

Coffee Brands Starting With X

  1. Xpower Coffee: For Men’s Sexual Vitality
  2. Xtra Instant South Blend
  3. Xtreme Coffee Roasters
  4. XO Coffee
  5. XFL Dallas Renegades Coffee
  6. XX Espresso Almond Latte

1. Xpower Coffee: For Men’s Sexual Vitality

xpower coffee

Coffee, like wine, is an acquired taste. Most people drink coffee because it’s a nice little energy boost in their day and because they enjoy the taste. So the idea of a coffee specifically for men’s sexual vitality might sound odd at first.

XPower Coffee, a product of BFSuma, was created to help men raise their vitality and improve their sexual performance and sperm quality with just one cup of coffee daily.

The coffee contains Epimedium, Maca, Tongkat Ali, and Ginseng, which are recognized as some of the most powerful supplements for men.

BF Suma is a natural ingredient company committed to using only whole food ingredients and producing the highest quality products.

All their products are 100% vegetarian, gluten-free, and Genetically Modified Organism (GMO) free. The Suma team uses their expertise to create powerful blends that support an active lifestyle.

The health benefits of XPower Coffee for Men’s Sexual Vitality include;

  • Enhance libido
  • Relieve fatigue and stress
  • Promote erections
  • Improve sexual performance,
  • Nourish the prostate
  • Promote blood circulation,
  • Improve body vitality

Suma XPower Coffee for Men is an exciting product every man should try at least once. It has a pleasant fragrance and a smooth taste, so you’ll feel like you are drinking something more appealing than just coffee. It won’t be too bitter or intense; it’s just right!

2. Xtra Instant South Blend

Xtra Instant South Blend is a popular brand of instant coffee that is made using a mixture of coffee beans and chicory. This southern-style blend is very popular among campers and backpackers, as it offers a bold burst of flavor that is uncommon in an instant coffee. 

Chicory root has been used for generations in the American South as both a coffee additive and an alternative. The chicory root has a strong aroma and bole taste when brewed like coffee, and many people prefer the taste of chicory coffee to traditional arabica or robusta coffee beans. 

Mixing chicory with coffee is a tradition that can be traced back to the New Orleans area of Louisiana, and there are cafes and restaurants all around the area today that serve both chicory and traditional coffee with breakfast. 

The Xtra Instant South Blend contains about 70 percent traditional coffee and 30 percent chicory root, giving it a bold pop of flavor and a richer body compared to most other instant coffees. As chicory does not contain caffeine, this blend is not quite as strong as instant coffees that are made from 100 percent coffee beans. 

3. Xtreme Coffee Roasters

xtreme coffee roasters

Xtreme Coffee Roasters is a small family-run coffee roasting business that is located in Spring Hill, Tennessee. They specialize in small-batch roasting, which allows them to keep a close eye on consistency between different batches. 

All coffee beans roasted and sold by Xtreme Coffee Roasters are considered to be “specialty coffee.” This means that all coffee beans have received a rating of 80 or above from a certified coffee taster or a licensed Q grader. 

They usually carry between 6 and 8 roasts at any given time, and there are both single-origin options and blends to choose from. There are also three different organic coffees available, as well as an espresso blend. 

The “Back Country Blend” is one of the most popular offerings from Xtreme Coffee Roasters. It is a medium blend that is full of flavor while maintaining balance, and it has a mild amount of acidity with tasting notes of vanilla and brown sugar. 

4. XO Coffee

xo coffee

XO Coffee makes high-quality single-serve coffee pods that are made using fully biodegradable packaging. All of the coffee used is both organic and fair trade, and the pods are compatible with both Keurig machines and the company’s signature XO coffee brewer

There are three different styles of single-serve pods to choose from, each of which brings a very different style of coffee to the table. The Medium Roast is a great choice for people who enjoy a mild roast with moderate flavors, and it is considered by many to be the “crowd pleaser” of the lineup.

There is also a French Roast option that is full of big and bold flavors with mild amounts of acidity. This is the strongest and boldest style of coffee sold by XO Coffee, and many have compared the tasting profile to that of the Pikes Place roast by Starbucks. 

There is also a fully decaffeinated pod option that is a great option for after-dinner cups of coffee as well as for people who are caffeine sensitive. The coffee beans are processed at the famous Swiss Water plant in Canada, which is one of the most trusted and respected facilities of its kind. 

5. XFL Dallas Renegades Coffee

xfl dallas renegades coffee

The XFL is a spring football league that was recently relaunched thanks to the help of partial owner Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. The Dallas Renegades are one of the most popular teams in the league, and they brought home the championship in the inaugural “new XFL” season. 

Salter Bros Coffee Roasters is an Arlington, Texas-based coffee roastery that is very involved in the local community. The roastery has partnered with the Dallas Renegades to launch the first-ever line of XFL-inspired coffee roasts

The Renegades Blend was developed alongside football legend Daryl Johnston, who decided that the roast should be bold and full of flavor to represent “the spirit and strength of the XFL Dallas Renegades.”

There is also a roast called the Coach Stoops Blend that was crafted with the guidance of Dallas Renegades head coach Bob Stoops. It is made with a traditional blend of South and Central American coffees, and each bag is hand autographed by the championship-winning coach himself.  

6. XX Espresso Almond Latte

Califa Farms is one of the largest and most recognizable brands of pre-packaged dairy-free coffee drinks in the United States. All of their coffee drinks are made with either almond milk or oat milk, and there are many different options and flavors to choose from. 

The XX Espresso Almond Latte flavor from Califia Farms is one of the company’s top-selling products, and it is available at many large grocery chains across the United States including Whole Foods. It is sold in both single-serve bottles and large jugs for home use in the refrigerator. 

The XX Espresso Almond Latte is 100 percent plant-based and is made using only Arabica coffee beans. This gives the latte beverage the distinct taste of high-quality coffee beans that is not usually present in other sweetened coffee beverages. 

This is one of the most widely available non-dairy lattes on the market today, and the company has reached distribution deals with some of the largest brands in the US. Along with grocery stores and gas stations, Califa coffee products are also sold on major online shopping platforms like Amazon. 

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