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The 5 Best 4-Cup Coffee Makers (2024 Guide)

Ryan Marshall
Last Updated: December 30th, 2023

When it comes to compact-sized drip coffee makers, four-cup variations are often overlooked as five-cup options are far more popular and prevalent. Many coffee enthusiasts who live alone or in smaller spaces prefer the convenience and serving size offered by four-cup versions, and there are many who claim that four cups is the perfect amount of coffee each morning.

While 4 cup coffee makers can be difficult to shop for in some cases, we have put together this helpful guide highlighting the best options on the market today to simplify the shopping process.

Choosing the Right 4 Cup Coffee Maker

choosing the right 4 cup coffee maker

There are a handful of different options to choose from when shopping for a new 4 cup coffee maker, and some of the most recognizable brands on the market, like Mr. Coffee, produce these conveniently sized options.

We have hand-selected four of the most important factors when it comes to shopping for 4 cup coffee makers to help simplify the shopping process.

Price and Budget

Filling a new home, condo, or apartment with new kitchen supplies can become expensive as multiple large purchases can quickly add up. Fortunately, four-cup coffee makers are some of the most affordable options on the market, and many of them cost under $30.

One of the best places to start when it comes to shopping for a new 4 cup coffee maker is to establish a set budget and stick to that number throughout the shopping process.

Some people make the mistake of spending too much on a new coffee maker, leaving little room in their budgets for high-quality coffee beans.

Size and Weight

Another consideration that is sometimes overlooked in the coffee maker shopping process is the weight and size of the physical machine itself. Even the best coffee machine on the market is rendered inadequate if it does not fit where it needs to go in your particular kitchen.

One of the best parts about owning a four-cup coffee machine is the fact that they are very small and lightweight. This makes them great options for those who travel with their coffee machines or store them in a cabinet or cupboard between uses.

Features and Design

When it comes to included features, 4 cup coffee machines are generally fairly “bare bones,” and do not showcase the same high-end features present on some full-sized 16-cup versions. Many of these machines feature simple one-switch controls, while some include timers and auto shut-off mechanisms.

There is also plenty of variance between the style and aesthetics of the different four-cup coffee machines currently available on the market. This makes it possible to find a machine that fits your interior design style and blends in perfectly with your kitchen and home.

Quality and Durability

There are many different brands and manufacturers to choose from when it comes to 4 cup coffee makers, and choosing a well-established and trusted brand is the best way to ensure that you have a durable and reliable machine that is capable of making thousands of cups of coffee.

While there are many smaller brands and “knockoff” four-cup coffee makers on the market today, there is little reason to risk straying from an established brand.

The difference in price between brands is fairly low due to the fact that the overall price of these machines is not very high.

Quick Overview: Our Top Picks for 4 Cup Coffee Maker

dstblcr-table__imageGevi 4 Cups Small Coffee Maker
  • Stain-resistant Warming Plate
  • Removable Filter Basket
  • 0.6 Liters
dstblcr-table__imageAigostar 4 Cups Drip Coffee Maker
  • Anti-drip Design
  • Nonstick Insulation Board
  • 0.6 Liters
dstblcr-table__imageBrentwood TS-213BL 4 Cup Coffee Maker
  • Tempered Glass Carafe
  • Warming Plate
  • 0.06 Liters
dstblcr-table__imageBetter Chef Basic Coffee Maker
  • Easy to use
  • Removable Filter Basket
  • 0.9 Liters
dstblcr-table__imageFarberware 2-4-Cup Percolator
  • Auto Keep Warm Mode
  • Cool Touch Handle and Lid Knob
  • 0.11 Liters

Top 5 Four Cup Coffee Makers

top 5 four cup coffee makers

While there are many different options to choose from when it comes to four-cup coffee makers, not all of the models on the market today are well-known for providing good quality.

We have hand-selected five of the best available options on the market to help narrow down your search!

1. Gevi 4 Cup Small Coffee Maker

Gevi is a very popular and established name in the coffee and espresso industry, and many people ask for it by name. There are certain coffee and espresso enthusiasts who consider having a Gevi machine in your home to be a “status symbol” due to its reputation for quality.

While the Gevi company is primarily known for the production of high-end Italian espresso machines, they have also branched out into the production of traditional drip coffee machines. The 4 Cup Small Coffee maker is the most affordable model in the entire Gevi lineup, and it costs just under $30 at some of the top retailers.

This model uses a combination of economical and durable hardware for a machine that is meant to last for many years, without any of the “bells and whistles” present in other options. For example, the water heating time on the Gevi 4 Cup Small Coffee Maker is between four and five minutes, which is much longer than other options.

This model is also very simple and straightforward in terms of operation. It uses a simple toggle switch to turn the machine on and off, and there is no timer option. Some people prefer the convenience of this simple setup, while others are drawn to models that showcase more features.


  • One of the most simple machines to operate and maintain
  • Uses durable hardware for a long-lasting high-quality machine
  • Has an overheating protection feature that prevents dry burning
  • Gevi is one of the most trusted and top manufacturers on the market
  • Lightweight machine that is easy to transport and store
  • Features a six-hole outlet for better hot water distribution


  • Does not have a timer or auto-brew features
  • There is only one color option that is not suitable for all kitchens
  • The heat-up time of four to five minutes is fairly long

2. Aigostar 4 Cups Drip Coffee Maker

While Aigostar is not one of the most well-known brands in the coffee industry, this particular model has received many positive reviews and features a sleek glass carafe with a unique profile and design that is considered by many to be stylish.

Like the Gevi 4 Cup Small Coffee Machine, this is a simple and straightforward bare-bones machine that utilizes a simple toggle on and off switch. While it does not boast a deep list of features, it is simple to use and maintain, making it a great option for casual coffee enthusiasts.

This machine also showcases a transparent window on the side of its water reservoir that makes it simple to keep an eye on the machine’s fill level. It also comes with a reusable filter that can help save plenty of money on coffee filters over time.


  • Uniquely shaped glass carafe that is very visually appealing
  • One of the most simple machines on the market to use and clean
  • This model can usually be found on sale for around $25
  • Removable and reusable filter is easy to clean and saves money on filters
  • Quick heat-up time compared to other models on the market
  • Does not feature prominent branding on the front of the machine for a sleek look


  • Not one of the most well-known or trusted brands on the market
  • This machine is fairly new and thus untested in terms of longevity
  • Choosing a smaller company is fairly risky in terms of customer service

3. Brentwood 4 Cup Coffee Maker

When it comes to looks and style, many coffee and espresso enthusiasts believe that the Brentwood 4 Cup Coffee Maker is one of the best choices available. It showcases a striking light blue color that adds a bright pop to kitchens with a variety of different interior design styles.

This small and simple coffee maker features an all-plastic exterior that is guaranteed to be one hundred percent BPA-free and comes with a reusable coffee filter along with a grounds scooper that makes it simple to perfect the correct ratio of coffee grounds to water.

This is also one of the most moderately priced coffee machines on the market, as the MSRP is set at just under $25. Keep an eye out for sales from major retailers like Amazon, as finding this machine on sale is an opportunity to buy a fully functioning coffee maker for under $20.


  • A very stylish coffee machine that showcases a light blue teal-like finish
  • Simple on-and-off switch makes this model very easy to operate
  • One of the most moderately priced coffee makers on the market today
  • Water level window makes it easy to keep track of the fill level
  • Warming plate keeps the glass carafe hot all morning
  • A great option for those looking to add a pop of color to their kitchens


  • Brentwood is not one of the more well-known coffee brands on the market
  • Does not have any high-end features like auto brew or a timer
  • It is usually recommended to stick with a larger and more established producer

4. Better Chef Basic Coffee Maker

Better Chef is a moderately sized company that specializes in producing simple kitchen supplies, and their basic coffee maker is one of their top sellers. This simple coffeemaker is priced at just under $40, and it is available in three different color finishes.

Being able to choose between red, black, and white finish options makes it possible to find a style that fits well within the theme of your kitchen. This is a simple coffee machine that is designed with practicality and longevity in mind.


  • Available in three different color finishes
  • 650 watts of power makes it stronger than other basic models
  • Matches up with the look of other Better Chef appliances and accessories
  • Short and “squatty” carafe design is unique and stylish
  • Usually can be found on sale through Amazon
  • Integrated carafe warmer keeps coffee hot all morning


  • Not one of the larger or more established brands in the coffee industry
  • Some claim that the quality of coffee is better than other models
  • No timer or auto brew options

5. Farberware 4 Cup Percolator

The Farberware 4 Cup Percolator is not a traditional electric-style coffee machine, though it is designed to produce the same four-cup quantity as with the other options highlighted on this list. Most percolators utilize the heating element of a kitchen burner, but this version has its own power cord and built-in heating element.

Some people believe that using a percolator instead of an electric coffee machine is one of the best ways to achieve a higher quality cup of coffee each morning, while others prefer the simplicity and ease of use of mechanical versions.

This Farberware stovetop percolator is constructed of high-quality stainless steel, which makes it both durable and visually appealing. This also makes it significantly more expensive to produce, leading to a higher price tag of around $70.


  • Sleek and shiny stainless steel percolator that is very beautiful
  • Compact and simple design that is perfect for traveling or stowing away
  • One of the most highly reviewed percolators on the market
  • A favorite among serious coffee enthusiasts who prefer smaller portions
  • Farberware is a trusted brand when it comes to “mid-level” kitchen appliances
  • Comes with all hardware and necessary components needed for everyday use


  • Not as simple to use or clean as regular electric drip coffee machines
  • Only available in one finish option that is bright and sticks out in some kitchens
  • Some coffee enthusiasts believe that this style of percolator makes “weak” coffee

The Best 4 Cup Coffee Makers – Final Thoughts

The 4 cup coffee maker is a favorite among many dedicated coffee enthusiasts who live alone or prefer smaller portions, and this particular style of drip coffee maker can be hard to come by in some cases.

While there are a handful of four-cup coffee makers that stand above the rest when it comes to options today, the Gevi 4 Cup Small Coffee Maker is the best option for the widest variety of coffee enthusiasts.

It has a low price tag, along with a trusted name brand and high-quality hardware for one of the best values of any 4 cup coffee maker available today.

Click here to take a look at this popular small machine from Gevi, and see for yourself if it is a good fit for your needs!

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