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The Best Non Alcoholic Pumpkin Beers

Charl Joost
Last Updated: February 23rd, 2023

The popularity of all kinds of Pumpkin Beers has exploded recently. This is because pumpkin beers have an excellent autumnal taste, making them perfect for you to sip on during the fall. While the season for these beers is short, it’s worth the wait.

It can be hard to find pumpkin beer out of season and even harder to find non-alcoholic versions – unless you’re a homebrewer of course. You’d think it would be everywhere. But the fact is that pumpkin beers are seasonal specialty beers, and availability is limited.

If you’re like me, fall means the flavors of pumpkin, cinnamon, spice, and everything nice – what better way to combine these flavors than a beer that won’t have you feeling rough the following day?

This list will examine some of the most popular non alcoholic pumpkin beers and frequently asked questions.

Top Non Alcoholic Pumpkin Beers – The Lineup

1. Libra’s Pumpkin Spice Ale

Libra’s Pumpkin Spice Ale

With aromas of cinnamon and nutmeg, Pumpkin Spice Ale has gently sweet and spicy notes that will hit the spot.
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libra’s pumpkin spice ale can
Image: Drink Libra

Pumpkin Spice Ale, a new seasonal unveiling from Upstreet Craft Brewing’s Libra line of non-alcoholic beers, is packed with soothing fall flavors and aromas with only 30 calories and 0.4% ABV.

The non-alcoholic beer has fall fragrances like cinnamon and nutmeg and sweet and salty notes that make the ultimate flavor balance.

The Libra line of beers from Upstreet Craft Brewing has rapidly become a best-seller, even outselling several of the brewery’s many craft beers. This autumnal non-alcoholic beer, like many in the Libra line, helps people achieve a sense of balance and harmony in their lives without compromising their wellbeing or mental functioning.

The brewing company believes that Millennials and Generation Z are pushing a lowered consumption of alcohol movement throughout society. Individuals have increased their attention to their personal health and wellness in recent years – especially post COVID.

Therefore Upstreet Craft Brewing has shifted its focus to creating a line of beers that still taste amazing but are not harmful to consumers’ health. The Pumpkin Spiced Ale is an example of this endeavor.

Thanks to Upstreet Craft Brewing, just because you’re not consuming alcohol doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy these delicious flavors that otherwise wouldn’t be available to the non-alcoholic drinker.

Ultimately, Libra Pumpkin Spiced Ale is packed with the autumn scents we all love and crave.

2. Pumpkin Ale Wellbeing Brewing

Pumpkin Ale – Wellbeing Brewing

This limited-release brew is perfect for backyard bonfires, fall hikes, hayrides, and throwing the football on Sunday afternoon.
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Price and availability are accurate as of the date and time indicated and are subject to change.

This collaboration between Wellbeing Brewing and globally famous pumpkin brewing company, O’Fallon Brewery, utilizes so much genuine pumpkin in the mash that it takes hours to prepare their Pumpkin Ale – talk about specialty!

To enhance the delicious pumpkin flavors, the ale is spiced with fresh cinnamon, nutmeg, and clove during the brewing process. The end result is phenomenal.

As the color of orange fills your glass, the pour of this Pumpkin Ale matches its identity. WellBeing Brewing hits the nail on the head with their pumpkin seasonings, which erupt out of the bottle and tickle your nose.

This beer will not only tickle your taste buds and fancy but brings you a beautifully balanced fall brew with a gentle mouthfeel and an explosion of pumpkin pie seasonings soothing the back of your palette.

WellBeing Brewing is rapidly establishing itself as a maestro of balance and aroma in the non-alcoholic beverage world.

3. Firesider Pumpkin Spiced Beer

Firesider Pumpkin Spiced Beer

Brewed with a unique blend of seasonal spices and toasted malts, this beer’s subtle bitterness and flavour will warm you up from the inside.
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Price and availability are accurate as of the date and time indicated and are subject to change.

Pumpkin may appear to be an unusual decision for an ale. Still, it pairs very well with flavorings like cinnamon, ginger, and nutmeg, which can be found in Big Drop Brewing Company’s Firesider Pumpkin Spiced beer.

Together all flavors contribute to that of autumn in one glass. This beer’s delicate bitterness and taste will warm you up from within, thanks to a special mix of seasonal ingredients and roasted malts, which are ideal for unwinding by the fireplace after a walk through the autumn scenery.

The beer’s body is more of a sensation than a collection of flavors. There’s a hint of cocoa and a chalky feel that emerges with most low abv in darker beers, but it’s well concealed.

The primary beer taste that prevails here is a nutty brown ale persona that works very well with a savory foundation for the spiced seasoning to build from.

The beer seems to be well spiced but still not clingy to the palette, and as such, the spice is not overpowering. Nevertheless, the spice shines through and tends to work well at masking low abv weaknesses.

Essentially, this is a spicey beer executed perfectly.

Do Non-Alcoholic Pumpkin Beers Contain Alcohol?

While a few non-alcoholic beverages are completely alcohol-free (0.0% ABV), some may have slight traces of alcohol. Generally, non-alcoholic on-alcoholic beers can lawfully possess up to 0.5% ABV.

That said, the higher alcohol content is found in fermented foods and beverages, so 0.5% is not a significant amount of alcohol and nowhere near enough for you to feel any side effects.

Therefore, it’s worth mentioning that one’s non-alcoholic pumpkin beer may comprise a slight trace of alcohol. If you become pregnant or have a liver illness, you should check with your local doctor before drinking a non-alcoholic pumpkin beer just to be safe.

FAQs Related to Pumpkin Beers

pumpkin beers

Pumpkin season is one of the most enjoyable times of the year for anyone in North America. And if you’ve never had the opportunity to taste a pumpkin beer, you’re in for a treat.

But, like with anything, specific questions are on people’s minds. Here’s an FAQ to some of the most common questions about pumpkin beer.

Is There Sugar in Pumpkin Beer?

Although pumpkin itself doesn’t really contain much sugar, it goes through a fermenting and malting process where sugar is commonly added to make beer. So it’s not surprising that many people think the ingredient might be there. The recipe will also dictate how much sugar is used.

The truth is that many variables are involved in making these brews. The sugars in pumpkin beer come from the ingredients added to make the taste more intense and complete.

Is It Okay To Drink Non-Alcoholic Beer Every Day?

You may have heard that non-alcoholic beer is as bad for you as regular beer, but this isn’t true. After all, non-alcoholic beer contains no alcohol. If anything, it’s healthier than its alcoholic counterpart because it doesn’t contain alcohol. Therefore it’s safer to consume daily.

Non-alcoholic beer also has fewer calories than most alcoholic beers, and since it doesn’t contain alcohol, it won’t dehydrate you the way many alcoholic drinks can.

Ultimately, non-alcoholic beers are okay to drink every day. Actually, it’s an incredible thing to drink every day. With a distinct flavor and no alcohol content, it’s just as good as its alcoholic counterparts.

Many people have been told that they can’t drink non-alcoholic beer because it won’t taste good or because it’ll have no effect, but that’s just not true – your favorite brew to regularly drink could very well be non-alcoholic.

Can Alcoholics Drink Non-Alcoholic Beer?

Whether you’re an alcoholic or just a beer lover, it’s hard to deny that one of the best parts of beer is that warm feeling as you take the first sip.

Of course, they can! Unless an alcoholic is under a doctor’s orders to avoid alcohol (not likely), there are no health reasons why he or she should not drink non-alcoholic beer. In fact, many people trying to stop drinking often choose non-alcoholic versions of their favorite alcoholic beverages instead of giving up drinking entirely.

Non-alcoholic beers are essentially the same as their alcoholic counterparts in terms of taste and flavor. The difference is that rather than containing a certain percentage of alcohol, they have minimal amounts of alcohol that make them non-intoxicating.

Non-alcoholic beers contain no more than 0.5% Alcohol By Volume (ABV). This differs from regular beers with an ABV as high as 8%, although most beers fall within 1% – 6% ABV.

What Beer Is Similar to Pumpkin?

Plenty of beers taste like pumpkin without actually being pumpkin ales. Finding one can be challenging, but it’s important to note that they don’t contain any pumpkin in their recipes.

Here are some beers that taste similar to pumpkin beer but don’t contain pumpkin:

  • Denver Beer Co: Graham Cracker Porter
  • Surly: Surlyfest
  • Deschutes: Jubelale
  • Founders: Backwoods Bastard

These alternatives often include delicious spices like nutmeg, ginger, or cinnamon. Craft breweries always come out with new brews, so the list above isn’t comprehensive.

However, this should be enough of an introduction for you to feel confident trying a few autumnal beers that don’t actually contain pumpkin!

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