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Aeropress vs V60 – What’s The Difference?

Jason Gass
Last Updated: August 18th, 2023

When it comes to coffee it seems like everyone has an opinion about the best brewing method. Whether you enjoy French Press, drip, cold brew, or pour-over, you are likely committed to finding the best products available for making a great cup of coffee.

The AeroPress is often touted as a multi-function coffee press, allowing the consumer to make a wide range of styles from espresso to pour-over.

If pour-over is your coffee of choice, you may not agree with the assertion that AeroPress can make your favorite brew. When it comes to compact and efficient ways of making pour-over, you may be looking for an alternative to the larger carafe style pour-over set-ups.

The Hario V60 is a nice alternative to traditional pour-over brewers and is a great alternative to the AeroPress.

In this article, we’ll take a look at both the AeroPress and the Hario V60 pour-over cone. We’ll give you the pros and cons of Aeropress vs V60 and offer thoughts on how each option may work best for your coffee brewing enjoyment.

Things To Consider Before Buying Pour Over Coffee Maker

things before buying pour over coffee makers

When you are considering a pour-over coffee maker, you’ll want to consider a number of factors. Below, we offer some suggestions on what you should look for in a good pour-over coffee maker, and how to pick the best option for your needs.

Size and Weight

Pour-over coffee makers come in a wide range of styles and sizes. When you are considering a pour-over coffee maker, you’ll want to think about the amount of space you have to store it, and how much the carafe can hold.

When it comes to size, you’ll find pour-over options that are compact enough to fit on a smaller coffee cup, and some are large enough to make coffee for at least a couple of people. The size you select may be based on how it fits in your kitchen, if you are traveling with it, or how much coffee you drink.

If you are traveling with your pour-over coffee maker, you also want your option to be lightweight. This will keep your luggage manageable, or your camping or RV supplies from being excessively heavy.


Size and capacity go together, but how much your pour-over can brew at one time or hold in its carafe may be a critical factor for your buying considerations.

Larger capacity pour-over coffee makers can hold enough coffee for a couple of people. Smaller pour-over coffee makers may only make enough for a single cup.

If you’re just thinking about making pour-over for yourself, a single-serve option that sits on top of your favorite coffee mug may be the best bet.

Ease of Use

Pour-over coffee makers are generally pretty easy to use. However, the ease of use considering that you need to think about when buying a pour-over coffee maker is cleaning the coffee maker.

Single-serve pour-over coffee makers or those that don’t have an attached carafe are often preferred because they can be easily rinsed or washed in the dishwasher.

If pour-over coffee makers that have an attached carafe may be dishwasher safe if they utilize a material like silicone or rubber for their grips. Many use cork, which is not dishwasher safe, which means you’ll be hand washing your pour-over carafe.

Presenting the AeroPress Vs V60

The AeroPress is one of the most versatile coffee makers out there. With a range of filter options, combined with your preferred coffee grounds, you can make all of your favorite coffee drinks. But how does it really compare when it comes to making pour over?

When it comes to pour-over coffee makers the Hario V60 is a favorite of coffee lovers thanks to its easy set-up, good capacity, and compact size that stores easily. It also comes in fun colors, which add to its appeal to many people.

But, which is best for pour-over coffee? Below we offer some pros and cons for each and some thoughts on ease of use, capacity, and portability to help you decide between the AeroPress and the Hario V60.



  • Makes up to four cups of pour over
  • Dishwasher safe and easy to clean
  • Compact size
  • Durable BPA-free plastic construction – won’t break easily
  • Comes with a nice holder for filter paper
  • Makes more than just pour over


  • Requires special filter paper
  • Not great for brewing for more than one person
  • Need a separate container for coffee
  • Not a very attractive design

Hario V60


  • Attractive styling and fun colors
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Simple to use
  • Use for coffee, tea, or filtering water
  • Affordable price


  • Breakable
  • Learning the techniques of pour-over can be challenging
  • Uses special filters
  • Not compact enough for travel use

Features & Benefits


The AeroPress and Hario V60 are two versatile coffee makers. Both are designed with simplicity in mind, but offer the coffee lover a variety of brewing options.

The AeroPress is a cylinder-style coffee press, it has the ability to make espresso and regular coffee. In general, the AeroPress works much like a typical French Press, however, it uses a silicone-sealed plunger to pass coffee through a small paper filter.

The Hario V60 on the other hand is a great example of a pour-over coffee maker. The V-shaped cup holds a paper filter that holds coffee grounds. Hot water is poured over the grounds, where it steeps and results in coffee.

The inside of the cone is textured to keep the filter from sticking. It sits on the top of most standard sized coffee mugs, so you don’t need to buy anything special.

The V60 comes in metal, glass, and ceramic options and the ceramic option comes in a few different colors, so you can pick the one that best matches your kitchen or dishware.


The AeroPress is one of the most versatile coffee makers you can buy. By just changing the type of filter you use and the coarseness of your coffee grounds you can enjoy regular coffee, espresso, a variety of espresso drinks, and even iced coffee and cold brew.

The versatility of the V60 lies in the material that it’s made from. While the AeroPress only comes in BPA-free plastic, Hario’s V60 pour-over cone comes in ceramic, glass, and metal. This variety allows you to use the V60 in a range of applications.

The Ceramic and glass options are great for use at home. The glass cone is really attractive and looks great on your breakfast table. The ceramic pour-over cone comes in a variety of colors. And, the metal is great for traveling, camping, and using on the go.

The V60 is made more versatile in the fact that you can change the rate of the pour, type of bean, and grind consistency for a range of coffee flavors.

Ease of Use

There are a couple of considerations when it comes to ease of use for the AeroPress and the V60 pour-over cone. The first is brewing ease and the second is cleaning ease.

First, the V60. While on the outside the V60 looks easy to use. Place the filter, add coffee, and pour the water. But, it’s just not that simple. To make a great cup of pour-over there is a technique that takes time to learn.

Dedicated coffee lovers will take many minutes to brew a cup of pour-over, waiting for the perfect bloom. It’s an art as much as it is brewing coffee.

If you’re dedicated and work through the technique of pour-over, then you have to clean your cone. The V60 pour-over cone is dishwater safe, so just remove the paper filter and set it in the top rack of your dishwasher.

Now, the AeroPress. This is one of the easiest coffee makers to use. Beginners will love making espresso and coffee with this coffee maker. You simply install the filter, add coffee grounds, add hot water, stir, let the grounds steep for a few minutes, and press the plunger.

A great cup of coffee with minimal work. The AeroPress is as easy to clean as it is to use. Remove the filter and the puck of grounds and toss the whole thing in the dishwasher on the top rack.


Neither of these two options has a large capacity. The AeroPress makes 10 ounces at a time, which is a nice large cup of coffee for one person.

The size 3 V60 can make enough coffee for two people, but you need to have a carafe or cup that is large enough to collect that much coffee.

In general, both options are best for a single person or two people at the most. If you’re looking for more capacity, you’ll want to select a different option than the AeroPress or the Hario V60.


alternatives aeropress vs v60

Both the Hario V60 and the AeroPress are great products, and they do a nice job of making pour-over and pressed coffee, respectively. However, there are other options that you may want to consider when you’re looking for a pour-over coffee maker.

1. Melitta Pour-Over Coffee Brewer

The Melitta pour-over coffee brewer is a great option if you want to make enough coffee for a couple of people. This great pour-over coffee maker has a large 60-ounce carafe that holds enough coffee for three or four people. The carafe is insulated so you don’t have to worry about your coffee getting cold.

While we like the size and stainless steel insulated carafe, the brewing cone that is made of plastic is a bit disappointing. It works great, and you won’t have complaints about the quality of coffee you get from the Melitta, but the plastic parts seem a bit flimsy.

2. Asobu Insulated Pour Over Coffee Maker

The Asobu insulated pour-over coffee maker is a nice middle-of-the-road size. It comes with a 32-ounce carafe that holds enough coffee for two to three people. The stainless steel construction of this coffee maker is quite attractive and helps to keep your coffee hot for a good couple of hours.

The Asobu comes with a fine mesh filter, so you don’t have to use paper filters. However, if you like the added protection from grit in your coffee you can also use a standard pour-over paper filter. The filter cone of this coffee maker is removable, and a twist-on lid is included with the Asobu.

This keeps your coffee warm even longer and prevents spills. The Asobu also comes in a variety of fun and attractive colors to perfectly coordinate with your kitchen.

3. Stanley Camp Pour Over Set

A great pour-over option for traveling and camping particularly is the Stanley Classic Perfect-Brew pour-over set. This heavy-duty and extra rugged pour-over kit combines the traditional looks of the Stanley brand with a really great pour-over brewing system.

The Stanley pour-over set comes with a stainless steel brewing cone that attaches easily to its own stainless steel, insulated mug. Both come in the sage green color that Stanley is known for.

The Stanely brews one cup of coffee at a time. However, the experienced coffee maker will love the way this set keeps your coffee hot, even through the bloom. The insulated brewing cone is by far one of the most unique and interesting features of this pour-over set.

The construction of this pour-over coffee maker and mug in stainless steel does make the Stanley pour-over set with camp mug one of the more expensive pour-over coffee makers on the market.

Aeropress vs V60 – Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for an easy way to make coffee then you may be considering the AeroPress and the Hario V60 pour-over coffee makers. Both are favorites for coffee lovers, yet both make coffee just a bit differently.

We like the AeroPress’s versatility in brewing styles and its durable construction that makes it perfect for brewing on the go. The V60 allows you to make a lovely cup or carafe of pour-over, while also offering durable options for travel and coffee on the go.

Overall, we think AeroPress is the more versatile product from the standpoint of coffee types and portability. It’s our preference when comparing the AeroPress and the Hario V60 pour-over coffee makers.

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