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How Much Jim Beam to Get Drunk?

Will Beck
Last Updated: February 28th, 2023

While partying, the idea of drinking without restraint sounds appealing, but it is always wise to be aware of how much you drink to prevent any long-lasting harm to your health.

Most people prefer those drinks that are favorable enough to sip neat, and it is often easier to drink more of these beverages without even realizing it. Jim Beam is one of the drinks people can have on its own or with other ingredients in a cocktail. 

In this article, we will answer the question “how much Jim Beam to get drunk?”, as well as some background about the popular bourbon.

History of Jim Beam

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Jim Beam is a bourbon whiskey of American origin. It had its inception in Clermont, Kentucky, by Beam Suntory. Soon it became the highest-grossing bourbon brand worldwide.

Initially, the brand had another name which changed into “Jim Beam” in 1943 in recognition of the man James B. Beam, who reconstructed the company after Prohibition ceased.

Most Popular Variety

Although there are many variants, perhaps the most famous is Jim Beam Original Kentucky Bourbon. It is a classic flavor devoid of any additives and artificial colors.

It symbolizes luxury in a bottle, which people love to enjoy neat and with cocktails.

How Much Bourbon Whiskey Makes A Person Feel Drunk?

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Regardless of the enticing flavor and aroma of the product, am I intoxicated? Did I guzzle down too much? How much Jim Beam to get drunk? These are all the essential questions that any responsible person must have in mind while drinking.

Many factors affect how much alcohol it takes to make a person feel drunk. 

However, Jim Beam is 40% ABV and 80 proof meaning that roughly four standard shots are sufficient to make a person feel drunk. One standard shot glass carries approximately thirty milliliters to forty-five milliliters of liquor.

Hence 120ml to 180ml of bourbon whiskey, which equals four shots, is enough to numb your senses and intoxicate you. 

Does Bourbon Whiskey Cause Rapid Intoxication?

Drinks like bourbon whiskey and champagne are very potent. They can enter blood circulation more rapidly than other alcoholic beverages hence, they can cause rapid intoxication.

Drinks containing a higher alcohol percentage also have a more pronounced effect on blood sugar levels.

How to Drink Bourbon Whiskey?

According to seasoned drinkers, bourbon is best when you have it neat. This means drinking it at room temperature without adding in ice.

However, some people suggest adding a few driblets of water to enhance the taste of the whiskey. Others also advise combining Jim Beam bourbon whiskey with other ingredients to form cocktails for a truly exotic feel.

Is Bourbon Whiskey Beneficial For The Body?

Having Bourbon Whiskey like Jim Beam in moderation can reap benefits for the body. In addition to having a healing effect on the heart, it can stop the deposition of cholesterol in blood vessels since it is rich in antioxidants. This ultimately prevents the occurrence of heart attacks and strokes. 

During World War 2 both American and British pilots received a ration of whiskey after completing bombing missions.

It was learned that a few shots of Jim Beam had a calming effect, helping pilots and crew members relax and get the sleep they needed. 

Is Bourbon A Better Alternative To Beer?

Bourbon Whiskey like Jim Beam is healthier than having a beer but in temperance. Unlike beer, whiskey is devoid of unhealthy fat containing only a few carbohydrates and very little sodium.

Thus it minimizes the risks of developing artery diseases and hypertension in the body. Opting for bourbon instead of light beer is also an ideal alternative for those tracking their calories and trying to lose weight.

Not only is the flavor richer and more intense, but the calories are also lower, and you get a boost.

Factors Affecting the Quantity of Whiskey It Takes To Make A Person Drunk

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Manner of Drinking

People consuming alcohol in huge gulps at a time become drunk much faster than those taking an extended period to drink by having small sips. When you guzzle down a large volume of alcohol in less time, it intoxicates you faster.

Duration of Drinking

It is advisable to drink alcohol with suitable intervals in between because when you drink continuously for an hour without gaps, your blood alcohol concentration (BAC) rises way above normal, and the effects appear more.

Age of the Drinker

This factor is significant. A younger person has a stronger and healthier body than an older person. Additionally, younger people have more tolerance for alcohol in contrast to older people.

They have a more rapid metabolism and can resist the intoxicating effects of alcohol better than the elderly.

How Much Jim Beam to Get Drunk – Conclusion

Now you have a general idea of how different factors can impact the volume of alcohol it takes to make a person drunk.

Although it varies between people, remember that for most individuals, four shots are enough to cause intoxication.

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